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Ron Paul's Campaign Site re-direct's to Campaign for Liberty's site FYI

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Should have been redirected

Should have been redirected to DailyPaul, if you ask me..

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Too early?

Is it too early to start campaigning for Ron Paul 2016? Then we could just re-direct the Ron Paul 2012 site to that.

understanding the problem

If you do not understand the problem, it is very unlikely that you will be able to acheive any kind of satisfactory solution. I have yet to see any evidence here that anybody understands the problem.

Here is some evidence for that. Despite having fought for freedom for 30 + years (since founding of libertarian party) you are farther away from a free society than you were back then.

You think that people are sorta like you, and if not, that you can use reason to convince them to be like you and value the things that you value. If not then they are just bad, or stupid and you need power to control them. This makes you different from them how exactly?

I doubt if one person in 10 on this forum has any knowledge of what makes people use their brains in the ways that they do. Most of you do not know what science is or how it works. You could not explain, even if your life depended on it, why intelligent design is, by defintion, not science.

I could go on, but instead enter the two words orwells boot, and read the first article that comes back. Also the link to xfoolnature.org

Off-topic post but...thanks

I guess your comment could be called "spam" because it doesn't seem to be related to my comment, but I wanted to thank you for posting it. That is a very interesting article, and it linked to several other interesting articles, all of which I read. Thought-provoking, which I think can be very beneficial for furthering and creating ideas.

Wish he would have redirected

Wish he would have redirected elsewhere, in fact anywhere but there. C4L has been sabatoging Dr Paul since 07, I dumped them over a year ago. If they are dead, good riddence.

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I unsubscribed from the C4L emails the other day

I lost confidence in its mission

Campaign for Liberty is all but dead.

Sadly, the truth is that Campaign for Liberty is all but dead. It's been a slow death since it's inception in 2008. Once again ANY momentum gained via the 2012 campaign has certainly been squandered just like it was in 2008 only this time with far less willing participants than we had in 2008.

It is my hope that any excess campaign donation money (reported to be in excess of $2 million) is not thrown away on Campaign for Liberty. That would be a colossal waste of precious resources. However, that's exactly what it has been, a drain of resources that may have been far better used building something other than a source of income for poor leadership to perpetuate and hone their fundraising tactics to continue to be their source of income for more poor leadership.

There is NO transparency at all to the organization, they don't listen to or do anything to help build organization in the grassroots and frankly they are dishonest regarding how many active members they claim. They have lost so many members including most of their leaders in the states and counties.

Even in my state of Kentucky, one in which you would think Campaign for Liberty would be thriving, with now Sen. Rand Paul as their "junior" senator, there has been no leadership for some time since they "canned" the "coordinator" who happens to be one of the most ardent supporters of Ron Paul and Liberty in Kentucky and nationally, and that happened nearly 2 years ago now with no replacement.

Having been in the Liberty Movement actively for 12 years, as former state coordinator for Ron Paul 2008 and the original state coordinator for Campaign for Liberty I don't know of anyone worth their salt in the Liberty Movement in Kentucky that would take a position of leadership with Campaign for Liberty in Kentucky. Even if someone with little knowledge of the history of this organization could be enticed in some way to step up and lead Campaign for Liberty in Kentucky there would be no significant movement amongst the Liberty Movement activists and leaders in Kentucky that would support and promote it in Kentucky. That opportunity has been squandered.

The Liberty Movement is alive and well in Kentucky, but it has not thrived and grown as a result of ANYTHING Campaign for Liberty has done. It's been very sad to see what had the potential to make a significant and long lasting difference in Kentucky and the nation to have been squandered because of very poor leadership from the top paying little to no attention to the grassroots.

The focus tipped way too far toward how many dollars John Tate's fundraising tactics could shake out of the Liberty Movement and too far away from building grassroots organization. For the most part Campaign for Liberty is indistinguishable in their tactics and "leadership" from the typical neo-con or Republican drivel and crap most of us are seeing in our email and snail mail boxes from the RNC and the Romney Campaign.

Five page letters droning on and on about how bad something is and pleading for more money to do something about it, when in fact the money raised is simply poured back into far more fundraising pleadings and "overhead" and very little in actually accomplishing anything they used to entice the unsuspecting to part with their hard earned money.

Please Dr. Paul, don't waste any more time or money on Campaign for Liberty. Not because it isn't or wasn't a great idea! It was at its beginning! But because it's already proven to be poorly led and the damage to its reputation and credibility are no longer repairable amonst most Liberty activists across the nation.

At this point Campaign for Liberty would require a complete EXTREME MAKEOVER to regain any significant credibility.

Rebuilding trust may in fact be more difficult and inefficient than starting something completely new from scratch.

The wrong leadership is and was Campaign for Liberty's worst enemy.

That's just my own "Reality Check" for what it's worth.

+Killed by bad management.


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The same is true,

in Nevada.

I spoke with Deb Wells the other day.

She did confirm to me that the main activity of the C4L is action concerning legislation.

Building a base in a party, is not their role. Remember, like when first started with the precinct leader training?
My take, is that we already know about this and should move that forward on our own.



~typical DP response

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