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Mr. Jefferson Said Nature’s Bequeaths Are Self-Evident

I say—rights are either inalienable, or they are not;
If you say—semi-inalienable—your brain's gotta blind spot.
They’re unconditional—you can’t see—it’s a damn shame!
That means you are either dishonest or insane.

Dem & GOP—please read the Constitution,
Fed is not authorized for all solutions;
The Legislature is limited by Article I, § 8,
ALL other power—is for the People or states.

I know—that was written by silly ol' white men,
You two are all knowing—so you whip out your pen,
We cannot afford you two—GOP will not cut defense,
But it’s the only thing Dem will consider—nonsense!

Y’all are pitiful—lost your Honor in that dusky DC haziness.
The time has come to supersede crony and kick your ass!
And I only know of one man, who has truly paid his dues,
He holds a principled and unwavering moral code of values.

T Kosciuszko

It stands to reason that if there is sacrifice,
Someone or something is collecting sacrifices;
Talkin’ sacrifices—is talkin’ slaves and masters,
Those doin’ the talkin’—are plannin' to be masters!

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not Inalienable.

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