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Florida unemployment rate stuck at 8.8%; Gov. Scott says State headed in the right direction.

TAMPA -- Florida's economy generated thousands of new private-sector jobs last month, but it still wasn't enough to budge the unemployment rate off 8.8 percent.

In the meantime, government workers in Florida aren't sharing in the gains. For the first time in a long time, government workers are losing more jobs than construction workers.

The state's unemployment rate held at 8.8 percent for the second month in August, higher than the nation's 8.1 percent jobless rate, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The Tampa region's unemployment rate is 9 percent.

"This increase in new jobs is proving that the decisions we're making here in Florida are pointing our state in the right direction," Gov. Scott said in a prepared statement.

The rub is that things may not be as positive as they seem.

Only those people who are actively looking for work are counted among the unemployed. So, those who get dejected and stop looking for work technically aren't considered unemployed, even though they don't have jobs.

When people drop out of the labor force, it can cause the jobless rate to go down and things to look artificially rosy. In fact, dropouts may have caused 91 percent of the state's jobless rate improvement between December and July, a new report from the Office of Economic and Demographic Research suggests.

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