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Establishment Spaceship Lands On Libertarian Planet - Hilarious.

I read this story 35 years ago and had been looking for it ever since. I'd forgotten the title and author but today I finally found it. It is all about the power of civil disobedience. The pompous bureaucrats are beside themselves!
'And Then There Were None' by Eric Frank Russel June 1951
about 40 pages.

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I'm very much enjoying this read!

I like their "monetary" system.

Thank You

This made my day!

-quiet engineer

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Btw, just in case you never read the full novel,

"And Then There Were None" is the final chapter of Eric Russell's "The Great Explosion." That last chapter is the best, but the other chapters are delightful too, with the same gentle, wry humor. The dedication of the book is, "...to all those who believe that there is a happy land far, far away."

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One of my all-time favorite stories!


good find.

First I've seen of it. Its about the same level of ludicrous thinking as in the above story.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson



"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson