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The Autism campaign and the New World Order.

I don't watch TV but do listen to radio, so if there's a broadcast ad campaign running that's where I notice it. In recent years there has been a seeming non-stop ad campaign from Autism Speaks on the radio that has me wondering.

When I first noticed these ads they claimed the odds of a child being born with autism were one in 150. Later this number changed to one in 110. In just the past few days the odds were changed to one in 88. This mushrooming of a congenital mental/emotional defect should be alarming from a medical and public health standpoint and that is clearly the aim of the ads. However, a nagging suspicion about their broader objective has prompted me to lay it out for your comment.

I first became aware of autism in 1980 when my campaign manager at the time (I was running for congress) explained that her son was autistic. Simply put, her son was said to be incapable of relating to others in a normal manner. In cases of severe autism this inability to relate to others is accompanied by fixation on things and sensations other than human beings to the exclusion of other humans. One common behavior associated with severe autism is to fixate on the sensation of repetitive motions, rocking back and forth or side-to-side, even alternating light/dark sensations that can be produced by waving outstretched fingers closely in front of the eyes. However, most autistics never exhibit such extreme detachment behaviors.

I have heard than the rise in autism has been largely a case of the condition being more broadly defined, taking in more and more traits or behaviors into its category. Whether or not this is so there is certainly motive for expanding the definition of autism. Children affected by autism can be more readily classified as Special Needs students, a victim group that qualifies for special services in and out of school (read special funding). This points to a crass but not uncommon drive by bureaucracy to grow irrespective of any actual need for their services.

I am not prepared to say that there is absolutely no change in the rate of autism using older definitions as a constant. There are changing environmental factors that could be causative: GMO foods, trace amounts of new pesticides or food additives, bombardment by an ever-richer dose of radio waves from cell phones and towers, new medical practices that could have (all too common) unintended consequences. Yet the ad campaign neither addresses the alarming change in autism rate nor suggests any cause for it. The ads simply ratchet up the number every so often. Why no acknowledgement of the alarming growth? Do they expect people not to notice? Or do they perhaps hope prospective parents will notice and become alarmed by the increasing risk of giving birth to a child with autism?

It is this last possibility that leads me down the rabbit hole. The ads are so frequent that they must either be very costly to air or, if free PSA's, risk crowding out other PSA's. The sheer number of ad impressions would seem to go beyond mere public awareness. Could there be an ulterior motive? Here is one possibility:

Suppose you were an immensely wealthy member of the global elite who openly opine that Earth would be a much nicer place with 80% fewer people. Suppose you and your peers discussed ways of achieving this goal. Some advocated invasive means such as sterilization with chemicals in the food or water supply, widespread death via laboratory-made pathogens, mass round-ups and elimination or forced sterilization. You however were burdened by a conscience and preferred a campaign for voluntary limits on the birth rate. If only you could alarm prospective parents and dissuade them from having children. If only you could convince them that their pregnancy ran a higher and higher risk of producing an autistic child. If only you could get medical authorities to agree that autism was much more common than initially thought. It might be worth many billions of your dollars if you could thus voluntarily change the birth rate.

Well, that's my rabbit hole that links autism ads with the New World Order. I'm not saying I believe this to be so, only that it is my growing suspicion. What do you think?

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Glad to have so much

informed opinion on this topic. I'm also glad I don't appear to have rubbed autism parents particularly wrong, even if I made a few incorrect assumptions. This comment section is an education for me and no doubt for others.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

First let me say, as the mom

First let me say, as the mom of 2 autistic children, Autism Speaks does not speak for me or my kids. I could go on at length about this organization, but suffice it to say that it is the one autism organization that is in bed with the government and the establishment - and you know what that does. There are many worthy autism organizations out there that should be supported but Autism Speaks is not one of them.

That said, your post is baffling because it rests on a faulty premise. Your misinformed premise is that the alarming increase in autism cases is not being heralded and widely discussed. On the contrary, the alarming increase is being widely discussed and examined. Those statistics continue to increase as more cases are documented. Certain populations are more affected as it has been reported that boys from military families have an incidence of 1:66. The California school system keeps one of the most comprehensive records in the nation and have reported the rate at around 1:110 if I remember correctly offhand. The statistics are much higher if you only look at data for boys, who are affected more frequently than girls. Some will try to claim that better or more lenient diagnosing is behind the rise - but this is pure nonsense and not fact based. The school district cannot ignore these severe cases that come into their system as they are mandated by the Feds to give a fair and appropriate education to disabled students. The school cannot ignore autism cases because these children do not function well in a group setting...so it isn't as if these children were present in past years but being ignored or passed over for services. There is just no way to ignore them because their behaviors and stims are much too disruptive to the classroom without proper interventions and supports. Take my son, for example; when he entered Kindergarten 2 years ago he was the only autistic child in our school. There are 80 kids in each grade at his school. Last year another autistic child we know of was in his grade - that is 2:80 in one grade (and could be others I don't know about.) Now these are two autistic children that are functioning high enough to be in this mainstream school (There is also my daughter in 2nd grade, but I did not include her.) Consider all the non-verbal and despondent population of autistic children who are in special day classes and schools that are out of view of the general public and you can see that the rate is quite high.

As for your hypothesis that some international power is behind autism in a conspiracy to depopulate the world. Good luck with that one. I do not think at this time that people are dissuaded from having children by the possibility of autism. I know of many families with a severely autistic child or two who go on to have more children. Families without autism are not informed enough to believe it can happen to them until it does happen. Now, I do think it is entirely possible that autism could in part be the unintended consequence of some nefarious happenings such as GMO foods, flouridated water, over vaccinations, more household contminants, more grains in the diet, process foods or other environmental toxins...maybe many factors all working together - who knows (that is why research must be expanded to new areas of investigation.) The rate is real and prospective parents ought to be scared. I can tell you how debilitating it is on a family to have an autistic child - life radically changes and all your priorities change because essentially you are on a mission to help your child while fighting the establishment for answers and assistance (because you won't get any answers or help for the medical industry who approaches it like a psychological disorder, which it is not.)

When you hear ads for autism speaks and they tout the growing numbers, they are correct in their statistics. They are asking for donations and they are not a good cause because they do not put the money back toward curing autism (since they do not believe there is a cure) and they advocate vaccinations for all children, and they put money into dead-end genetic research rather than on research that families of autistic children have advocated for for many years. That org ignores the families of autism and provides little help to those who are suffering.

I just want to say, especially for those here who have an autistic child, that a cure is possible and autism is reversible and treatable. Many people are shocked when I say that, included all of my kid's therapists, medical people, and even people entrenched in autism causes...but I know it to be a fact because my daughter is cured and recovered. My son is about 50-60% recovered and still working hard toward recovery. There are two kids that were in my kids autism preschool class for severely autistic children who are also recovered about 90-95%. Cure/recovery is possible, improvement is possible so keep at it.

what method are you using to

what method are you using to cure your kids?

We did RDI / PLAY project with a little improvement for a year and switched to ABA about 3 months ago. He has made more progress in 3 months of ABA for 18 hours a week than we made with the others in a year.

We also recently started this listening program that is supposed to improve his audio processing... I can't remember the name of it but it basically plays music from Mozart with a focus on certain pitches and frequencies.

Happy to take the convo offline. Love talking to other parents who are navigating this maze.

I do not know what is causing

I do not know what is causing it, but the 1 in 150 statistic shocked me when I first saw it about 5 years ago. I was raised in the 50's. You should check out what those rates of autism were in the 50's and 6o's. As I recall it was one in hundreds of thousands..

It was one in 10,000. However

It was one in 10,000. However that diagnosis was famously described by Kanner, who wrote a book on the topic. If truth be known, he must have been describing a different disorder than the one we are diagnosing today because he described children in their own world, incapable of affection toward others, and without chance of any improvement. I have yet to meet an autistic child who is not affectionate with his parent. Our autistic kids today are suffering something different that often is regressive, striking at 15 months to 2.5 years, after a normal start; unlike that which Kanner described as present from birth. I am inclined to think we are looking at an immune disorder that is wreaking havoc on the neurological functioning and development of young brains.

i agree! A statistic our

i agree! A statistic our DAN! Dr pointed out is that the rate and strength of anti-biotics that are being dispensed is significantly higher than it was back then. Where I live, it is common for a Dr to put a patient on an anti-biotic as a preventative measure. Many parents view them like a nutritional supplement.

He believes that for allot of these kids, it is an immunological disorder that starts with anti-biotics destroying all of the good bacteria in the system and leading to gut dysbiosis or "leaky gut".

My child had allot of ear infections and health issues in his first year and was on an anti-biotic every few months. I have a very strong feeling this was the first domino that led to his condition that we are still recovering from today.

Have you seen the recent articles

concerning the cause of autism? They are trying to understand why the rate of autism has increased. I read a few studies that say that an inflammatory response to pregnancy is to blame. To paraphrase, if the mother is vaccinated, bottle fed, and kept in a clean environment as a child (not exposed to many antibodies,germs and allergens) then she may have an inflammatory response to the natural flora and fauna of the unborn child. This is measured in her blood. Women with celiac (wheat allergy)also have this inflammatory response to wheat and are much more likely to have autistic children.

Can you please cite these articles?

Can you cite, because an unborn child is actually aseptic/sterile unless infected from the mother. In fact, there's a theory that kids with autism spectrum have gut bacteria deficiencies because they were insufficiently exposed to the "flora and fauna" of breast milk or the birth canal.

There's also a suggestion that grain might be a problem, at least for those intolerant to it. Human beings began on the "paleo" diet of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Our ancestors didn't eat cereals at all. And there's suggestion that grains actually have compounds in them designed by nature to make them inedible to animals. Legumes and grains are best when fermented. This issue, like gut bacteria, ties intestinal health to autism.

Another theory not proven is lack of Vitamin D and/or cholesterol in the mother. The doctor advancing the idea says the the women who are having kids with autism seem to be those who are ignorantly "health conscious," being obsessive about low fat, low cholesterol diet, obsessive about avoiding sun exposure, so their blood serum levels can be critically low. Pregnant women should take 2000IU/day of Vitamin D, just as they take 400 mg of Folic Acid, and they should eat two servings a week of fatty fish, or take fish oil supplements. Then they deliberately don't get sun on their newborn babies' skin, either, wrapping them up and shading them (if they take them outside at all) and give them excessively lean food. You need sun on your bare skin, you need a moderate amount of dietary cholesterol and fat to stay healthy. Because nerves (i.e. brains) are made out of cholesterol and brain growth depends on Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. He bolsters the idea by noting the estrogen is similar structure to Vitamin D and like Vitamin D has a notable impact on brain development--and autism is less common in girls than in boys.

I think the biggest ignored elephant in the room is chemicals we're exposed to in the household. Is there an autism link with new houses/new carpet/new mattresses/new clothing/flame retardant items? Manufacturing has changed radically since the 70s. My recollection from when I was a kid was that new things would smell vaguely like solvent, but now new things more often smell like formaldehyde or unrefined petroleum.

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Father of a son with Asperger's Syndrome

You hit it on the head. There are no two autistic children alike. My ten year old son has never received a vaccination or immunization, and he never will, unless he opts in as an adult. However, we have found that removing ALL gluten and casein tainted 'foods' from his diet has profoundly affected him. He is homeschooled (as are my other three), and we have noticed a HUGE difference since beginning him on GFCF a couple of months ago. His behaviors have certainly toned down, and, although he still finds it difficult to focus, his schoolwork has improved immensely. And I like what you said about their brains being wired differently. My son, Micah, is brilliant. He is very well-read for his age, and reads reference books like some people read fiction. However, the little guy still can't tie his shoes... :\

As far as the OP goes, I doubt it is NWO related. However, the vaccinations, immunizations, government 'schooling', and GMO 'food' are all toxic in their own way and I have no doubt that they are tools of the ruling elite. Thanks for your post and thoughts!


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My son is GFCF too, 2 years

My son is GFCF too, 2 years now, and I felt very validated after getting him two allergy panels from different labs that both said he was highly allergic to Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Gliaden, Oats, Barley, and Rye. He too has been greatly helped by eliminating grains and milk. He has progressed a lot.

My son is GFCF too, 2 years

My son is GFCF too, 2 years now, and I felt very validated after getting him two allergy panels from different labs that both said he was highly allergic to Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Gliaden, Oats, Barley, and Rye. He too has been greatly helped by eliminating grains and milk. He has progressed a lot.

Hey just word of encouragement

as far as Aspergers goes take it from someone who knows. My now 17 year old Granddaughter, that I have been raising since she was two is Dx Aspergers.

Now here is the really good news. It gets better the older they get. Your comment about your son Micah being well read but not being able to tie his shoes brought a real chuckle to me. The truth, my GD didn't really tie her shoes properly until she was about ten.

I'm not really convinced that they can't tie them. I am convinced that they just don't give a shit. It's not important enough to take the time to do it.

One day you will wake up and this hurdle will be a silly memory. One thing I learned about Aspies is they do nothing until they 1. See the value in it, and 2. The most important, they are dam good and ready to do it.

Now this may not sound like good news but it really is. Usually Aspies pull it all together in their late twenties. They will always be a bit odd, but so what.

The are incredibly gifted human beings and function on a totally different spiritual plane than we do.

I also pulled her out of public school and home schooled her. That day came when we were at an IEP meeting for what seemed like the 100th time. She looked at the team and very eloquently said to them. "I like who I am, and I don't want to be like everyone else"

Those incredible words of wisdom did it for me.

Relax and enjoy your children!

gaylbaby's picture

I have seen the increase in recent years.

It has made me wonder: Is the increased rate the same in the US as in other countries? Which countries have lower rates and which ones higher?

If we can develop multiple layers of databases for ID of citizens, why not a genuinely ANONYMOUS and voluntary database in which parents/guardians of autistic children can enter all known variables?

For years I have thought this is a NO BRAINER. The Universe is not random. Patterns become obvious. I believe we could begin to turn this around with this simple action. I wish those people who donate to awareness groups would instead band together with some software geeks and fund a project like this.

father of an autistic son

I highly doubt Autism Speaks is an "agent" of the new world order intent on curbing the birth rate. Autism HAS increased radically, specifically some of the what used to be strange phenomenon like regressive autism (normal child becomes autistic @ 2-3 years) are now commonplace, more on that in a min. As someone who has lived with Autism, I have come to learn a good deal about it. Some points to summarize:

*Autism is more than just "relating to others". It is a very complex disorder that is not the same in any two autistic people. The common theme is that the "wiring" in your head gets very mixed up and you don't develop foundation skills that are necessary to develop other skills. This causes many disabilities, often social or interpersonal. The brain of an autistic person will often store information in a very visual matrix rather then a language based system. Autistic people often have difficulties with language and speech. There is a great book by Temple Grandin called "thinking in pictures" that explains this well.

*Nobody knows what exactly is causing the dramatically increasing rates of autistic children, but as a father who has spent a great deal of time in the autistic community I have yet to meet a child that I saw as mis-diagnosed. The irrational fears, speech and communication deficiencies, manic behavior etc haunt all of the kids I meet. I do not believe that the radical increase in rates is caused by over-diagnosis as I frequently hear.

*There are some very good theories with solid research by doctors in the "DAN!" movement. There is significant research that shows that Autism, especially "regressive" autism like my son has is triggered by a combination of overprescription of Antibiotics and Vaccinations: Antibiotics kill all of the "good bacteria" with the bad and are very bad for your digestive system. Lack of good bacteria can allow harmful organisms like candida yeast to overgrow in the colon allowing toxic substances to "leak" into the blood-stream. Combine this with the fact that wireless radiation from cell phones and wi-fi has been proven to weaken the "blood/brain" barrier and the mercury from vaccines and other toxins are able to affect the development of the brain.

*Autism is treatable. A combination of removing the toxins from the body that may have triggered autism using diet changes, pro-biotics, yeast eradication, and chelation therapy as well as a rehabilitating program like "Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)" have been proven to help greater than 50% of those diagnosed develop the missing skills to a point where they are no longer on the "autism spectrum". Another good read is LeAnne Whiffen's "a childs journey out of autism".

I have not given it

much thought, but I have wondered why the rate has increased, which can be a result of many things (like thimerosal <=== Big Pharma term for mercury - in vaccines, or a baby getting 25 vaccines before the age of 5.) However, I have given having children plenty of thought (I am still quite young) and I have come to the conclusion that it is selfish to have more than 2 kids. 2 kids is all I need to replace my spouse and I. When I see families running around with 10 children, I take a look around and wonder where the hell are their kids going live when they grow up? What jobs are they going to be able to have with an ever increasing productivity rate? Why do people put their own desires ahead of their children and more importantly their species? Sure, back in the 1700's people had 10-20 kids, but that was to till the land, cook the food, take care of the elderly, ect ect. And they did not call it "having kids," they called it breeding. We seriously are becoming like fish trapped in a pond that sooner or later will run out of oxygen (in this case resources and a high standard of living.) Our species are breeding at an alarming rate, and sooner or later our children's grandchildren will have to pay the price, why? Because as a species we don't think about the future, only the here and now. At this point in time, there are more people alive than all of the people that have ever died throughout our history. What an interesting period to live through if one gives it much thought.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

No vaccines needed

I was never vaccinated and I fall somewhere on the high functioning side of that curve myself. It's associated with extremely high IQs and you dont need any environmental agents to explain it - the numbers are increasing because they are using looser definitions over time. Originally only those that were totally unable to function were defined as autistic, but later it was noticed that many high IQ individuals display some autistic symptoms, even if they dont have the full, disabling package, and they started talking about 'autism spectrum disorder' rather than simply autism. The 'spectrum disorder' part expands the diagnosis from just the most extreme and disfunctional cases all the way to those of us that are just a little odd.

I highly doubt that the birth

I highly doubt that the birth rate will be voluntarily changed unless it incurs great risk on people in some way. Having a 1-2% chance risk is not enough.
Interesting thought though is what happens if the population is "accidentally" exposed to enough radiation to render them sterile? Heck, you could just beam this stuff secretly out into large public locations and no one would be the wiser(because you cant really feel radiation of this sort) until lots of people suddenly realized they couldnt have children. I should probably stop before I give someone ideas.

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Vaccinations play a key role

in the establishment's depopulation campaign. Vaccinations are probably also the cause of autism.

No one will ever

convince me that vaccines don't play a major role in all the neuro developmentally damaged children. A simple graph of increased vaccines to the increase of Dx tell the story.

My granddaughter who is now 17 was born perfectly normal. Apgar score of 10.

Right after her first vaccine the ear infections began. She was on constant anti biotics until she was four. I took custody of her at 2.5 years old. Got her medical records and about fell of my seat when I saw all the vaccinations. Keep in mind my children were in their 30's at the time so I was out of the loop.
With each vaccination came more and more illness's. They were vaccinating this kid with chronic ear infections and fever. She began to drop on growth and weight.

Her final round of vaccines caused convulsions and hospitalization.

She lost all eye contact and no longer talked. She was talking in two and three word sentences at 18 months. After the convulsion all speech ceased. She never talked again until she was 4.5 years old.

I never allowed anymore vaccines from the day I took custody. After a lot of alternative treatment and dietary changes including no dairy or grains she began to progress.

Her father stopped breathing 20 minutes after his first DPT vaccine.

Like I said you will never convince be its not the vaccines.

There seems to be plenty of

There seems to be plenty of evidence connecting vaccines to autism and there seems to be a frantic effort to suppress that evidence--including the smear campaign against Dr. Wakefield. This whole business of forcing injections--flu jabs, etc. etc.--and putting substances like fluoride in the drinking water is all part of the same Control Operation. (Read the evidence about what fluoride does to the brain; the better teeth argument is a red herring.) Children who have not complied with mass vaccination programs cannot go to nursery schools. My son's graduate school tried to bar him from registering because he hadn't done the flu jab until he showed up with a letter saying he objected to taking those chemicals into his body.

Am I right that there has been some recent legislation relieving or limiting liability of pharmaceutical companies for the damaging effects of their medicines?

Will people wake up in time?


Yes big pharma immune

When research first implied that immunization *might* be related to the dramatic increase in ASD big pharma had kittens and legislation was rushed through giving them immunity from liability. While, as a parent of a high functioning ASD daughter I am unconvinced of the causal relationship - I think it more of a correlation - without the legal ability to hold Pharma responsible research is seriously impeded.


This rabbit hole is bottomless

and timeless. Check out some Carol Burnett Show DVDs at the library and see for yourself.

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