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Doug Wead Blog 9-6-12 Is Ron Paul Over?

Is Ron Paul Over? I don't think so:

Post Ron Paul: Where do we go now?

Don’t assume that Ron Paul is going to ride off into the sunset, with his cowgirl, Carol, at his side. He made it clear during his light hearted exchange with Jay Leno that he isn’t finished with us. And I, for one, am not finished with him either.

If Romney wins, Senator Rand Paul’s trajectory would be on hold and in 2016, Ron Paul, the father, would be the best primary challenger to a Republican establishment president, owned by the FED and the few.

Who else would have the guts to do it? And the media, who under normal circumstance would pan him, might let him have more than 89 seconds, just to have some fun – and some ratings – in an otherwise boring re-nomination process. Another run would help educate even more and fatten the Liberty Movement for Senator Rand Paul and the future in 2020.

Besides, this would be the best way to stand up to the corruption and dishonesty of the Republican establishment who runs the party like National Socialists. To let the abuse of Tampa go unanswered would be a mistake. “Remember the Maine.”

Is Ron Paul too old? Not for me. Konrad Andenauer , Germanys greatest leader of the last two centuries was in power at age 87. Michelangelo began painting the Sistine Chapel at age 71, he was still at it when he died at age 89. The Biblical account of Moses has him beginning his long journey, leading the Israelis from slavery, at age 80. Let Ron Paul lead us out of slavery at age 80.

Here’s a toast to Ron Paul, 2016.

But what do we do now? And more urgent, how should we vote in the 2012 presidential election?

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If he runs 3rd party, he's got my

vote. I don't care how old he is.


Yeah right what a great way to waste time energy and money on another failed presidential run; challenge the republican incumbent in the republican primary... Sigh!

Ron Paul is done! He will forever be remembered for his championing of liberty and waking up millions and forever an Icon of liberty! However it is time to move on and put our energy into a viable candidate the has the will to win.

Keep getting GOP seats but do not be married to the party and be willing to support Gary Johnson or others like him in the future.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!


Our delegates received a SMALL taste of Ron Pauls world.
To hit Paul for having a failed presidential run is wrong on sooo many levels.
Your mind couldnt even fathom what Paul and his son are actually up against! I dont believe any of us could. It is MASSIVE corruption that would make the Soviets BLUSH!
David and Goliath would be a good summary if Goliath were 4 times bigger..
Your comment is absurd, and with technology the way it is and as healthy as Ron is, he could live to be well into his 100's.
He is a doctor and has contacts every where.

GJ could not brush the top of any surface for a successful presidential campaign and is not mentally capable of going against the machine ron does. GJ is a repeater of talking points, but is invertebrate and has no solutions of his own. GJ is not a thinker.
He owns none of his own thoughts, they are heard and repeated by him.
Stop misleading people by telling them what they should do when you are not qualified to do so. Many have counted Ron out and that was their own mistake. Many doubt Ron Paul and he counts on this, even from his own supporters he knows ye of little faith. Believe me he knows YOU!
GJ is a cripple compared to ron paul and if you are suggesting to get behind GJ, NOW THAT would be a HUGE waste of time.
How much money have you sent the GJ campaign????

NONE! and NONE reading have either because he has 15 states in August that had NOT ONE thin dime donated.
Put your money where your mouth is and DONATE to GJ or hush!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Ron Paul Rock Star

Ron Paul should headline a nationwide arena tour with a variety of liberty minded speakers and entertainers at each "show" for $25-$50 per ticket. Freedom is popular! Ron Paul Rocks America!


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

reedr3v's picture

I'd love to see this concept developed into a

media show. Think how great it would be if Texas Straight Talk could be expanded and professionally polished, with guests and commentary on news of the day. An educational, pithy, strong educational format would rapidly generate a following. It could be the "go to" place for honest explanations and sound alternative views.

Benefit of Public Distrust of Media

With all the public distrust of media, perhaps people will be more receptive to a new national news channel. Maybe Ron can take the $2M that's left over and use it to launch a news channel. We could then steal Judge Nap and John Stossel. I think we would capture a lot of market if we keep the focus on approaching the news sensibly. No 5on1 attacking of guests, no "panels" that shout over each other. When we interview someone, the focus is on presenting as much information to the viewer. I think we should avoid polling data around elections because we shouldn't engage in influencing people.


2 Million left

That 2 Mill is earmarked for Rands run and / or His retirement. Ron Paul did what he could to wake up the sheepal. It has come a long ways in the 15 years Ive been supporting him.

“In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

2016 Strategy

If the 5 US states that nominated Paul from the floor were to switch from being blue states to red states in the 2012 election, we would then have 45 more delegates in those states in 2016. Since we took the majority in those states, it stands to reason that if we get them more delegates, they would put them to good use for a pro-liberty candidate. However, that strategy could get Romney 30 additional electoral college votes so he would need to lose red states elsewhere. I suggest we pick the red states that treated us like garbage at their state conventions and strip votes away from Romney in those states. To do that, some might vote Obama (ideal for those who want to slap Romney the hardest way possible) and some might vote Johnson (I want to cost Romney but not by voting Obama). I'm more in favor of flipping those past red states to yellow (or whatever color represents the libertarian party), this sends the message that we are in control. Can you imagine 5 blue states becoming red states and 5 red states becoming yellow states all because of our influence. It sends the message that we have enough influence to steer 60 electoral college votes. That's 22% of the winning votes necessary, a sure prize for any political party and maybe enough for ALL parties to finally listen to us.


My thoughts for what they are worth

I think I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson.

Voting for either establishment candidate lends credence to their actions; enough said.

At this point I don’t believe that a Ron Paul write-in will be counted or reported. Most states require write-in candidates to file paper work to be counted. I don’t think this paperwork is getting filed. Even if it is we don’t have a means in place to keep them honest in the reported count.

I don’t think any of the other third party candidates can garner enough votes to be meaningful.

Gary Johnson may represent a vote for the lesser of three evils in many peoples minds and I’ll admit even to me. But then that is the very nature of politics. Even many of Dr. Paul’s supporters don’t agree with all of his views and/or decisions.

So in politics we are left with the question, is voting for any of the proffered candidates worth the effort. Is there a potential for actually improving the situation. To be honest I’m not sure there is considering the election fraud and mass media. But to do nothing also lends credence to the (D) & (R) party.

A third party candidate with >20% of the vote has the potential to persuade some voters to start considering third party candidates, especially if the winner gets less than 40%. I think this is a very real possibility if the votes aren’t stolen.

Based on his track record as governor I think he may do some good if elected and would throw a monkey wrench into the (R) & (D) party plans.

Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!

" mindwalker55 - Gary Johnson

" mindwalker55 - Gary Johnson may represent a vote for the lesser of three evils in many peoples minds and I’ll admit even to me."

Seriously? You think Gary Johnson is just a lessor evil? Wow bring the troops home, end the wars, balance the budget, cut spending, cut foreign aid, good track record in NM etc... Yeah pretty evil of him ;-)

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Hold on a second.

Exactly when did our goal become "to fatten the Liberty Movement" for Rand in 2020? Is that anything like Paul Ryan's "plan" to balance the budget by 2040?


Ron Paul quickly lost his desire to continue the task of running for President fairly early on in the process. He simply does not have what it takes to complete the process. I just wish he would come out and say it, be hones with his supporters about his true intentions.

Ron Paul incapable and unwilling to challenge TPTB

Ron Paul decided to be an intellectual figurehead instead of a legit Commander In Chief the country desperately needs.

Ron Paul has proven incapable, and frankly, unwilling to confront the Zionist takeover of Washington, Congress, CIA & Pentagon.

If Ron Paul appointed Benedict Arnolds to run his campaign straight into the ground, who will he appoint to investigate 911? To run the Pentagon and military?

His own son wines and dines with the perpetrators of 911 (William Kristol) under some delusional idea of gaining credibility with the criminal elite.

You may like him and he is right on when it comes to philosophy of government, but he just is NOT presidential material. To insist otherwise is simply a waste of time and energy.

Why waste more time and energy on Ron Paul?

Look around. There is an alternative. A great example is MERLIN MILLER.

Merlin Miller = Ron Paul * Conan The Barbarian

Forget Ron Paul and C4L and promote Merlin Miller for president!


Merlin Miller is spot on about the Zionists

BUT he is also associated with white supremacist elements. That leaves him off the table for me.

Better than a Jewish-supremacist

He is NOT associated with white supremacists. White supremacists may support him, so what.

Better to be supported by white supremacists than Jewish supremacists.

Who cares about the media. They'll attack and distort anyone.

Ron Paul is simply not able (or willing) to do what it takes to restore the republic. He has made it clear his goal is to promote liberty at an intellecual level and is happy to become an intellectual figurehead, or godfather, of the liberty movement and that's it.

Unfortunately, REAL LIBERTY does not work that way. If you want REAL LIBERTY (as in freedom from the Zionists and Bankers), it will take a military person to ACTUALLY RESTORE THE REPUBLIC IN REALITY (not in words). That person is Merlin Miller and he is NOT a white supremacist. He's hired hispanic, black, asians in his projects.

Stop being a victim of the Zionist media and support the REAL people who can make a difference. Otherwise, you'll get what you deserve.

Clearly you don't understand "real liberty"

Supremacism and collectivism is antithetical to liberty. Your solution just trades one slave master for another.


The media would bury this guy and his party as a whole on that one issue alone. As I said in another thread, look at what they did to Dr. Paul over the stupid newsletter. ( and I hear alot of folks still talk about that) I am not arguing the validity or not of claims about Miller or the 3rd Position party. What I am doing is a reality check for anyone who honestly thinks this guy or his party has even the slightest chance of being more relevant than even Rosanne Barr in a presidential election.

The media will bury anyone

The media will bury anyone who is actually able to make a difference.

They let Ron Paul off easy (compared to Miller) because they figured out Ron Paul would be ineffective and unable to make a real difference.

I wish this.

We all vote LP this time and quit those positions in the GOP. We attempt a take-over of the slightly less corrupt Libertarian Party instead of the 'no future' GOP. If we start now, by 2016 we can nominate Ron, the country will be in a massive mess, and we can win. We can begin accessing the ballots real early to make sure we get on them. If current trends remain there will be only a few folks still watching TV for their news in four years.

Now that Benton is gone it will be far better. Tate could be a problem but maybe Jesse and his little bird, Trygve were the ones leading the charge in merging the C4L foreign policies with the neocons.

I would much much rather participate in LP meetings, than GOPs meetings. I can't think of anything worse than attending a GOP meeting.

Sorry Doug but I'm not buying it!

You haven't been honest with us all along and you are still not being honest with us.

So now you say Ron Paul will be the one to take Romney on in 2016 but it was just too risky to take him on this time? You make me sick to my stomach!

You did a lousy job as senior advisor and you know damn well that the donations would have quadrupled overnight if you released a Romney attack ad and took him on.

Newsflash: Rand Paul will never be President but at least we know now why you deceitful jerks never followed through on confronting Mitt Romney with OUR MONEY!!!

Wead said he favored

Wead said he favored attacking Romney and the decision to abstain was made by others.

Of the various senior people in the RP 2012 campaign, I don't think Doug Wead was one of the bad guys.

Your right Freedom Now...

how smart of a liberty movement do we have when we trust ex Bush campaign advisors like Dougie boy. Yeah he talks a good game but that's probably all it is a game. Same goes for Jude Nap who too many here love so much, he works for Fox "news" people, you aren't hired there if you are for real.

Doug had real motivation to

Doug had real motivation to win this. He is a professional campaign advisor. His job is to win campaigns. If he is on a losing campaign, then he stands a real risk of not being able to head up other elections in other years. He took on some serious risk to his credentials by becoming a part of the Paul campaign. On the other hand, if Ron had actually won, Wead would have become very valuable to to other campaigns because now he can tout that he helped a campaign that was ridiculed into becoming the number 1 campaign. I'm sure Doug knew that as long as the campaign was in the black financially, that Paul would never drop out of the race. I'm sure he knew then that he was going to at least achieve a second place finish, which is important to his future campaign aspirations. Wead wanted to go for the throat on Romney but others held back. Wead knew that Romney was going to answer back with a "PR A-BOMB" to attempt to bury Paul. Wead knew that it would be better to risk it because our loyal base wouldn't walk just because Romney dropped the bad press on us. He knew that anything Romney threw at us could be handled by us and the campaign.

So, if you say anything about Wead, you should say that if the reins had been taken off of him, that Paul would have probably had more success.

As for the Judge Nap slight...Yeah, he's fake enough that they cancelled his show. Read his books if you want some insight to who he really is.


Mitt Ain't It

I have a new slogan: Mitt Ain't It. Feel free to use it wherever you can.

And Mr. Wead left out another option: Don't vote. Why participate in and legitimize the farce that's called the Presidential election?

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Yeah. Let me know how that

Yeah. Let me know how that worked for the 43.2% of Americans that didn't vote in 2008.

The Presidential election is not a farce. It's a right that our founding fathers recognized as being a right of the people. Sure, it is looking pretty sick right now but I'm not one for letting the cancer take over.

All nations go through a process of gradually decaying from freedom to slavery and bondage and then starting over and going back to freedom. The question is if we, as a nation, can reverse this and instead go back to freedom and stay there. Apathy is not going to get us there. I will vote until my right to do so is taken from me. Then I will do as the colonists did and re-assert my right to choose the hard way.




Excellent article. Well worth reading. Also very accurate.

Thanks for posting.

5 for sure

My conscience would never live with a vote for O'bombney. Either one of em.

Write-ins are throw-aways, they shouldnt be but they are. They wont be counted and they wont count.

Virgil Goode? Never heard of him, but I have some experience with CP. 'Fascist' might be too close for comfort there. 25 states is no good anyway.

I am voting for Johnson. But it's not the presidential race that will get me to the polls. There are a whole slate of Romney Publicans that I will be going out to vote against.