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There's a bounty out for pirates

Sweden under pressure from the US government RIAA, MPAA, and countless other mercantilist entities is now on a full assault against the top actors in the fight for a free internet, the founders of The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay, www.thepiratebay.se, is self billed as the "The world's most resilient BitTorrent site". According to the Los Angeles Times, the Pirate Bay is "one of the world's largest facilitators of illegal downloading" and "the most visible member of a burgeoning international anti-copyright or pro-piracy movement".

There is currently a coordinated attack against these actors and a Bounty of over 11 million USD on their heads.

Bounty #1

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka - Anakata

Founder Anakata (that once created The Pirate Bay tracker) has been arrested in Cambodia. The Swedish government have asked Cambodia to expedite Anakata to Sweden to serve his 1 year jail time. There are also suspicions that they want him locked up due to Anakatas long involvement and friendship with the Wikileaks crew. They are also investigating the Logica hack which the Swedish government believes Anakata has some information on.

And just as he got arrested, Sweden just happened to donate $59 million SEK to Cambodia. Just a coincidence? Anakata is currently in Swedish custody and unable to contact anyone other than this lawyer for at least 2 weeks.

Tweet from:
Peter Sunde ‏@brokep, Sep 6

Anakata is being held at the ministry of interior counter terrorism dept on Swedish order. Anakatas company used to host #WikiLeaks.

Peter Sunde ‏@brokep, Sep 6

Anakata is being held for something NOT related to TPB. He has not been offered a lawyer. He's held in an office space, not a prison.

Bounty #2

Peter Sunde, aka - brokep

Denied retrial, convicted of building a computer program for TBP. Facts the computer confiscated by police supposedly used to build alleged program has never been used to code this program. Proof is given from a computer archive website archive.org. The supposed program is still not even used on TBP seven years later. However brokep must prove that he never coded this program that doesn't exist. Now that is tricky.

The Attorney General attitude was that it did not matter if they had no proof, brokep will be convicted of aiding anyway, because according to them he was going to do these things.

The retrial was denied by Agneta Backlund, who just happened to be the person who was the coordinator for all the work with the Swedish Justice Department and the United States regarding The Pirate Bay case. It was she who arranged the trip to the U.S. with the Swedish justice department to talk about TPB with the White House.

Brokep's only interview with a police officer was the one who got a job at Warner Brothers. His contact with the prosecutor was with the prosecutor who was informed from top to change his decision that was legal to raid TPB servers six weeks later. The judge of the district court was chairman of the lobby group working for tougher copyright laws - the jurors consisted of persons who drove record labels. The judge of the Court of Appeals was a member of the copyright lobby group. There is no better example then brokep trials that the state justice system is broken.

Bounty #3

Fredrik Neij - aka TiAMO

Currently resides in Laos. Was denied access into Thailand this summer by the Swedish Embassy to accompany his wife during the birth of their child. In June, the Stockholm District Court claimed that that despite an earlier ban, TiAMO had continued to have involvement in the operations of The Pirate Bay. As a result the Court handed him a 500,000 kronor fine ($74,400).

“There is no evidence, just the lack of evidence that I was not involved,” Neij.

“In civil cases it’s guilty until proven innocent and in a previous case I declined to give the details who I transfered the site to. They say if it’s not me, then I could easily say who it is.”

Bounty #4

Carl Lundström, aka the financier

from wikipedia:

Charged with "accessory to breaching copyright law". On 17 April 2009 Stockholm district court found Lundström and his three co-defendants guilty and sentenced them to one year in prison and to jointly pay 30 million SEK (app. €2.7 million or USD 3.5 million) in damages. Lundström's lawyers appealed the verdict to the Svea Court of Appeal the very same day. The appeal was a partial success, as his sentence has been reduced to four months, but the fine was increased to 32 million SEK. The time in prison has been served.

Carl has just recently declared personal bankruptcy in Switzerland to prevent the state from collecting fines.

A recent blog post on The Pirate Bay

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, duty, mercy. This also goes for things of darkness; single heavy words: slavery, injustice, corruption, cruelty.

Today we pause and occupy ourselves with some of these heavy words.

The first are injustice and corruption. The injustice of a legal system that protects the unlawful privileges of the few and wealthy, while unleashing its blind wrath at the many, the innocent and the poor. The corruption of a legal system that turns its blind eye to bullying from multinationals and their mercenaries towards ourselves and to national threats from the US government towards Sweden (WTO blacklisting). We know of MPAAs bullying, we know of the bought policemen (Jim Keyzer), we know of hired hacker attacks against us. And we know of the injustice and the corruption of the machinery that this year sentenced 3 friends of all of ours to jail for aiding in crimes with no criminals.

But we are no longer amazed by this. The state of these affairs is since long known to all of us. We are no longer in shock when we see the wickedness of multinational corporations, of politicians and of the so-called people of justice.

But we're still surprised to see them not ashamed. And from this naivety of ours comes hope. We still hope that shame is something they have not left behind them. We still hope that they have not disgraced themselves so many times that they have become immune to it.

And from this hope comes another of those heavy words, with which we today must occupy ourselves. Duty. Our duty. It is said that the duty of youth is to challenge corruption, but this goes for all of us. And this duty is a great one. It tries our loyalty to conscience and our energy and will. Today our duty is to reach out to help Peter "brokep" Sunde; a legend that has done so much for our freedom and who because of this has been unjustly convicted.

Together we can show the importance of Peter Sunde and The Pirate Bay to so many of us – an importance that reaches beyond sharing of torrents. Together we can show the strength of the many to the few, the powerful, the rich and the corrupt. With 10.000 names on this petition we act with strength. With 50.000 we can have the Swedish government feel and act upon the shame that should be theirs.

Click here to sign the petition!



Now it is obvious to all who pay attention that the State Justice System no longer functions as an institute to protect the rights and liberties of the people. When has the state ever done anything that did not benefit them or their mercantilist handlers? For a great critique of state justice and the support of private justice read Judge Napolitano's interview with The Daily Bell.

The future

Sites like The Pirate Bay no longer store torrents on a central server instead they use a technology called magnets. Magnets do not use trackers, adding more security (privacy), another benefit is it decentralizes P2P technology essentially allowing someone to run a site like www.thepiratebay.se on a home computer with good bandwidth connection. The hosting server no longer stores torrents and instead stores hashtables that anonymously connect computers together to form swarms.

Check out TorrentFreaks to learn more about magnets, I suggest to scroll down and read OccamsKatana comments on DHT (distributed hashtables) to know more about magnets.

Arghhh.. happy downloading.

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