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How to hide your marijuana... On Fox! Can't believe I used to be a neocon...

P.S. I've always been a libertarian...even took a test in high school that told me so...but Fox does a great job at warping the minds of the masses. I woke up long ago...don't worry. haha


Here's the link:


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I love

how logic and reason is impossible to refute when you have an valid argument. These 5 clowns couldn't have possibly sounded any dumber with their counter attacks, at least to the viewer who isn't a brainless sheep. I thought this was entertaining and kudos to this man who stood his ground well, held his confidence, and won this silly argument against a bunch of propagandists. The drug war is a joke, People are realizing this in alarming numbers. The authoritarians are just scared of losing out on having this power grab over peoples rights, and their ability to control people.

their legitimacy is going down the tubes.

this guy has courage and stood his ground honorably!

This guy is a hero!

Thanks for posting this I had not heard of him and looked into him after reading this post and found this guy to be a hero really walking his talk. And of course now they are persecuting him. He really brings into focus the harm the drug war is causing.


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5 on 1 and they still lost

What a suprise

that they would not let him talk...........Fox sucks.

This makes my heart cry.

This makes my heart cry.


Says it all.

Ah, you beat me to the punch.

When he said "fox urine" my immediate thought was, "Which one, the animal or the cable network because they both stink!"

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I could not even watch the whole video

I can't remember the last time I watched Fox. I never was a Fox fan, I always knew they were bs.


It is simply astounding that the average viewer can't see what is going on here: A 5-on-1 verbal fight. Fox knew that they were going to lose a 1-on-1 discussion with this guy so they put a 5 person panel to overwhelm him. This gives 4 other people time to gather talking points to try and refute him while 1 of them handles him. This guy was like a ninja the way he was fighting off their barbs.

I wish Judge Nap still had a show of his own. He could bring this guy on and have a civil discussion about application of law and whether the laws themselves make sense. It would be a real eye-opener. The Judge needs to partner up with Revpac for their new media they are trying to push. Then he can get his own TV station. DISH notwork could put him next to the weeping-eyed drunk. What's his channel called? Going down in FLAMES?



Fox throws out their lies and then cut him off and say they have to go. They are not fair, and they are not balanced! In fact, they are tipping the scales for injustice! All these people are scum! Have you noticed, any time any mainstream media, either tv or radio, get on the subject of pot, they always make a joke out of it? Showing clips of Cheech and Chong, or playing a song related to smoking weed, like pot heads are nothing but a joke. I don't find it funny, that people who have not hurt anyone but themselves are being put in prison. HOW IS THAT FUNNY, SCUM!!!

Don't the talking heads do a GREATJOB of making themselves

look SO DAMN FOOLISH? I just LOVED how he said "That's a lie! That's propaganda!" Excellent job dude!

I wonder why the mainstream

I wonder why the mainstream media is losing their credibility at an increasing rate?

Bump for Barry Cooper. A

Bump for Barry Cooper. A (former) cop with a conscience!!!

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Face it

Face it, the cumulative IQ of everyone who works for Fox is somewhere around 75. It is a channel for dullards, Christofascists, simpletons and imbeciles.

I'm pretty sure John Stossel

has an IQ over 75.

You're an ass. Many of us

You're an ass. Many of us here used to watch foxnews a lot before we woke up. Just because we now understand liberty doesn't mean that before we were "dullards, Christofascists, simpletons [or] imbeciles." Stop being so mean, you look like a typical liberal/conservative. Get off of your high horse and have some empathy.


Think he was talking about

Think he was talking about the people who WORK there. They intentionally mislead. Viewers, they are just deceived. I used to be fooled by them and watch daily too.

I hope he was, but I'm not so

I hope he was, but I'm not so sure.


All tel-lies-vision channels

All tel-lies-vision channels are for dullards, simpletons and imbeciles.

They don't call it the idiot box for no reason.


Like a rock...only dumber!

Their "laughs" and "thats

Their "laughs" and "thats ridiculous" when he brought up the testimony for the reason why marijuana was banned (makes white women fall for black guys) was purely a diversion. If it wasn't a diversion then I would like to know what is.


I've never heard that one before, although I read/heard it was banned for reasons ranging from wanting a reason to kick Mexican immigrants out during the depression (since many smoked and grew it at the time), to the timber industry lobbying to have it outlawed.

Wasn't there some scam decades ago where one could get a marijuana card to smoke the stuff legally, but you had to prove you smoked it first (which at that point, you'd be arrested for not having a card)? The name of it escapes me, though.

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Marijuana Tax Act of 1937


I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Fox claims to be fair and balanced?

But not a single rational person on their panel who recognizes how stupid the drug war is. Where do they find these people?

Yes, where DO they find them?


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At a major university near

At a major university near you!

Seriously though, when states are in control of education, they are in control of the output of education. If you want liberal students, you fill your classrooms with liberal educators.

I think we're going to need to address education if we are ever to get people thinking correctly again. Simplest solution that comes to mind? Free private college. Use open-source software to create classes that don't have teachers but are automated. Ensure that there is no liberal bias but perhaps encourages logical thought. Have real degrees. Don't take Pell grants or money from federal or state government programs. We charge a minimal level of tuition and help those who can't pay, just as Paul did in medicine. Then, when these state colleges become so expensive with their artificial inflation to rake in all the free government money, we stand alone as an affordable alternative.


Was this a pro-marijuana

Was this a pro-marijuana segment? The only intelligent sign of life was the marijuana advocate.

I love it, when

people use the old "everyone knows that".

Almost always used when they don't actually an answer or proof!

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Lets assume that they are

Lets assume that they are correct and drug money is helping to finance terrorist acts. They use that as an affirmative to keep the laws as is, but the laws are what are driving up the price of the product and making it so profitable. Basically they are supporting terrorism by trying to criminalize drugs as the profit for the dealers in places like Mexico and Columbia's would dry up.

The people fighting to keep drugs illegal are the ones who are creating the financial incentive for the killings by these thugs, they are creating the very thing that they demonize. It is a self fulfilling act the more you try to crack down them because of the perceived negatives of it the larger the perceived negatives grow do to incentives in financing it.

I don't use any drugs, and won't use any even if its legal. But I find this one of the most idiotic issues of those who try and criminalize personal behavior.

This and the mideast terrorism are the same in that they are creating themselves more of the very thing they are trying to combat with their actions.