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Mitt Romney Has the Lowest Favorability Rating Of Any Presidential Nominee In Modern History: Including All Eventual Losers

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Am empty suit is less unpleasant.

The Establishment always has a back up plan. In this case if Mitt Romeny loses the election there's already another of their bought-and-paid-for candidates all ready to go back into the White House, Barack Obama. There are no accidents in politics in America. The choice in any election in recent memory has always been between a radical/moderate leftist and a not-too radical leftist, i.e. Clinton/G.H.W. Bush, Clinton/Dole, Al Gore/G.W. Bush, John Kerry/G.W. Bush, Obama McCain, and now Obama/Romney.

Real opponents to collectivism, Steve Forbes and Ron Paul, were sabotaged by the Establishment to keep their messages of free market/limited government from being offered to the voters as alternatives. Free market/limited government is not in the Establishment's playbook and NEVER will be. A complete collapse of the dollar might rid us of this pestilence, but they have kept coming back throughout the millennia...they have resources unavailable to their opposition--us.

Furthermore, Romney comes off as a phony and an empty suit; it's apparent he has no philosophical center at all. At least Obama has some core beliefs, even if they're despicable. The fact that the best the Republicans can do is Romney is proof of their complete moral bankruptcy − and this after McCain, who was a mildly demented, hostile old man. The Republicans really are the Stupid Party and the Democrats the Evil Party.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

maybe so

And i am no fan of Romney either,but this is just some democrat, statist ,neoliberal garbage site. Pure propaganda, but of course all propaganda has to have some element of truth to it, or noone will buy into it.

No one has to lie when the truth is so obvious...

The establishment is the only reason Romney got this far and the only way the Romney will break 40% in the general election is if there is massive voter fraud.

Compare Romney's favorable / unfavorable to George H. W. Bush, then look at the results of the 1992 Presidential Election.

Nominee Bill Clinton George H. W. Bush Ross Perot
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state Arkansas Texas Texas
Popular vote 44,909,806 39,104,550 19,743,821
Percentage 43.0% 37.5% 18.9%

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i don't think he breaks 30%, Bob-45...

how can he?

we, the people will NOT vote for him!

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I meant the link site

not the DP!

Top contributors to Romney

. . . thru September 21st:

Goldman Sachs $688,080
Bank of America $541,148
JPMorgan Chase & Co $541,019
Morgan Stanley $535,047
Credit Suisse Group $433,785
Citigroup Inc $369,015
Barclays $349,400
Wells Fargo $343,000
Kirkland & Ellis $310,917
Deloitte LLP $292,910
PricewaterhouseCoopers $272,600
UBS AG $269,630
Blackstone Group $223,475
HIG Capital $222,995
Elliott Management $175,475
Bain Capital $172,500
General Electric $170,650
Ernst & Young $166,875
Marriott International $154,837
Bain & Co $148,616