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Please Help A Fellow Patriot and Ron Paul Supporter

Dear Friends in the NH Liberty Community,

Last year local NH patriots raised $10,000 for someone in our community who had suffered serious life-changing injuries as the result of a very bad accident. Your generosity saw her through.

Richard Bloom is another such Patriot and DEDICATED RON PAUL SUPPORTER. For a very long time he ran the successful Concord NH Tea Party group fighting for the heart and soul of our Republic. Read his amazing story of survival and why he needs your help now.


After being self supportive for 17 years Richard has run out of his own money due to the inability to work. It takes a team of 12 Medical Specialists at Mass General Hospital in Boston to keep him alive. Post-pancreatic cancer treatment is expensive.

Doctors are baffled because by all their medical standards Richard should be dead. We ask that you contribute to help Richard keep his home and be able to afford the drive to Boston and back about 2-4 times per month. Over $1,200.00 a month is needed for prescription drugs alone even at heavily discounted prices.

We are also looking for drivers who may occasionally want to provide transportation into Boston and back. Richard is trying to live on a yearly stipend that is equal to what he used to make in 6 weeks when he was working as a salesman.

Richard A. Bloom Pancreatic Cancer Fund

Thank you, and GOD BLESS!

All donations, save for the fees to Rally for using their donation mechanism, go directly to the Richard A. Bloom Pancreatic Cancer Fund account which Richard himself has set up to receive what is sent through this website. The purpose of the fund is to help him financially after being depleted of most of his personal savings due to a catastrophic ongoing illness.

You can also send him a donation directly by mail to Richard A. Bloom 1465 Hooksett Road #290 Hooksett, NH 03106-1831 603-485-3180

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