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Dr. Ron Paul’s Parting Shot Over the Bow of Tyranny – An Open Letter

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Since the National Emergency declaration on 9/11

I think we have remained under what is referred to as "soft" martial law. For sure the National Emergency Delaration has been renewed each and every year since.

On 9/11 The Continunity of Government (COG) plan was also implemented for the first and only time in history. It's entirely possible that COG has remained in effect for the past 11 years. (Everything is Top Secret so we have no way of knowing for sure) BUT, if COG is still in effect, the constitution has already been suspended and Obama might indeed be just a puppet. (I know he is a puppet but with COG he would "offically" be just a figure head.

Sounds bizarre but the more I research The National Emergency declaration on 9/11 and the COG...it's more than just a possibility...documents I've read make it seem very probable.

Interesting Point about COG - What is our approach now?

You make a great point.

My basic premise (one that could be wrong) is that we are operating under the Constitution, which is intended to protect our rights as individuals against the encroachments of government. However, what if my premise is wrong, and we are indeed still operating under COG? What should be our approach?

To be honest, I never considered COG, thus I haven't the slightest idea what would be my role, as a citizen, in protecting life, liberty and property under COG. Any thoughts?

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Herman Smith - What now? Education and teaching others.

The only way to get out of the situation we have allowed ourselves to get in, is to do lots of research and to figure out different ways to help others understand what's going on. You have to use different methods with different people and the reality of our situation is so unbelievable that nearly everyone immediately dismisses what you tell them. The information they have been subjected to is "so impossible" in their minds that not only will they refuse to do any research, they will dig in their heels and proclaim STRONG support of the current system. Almost without exception the average American will defend the criminals that have stolen our country will all the fervor that a mother would use to defend her innocent child.

So, it takes some time, but once we start educating our friends and family to the fact that the people in power are imposters who have essentially transformed the American Government into nothing more than a criminal enterprise run by an illegitmate group of very wealthly individuals...SLOWLY, as people continued to educate themselves they would start refusing to give the criminals more money and would no longer feel obligated to follow the illegal rules and regulations that the criminals tell them to follow.

People have got to spend a lot of time researching what's been going on since 1913. People have got to stop being so afraid of the criminals that have taken charge of Americas vital institutions and using them for personal gain and to enslave the masses. Until a large enough group of the population stops voluntarily sending their money to the criminals...the criminals will have no incentive to move on to some other racket. Receiving our funding and giving their "leadership" sanction by following their directives and doing things they tell us to do like voting or sending our young people off to "war" in the middle east lets the criminals know that "we the people" are STILL unaware of the the 100 year scam.

Our country was overtaken by a gang of crooks using a very well thought out plan that is disguised by a laundry list of false and misleading concepts that most people believe are real. They wrap many of their criminal activities in the American Flag and use patriotism to help create psychological barriers in the minds of the many. People that have "awoken" or begin to see what has happened are attacked by those still unwilling or unable to connect the dots.

With any luck, the looming Global Financial Crisis will rattle some cages and wake up enough people who will then choose to stop supporting the criminals and listening to their demands. The begining of the end to the tyranical situation we have found ourselves in will be when a large enough group of people voluntarily decide to STOP giving their money and their permission to the criminals who have systematically destroyed America.

Well Said...

Thanks for the feedback. - HS

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

"We need yet another rule in the Consitution we don't follow!"

Con [JOB] Con -- NO f*#kin thanks!

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

What Enables Them to Not Follow the Constitution?

You are correct. The federal government does not follow the rules in the Constitution. But what is it that enables the government to do so?

I believe it is the fraudulent money system and banking system that allows them to ignore the restraints of the Constitution.

With fraudulent money there is no end to the ambitions, programs, and destruction that Washington can create. The destruction that is wrought then leads to more erosions of liberties. It is a never-ending downward spiral. Thus my goal is to strike a blow to restore Sound Money, thus taking away the #1 tool the state uses to erode liberties.

The question is How to restore sound money now?

The best solution I could find is to Constitutionally outlaw fractional reserve banking, a central bank (the Fed), eliminate the debt and cap federal spending (essentially capping federal encroachment into personal liberties).

I want sound money now. I'm open to your ideas about how to achieve in the fastest, most efficient, safest, most peaceful means possible. I don't want fame, I want sound money.

Voting & supporting RP for president was the best solution. But now we are stuck knowing that either Obama or Romney will be the eventual winner, each as bad as the other. So then what should we do?

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

"So then what should we do?"

Keep fighting the fight. Live and spread Liberty. Vote Liberty candidates state and local. Be engaged, and invite others along. Amash is on the horizon.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

"So then what should we do?"

The Fed's 100 year charter ends next year.

Be ever vigilant.
Be ever teaching.
Be the change you desire.

100 years of the Fed

This is the most disgusting part. We live is a society that is operating on a 100 year-old central banking system, and a 40 year-old fiat money system... and everybody acts as if "that's the way it's always been." Thus that's the way it has to continue to be.

We are living in new times, on a new financial system, that has taken only 40 years to destroy the prosperity built by 150 years of liberty, not perfect liberty, but more liberty than tyranny.


The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Absolutely NOT. There is no way to limit a ConCon.

Once that thing convenes, you might as well start the shooting before they adjourn, because by the time they are done, you'll be living in Soviet Amerika.

The entire process will be rigged start to finish, including ratification afterwards.

Do you seriously trust electronic voting machines with determining a replacement Constitution?


Are you pro ConCon people that delusional?

You'll be living in Soviet Amerika.

I hear what you are saying. A con-con could make things worse rather than better.

My question is this:
- If ABSOLUTE TYRANNY = 100 (the result of a fraudulent con-con)
Where are we in America today?

My answer = 90.

My feeling is that we are closer to an American Soviet than most realize (very few perceiving the encroachment of tyranny).

Correlated question:
- Where does the Constitution as originally written fall into the scale?

My answer = 25-30.

Anyone else want to venture numbers?

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!


We're already there.

Look at the actual laws passed in the various Soviet states. Few went further than we already have. People assume they all implemented all ten planks of the communist manifesto entirely, or that life was somehow, unmagically always dull and grey. But the reality is that it looked pretty much like your life does now and the legal landscape was unremarkably similar.

To be sure, we can't be categorized EXACTLY like Eastern Europe after WWII, or like the USSR, but we also can't be exactly compared to the Third Reich or the Wiemar Republic, or even modern China, though we share MANY MANY MANY similarities. (and not in a good way)

And THAT is how people get fooled into not recognizing evil for what it is WHILE they are LIVING it.

That's my overall point, we are there...

At this juncture, I don't think calling a Constitutional Convention would bring us that much closer to tyranny. We have the NDAA and rule by central banks. America has an enormous prison population, yet Jon Corzine walks free?

If we stand a the precipice of absolute tyranny, why not let the states call a Constitutional Convention to reclaim their rightful power?

Thus, you need not fear that a Con-Con will lead to absolute tyranny, we are staring it in the face.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

The States won't be reclaiming their power with a


I can't fathom why anyone would think that. There's no basis for such a belief. Wishful thinking - yet, reality based notion - no.

The States are generally under the mistaken belief that a ConCon can be called and be limited. It can't. It could entirely supplant the Constitution if they so choose and this new structure WILL get ratified. Why? Same reason the Constitution got ratified.

If the current structure is so flawed as to need a convention to fix it, then by implication, people will be voting to continue a failed system, or try a new one.

Faced with those choices, they will try the new one every time.

They will not see that by rejecting the bad "new" choice, that they leave the door open to better solutions. People are just stupid that way.

A ConCon will entrench, enshrine, and "legalize" tyranny.

It will remove any vestiges of protection or the facade of protection we still hold on to.

I simply do not trust the process to not be compromised or hi-jacked by those that want to control others.

Good Points...

Every time I try to wrap my head around the problems facing the Republic, I try to find a comprehensive solution that will address all problems. Somehow externally forcing Congress to return to sound money with a balanced budget are the only ways that seem to address the problem completely (along with the other proposed Amendments that are part of the package.

So my question is this, if a Con-Con is a bad idea (i.e. a bad way to externally constrain Congress), how else can it be done? How else can the American people reclaim the power taken by Congress?

I was blown away when I found out:
- Federal Budget was 1.7% of GDP in 1907 - and they had a surplus
- In 2011 it was 27% of GDP - WOW!

Congress and the President has been vowing to lower the national debt since Reagan, but it has exponentially expanded. They are incapable of addressing the situation. So what do we do to externally constrain their spending?

Or do we just wait for collapse?

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

I've done the same thinking. I think I found the answer.

I didn't invent it mind you, I found it. And I'm not the only one who found it.

The answer is to look at what was happening at the time that caused the problem.

In 1913 there was a fight over reapportionement. Up to that time, as the population grew, so did the House. But even by then, since 1830s really, it wasn't growing like it was supposed to. Districts were already at about 200k people each by that time and they started out at 30k. (they are now routinely over 600k and some over 1million)

To "solve" the fight, they limited the size of the House to the then level of 435. They employed a fancy calculus to figure out how many each state got. The entire point of this was that had they simply added Representatives like they were supposed to, then the party in power would have changed.

The correct answer would have been to limit districts to 50k people. 2/3 more than the minimum of 30k. The very first amendment asked for by the States in 1789 was one that limited the size of Congressional Districts. They knew back then that Liberty could not be protected, and government not be accountable if districts got too large. Because of some poor wording, the amendment failed and would have been now useless had it passed anyway.

So the answer is to pass it in proper form.

This will restore control over the House back to the People where it belongs.

This will bring several advances:

#1 - the "rules" of the House will have to be changed away from party control back to control by the general membership. This will end the practice of committee assignments by party leaders, and of killing bills by party leaders. If you have so many more representatives over much smaller districts, you are going to have more parties represented and many more independents in the House. Partisan organization will be impractical.

#2 - due to the unwieldy nature of such a large body, legislation will have to be short and succinct. This will eliminate the practice of mammoth omnibus bills where we have to "pass it to find out what's in it crap."

#3 - you'd remove money from politics for the House. With only 50k people in a district, which includes every man, woman and child, citizen or not, you'd have about maybe 30k voters at best. Of that, at least initially, only 15k would show up to vote. And of that, you'd need only about 8k votes to win a seat in a majority based election. Plurality districts would take even less. This makes it easier to "throw a bum out" because it is now easier to win outright without spending a dime. One individual running for Congress can certainly PERSONALLY reach 8k voters.

#4 - you'd make it prohibitively expensive to "buy" Congress. With 6000+ representatives instead of 435, it would get really expensive to keep funneling money to them for each and every bill. This is especially true since this group would tend towards more independence and be more accountable to their voters.

To be sure, there are some details that need to be handled for logistics, but they are easy enough to solve as well.

If we did just this one thing, if we limited districts to 50k as the Framers originally intended, then we'd be on the fast track to reversing so much damage.

I'd also like to add that we could compliment this with another fix:

Repeal the 17th amendment, and set the number of Senators from each State to grow with the number of States. This would increase the size of the Senate, allow for more "stability" with multiple classes over 3, and allow for Legislatures of each State greater control over having their interests represented in Congress. Initially, I would propose the original formula set up by the Framers - 2 Senators from every State, for each 13 States in the Union. Then presently, we'd have 7 Senators each or 350 total. If we ever add 2 more States, then we'd jump to 8 each, or 416 total. The point of growing the Senate is to keep it also sufficiently large so as not to be worth it to "buy" it with campaign donations. As well, if they are chosen by appointment of the State Legislatures, there are no campaign donations to speak of. Instead of popularly electing Senators to remove monied corruption, they simply should have added more of them. This dilutes the effect of monied corruption, makes corruption more expensive, and removes the likelihood of corrupting a sufficient number to attain passage or block passage of a measure.

These two reforms combined would quickly result in a much smaller national government that stayed within its bounds listed in Article 1 § 8.

A Con con will go about as well as the RNC in tampa

-"Are we ready to vote ?"


-"Are you sure? Where's the Ron Paul People?"

-"Oh they'll be circling around in a bus for the next few hours."

-"Oh good, then we're ready. All in favor of making up the law as we go according to our whim say Aye. All those oppos... In the opinion of the chair the ayes have it!"

...yeah, no thanks.

Not saying a Con con is never a good idea, just not one now, and not one until we have educated enough people and have enough liberty representatives in place to lead such a thing. Doing it now is like giving bazookas to a cage full of monkeys and hoping it ends well.

Good Point about the RNC Tampa vs. Con-Con

Good Point, meeting could be hijacked with the result that tyranny is then accelerated rather than stopped. So then I wonder what exactly I should be doing.

I believe there are two great protections of the liberty of Americans. 1. Constitution and 2. Sound Money. We have lost #2 and have lost the majority of #1. I would like to take action, today, to do something proactive to defend and increase liberties, so what is the answer?

Voting Ron Paul was an obvious choice. Now I need guidance about moving on to the next mission after Paul. Any advice greatly appreciated.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Be the change you want to see.

There's not really many immediate or sweeping things you can do like electing a president or anything but there are many small things that can be done that if we all do them together, even if it's in our own way, the effect will be overwhelming. I apologize I have no specifics for you just general guidelines that I try to live by.

First: Be the example, just like Ron was for us.
If others can rely on you to always stand for correct principles they will begin to look to you for support and guidance. Try not to antagonize them or ridicule them if they're stuck in erroneous mindsets because you never know when they might come around and see things how they really are. So practice what you preach. Walk the talk. Respectfully allow others to be wrong. Lead the way so that they may follow once they figure things out.

Second: Educate.
Educate and encourage those around you. Whether through conversation, activism, supporting or opposing legislation videos, blogs, radio, newspapers, tv, marches, signs, contests,bumper stickers, blimps, etc. Get the principles of liberty out there however you can! Without a properly educated and informed public we will never change the prevailing opinion and we will never get enough liberty representatives in office to effect change and stop bad legislation.

Third: If no one else will do it run for office yourself if you feel the desire.
It's a dirty thankless job but someone has to clean the toilets. Are you up to it? If so take the ball and run with it. It's hard to complain that there's no good politicians out there if you yourself are not willing to run. But even if you are not up to it yourself or feel inadequate for whatever reason, are you willing to support those who will take on the task?

Fourth: Be prepared. Should all else fail, dont fall victim to the collapse. Have your affairs in order, your food storage, supplies,
alternative money, shelter, power generators, gardens, etc. Work on becoming self sufficient and even having an overabundance to share with friends family and neighbors. Nothing opens a person's mind to new ideas like saving them from starvation.

Fifth: Be spiritually prepared. Whatever that means to you. Be at peace with your creator, your self, those around you, with whatever your circumstances may be. If you do so you will become fearless in your endeavors and confident in their outcomes. This life is short and passing. Make sure your soul, heart, mind is right before God or even just yourself.

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear."
"The readiness is all."

That's what makes the movement grassroots.

Thanks for the tips, that's what makes the movement grassroots. HS

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Update - Contacted Dr. Paul's Office

The publisher contacted Dr. Paul's congressional office in D.C. today via phone and email: Rachel Mills, Communications Director. At least we don't have to go through Jesse Benton!

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Con con? Bob Shulz and the WTP people did one a while back

they all convened in DC, made lots of resolutions and demands. Nothing came of it. Not a dang thing.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Checked it out

Interesting meeting. Checked it out. Thx

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

People Say "End the Fed," but How?

Houckie377 - Thanks for the post.

Con-Con is a Terrible Idea

- I read that link. I find the story that "In the 1970s and 1980s, 32 states passed resolutions calling for a Con Con to consider a federal Balanced Budget Amendment, but the movement could not reach the trigger number of 34" very inspiring. The national debt was $1 Trillion then - it is $16 Trillion today. You would think call for a Con-Con supporting Sound Money, a Balanced Budget, End of Fractional Reserve banking and to End the Fed would be 16 times more popular today.

My conversation w/ Dr. Paul wasn't as important as my opinion.

- I decided tonight (the most important step is decision to take action), I did not speak to Dr. Paul tonight. Apologies. I have not yet spoken with him at the time of the post. My publisher will set it up and the next post will be the conversation.

A Con^2 can get rid of all that fluff and we can go balls out totalitarian.

- When the dollar is dropped as the international currency, I believe we will "go balls out totalitarian." I want to take proactive steps to avoid such a situation. Basically, when faith is lost in the dollar, odds are there will be hyperinflation and depression. At that point there are two options, further into tyranny or return to liberty. I would like to begin sending a powerful message to the states (the governors) that the people demand liberty.

if a constitutional convention is called , we could lose the constitution we have now

- Some say the Constitution is lost already. Some say that the important parts are just ignored. Some say we need leaders who respect it... 99 year of the FED has been a disaster. In my opinion, Congress will always ignore the Constitution as long as they can spend without taxing. Lost freedoms cannot be regained without Constitutional sound money.
- The Constitution has been our best defense in the absence of sound money, but it alone is an inadequate defense in the face of such a monster, and endlessly inflationary monetary system. The Constitution was not designed to deal with such a contingency, because the idea was ludicrous to those who wrote it. Now is the time to End the Fed.
- Finally, we have lost and are losing much of the Constitution daily. The NDAA is one of dozens of abominations. I have less fear of losing the Constitution in a Convention than I do of losing it through inaction.

Thanks, Herman Smith

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

A Relevant Lawsuit

Where we luck out with a sympathetic (libertarian) judge.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Condensed Version

"So, I called Dr Paul, to ask him stuff.

We should have a Constitutional Convention, because there are still some Rights that are spelled out, but ignored.

My conversation w/ Dr. Paul wasn't as important as my opinion."

That's what I got from it.
A Con^2 can get rid of all that fluff and we can go balls out totalitarian.

Con-Con is a definite No-No...

JBS has fought successfully con-cons for decades and have pointed out that yes, Article 5 allows for a con-con but it is very inadvisable in that it is easily and likely co-opted for nefarious purposes, like throwing out the Constitution we have and trying to "improve" on it. Not a good idea!

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

Throwing out the Constitution

Where I'm stuck is this:

- Is the NDAA throwing out the existing Constitution?
- Is the FED printing US dollars into oblivion and completely bankrupting the country throwing out the Constitution?
- Is outright denial of the 10th Amendment throwing out the Constitution?
- Is National Healthcare throwing out the Constitution?

Throughout this discussion post, there have been comments like "just what we need, another rule in the Constitution that can be ignored," and that's my overall point. The current Federal Government operates an an abomination to the Constitution, it operates without restraint.

The Constitution has already been thrown out. That is why I do not fear a Constitutional Convention.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!