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For just a couple hundred bucks, I am prepared, what a feeling!

Small bonus came through from work which I decided to use to address my preparedness situation in case of social chaos resulting from the banksters and Federal Reserve hijinks: sudden hyperinflation, stock market crash, panic. The first thing to understand is that if and when it happens, it happens fast. Supermarket shelves are stripped in three hours. They'll be gone in the time you take to drive there.

I got five 20-pound bags of rice, a quarter of that in beans, and big boxes of powdered milk to complete the protein and nutrient. Then cleaned out the sardines shelf, big can of cooking oil, and another 50 bucks in sundries, iodized salt, spices, few big cans of coffee (which will always be oh--so-tradable for barter. Always.)

I was surprised to see, as ordinarily a day to day, hand to mouth shopper, that the huge bags of rice now come in sturdy, thick gauge plastic. As long as they remain sealed they are airtight, and I don't have a mouse problem so I think, stowed high and dry, they are okay against vermin. Anyone with a different take please jump in.

I've been saving my empty plastic gallon jugs and now have them filled with tap water. I'll stop when I have maybe 50.

I could have done a lot with that money, but the peace of mind I am feeling is remarkable. It's not much, but I won't starve for a while, and I have small caliber weapons to mount a basic defense against intruders, first shot over the head perhaps and after that they have been warned. I live in a metropolitan area, not the sticks, so there are always a lot of people around. Next I will get a good dog. Man is nothing without a dog; they can hear what you cannot hear long before you can, and sound alarm.

In accepting responsibility and pondering the nature of crisis, I got to thinking it's not just me, but how I would feel seeing dear friends starving and being able to do nothing to help. That was too much. I would be nothing without my friends who over the years were always there for me. Now I am in a position, in certain situations, to be a giver.

My sister lived through the Los Angeles riots, at an inner-city L.A. college in the thick of it. The way it works is, for weeks, you cannot go outside your apartment. It's just too dangerous. Throughout the day and night you are listening to random gunfire. The stores aren't open anyway. That was just one part of one city. For real social breakdown multiply that times hundreds.

Henry Kissinger, may he go to hell, once said "You control people with food." Were every one of us to take responsibility and cease pushing the nagging worry to the back of our minds, and bite the bullet and prepare right now, think of what power the banksters lose over us. I won't be boarding any trains or herded to any camps just for the promise of something to eat. They will have to take me by force, and I have already decided I will go down shooting.

I know they will kill me, but I might score a hit or two. For when it happens, people usually go of their own accord, for something to eat. If we can all ride out six months to a year no matter what happens, loyal elements will eventually arrest the bankers and the most corrupt politicians, start restoring sanity, and beg Ron Paul to stand for president in a special election.

Absent mass preparation, our greatest enemy is each other. You will do anything to get your kids a bite to eat. We will turn into animals. Unless. Unless. Do not put it off one more day. If in writing this I have persuaded five people to stop procrastinating, it was worth the time.

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Have you stocked up on ammunition?

And first aid supplies?
And batteries for lights and radio?
And cartons of cigarettes? (Great for barter. Try not to give up your food supplies.)
Well done.

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is an old thread that many people contributed to. It has some good info.

Getting serious about the coffee

Awesome. The more folks that are able to care for themselves, the harder it will be to herd everyone to camp FEMA so the government can "save" them.

2 recommendations: Green coffee beans keep forever. You can home roast them with a "Whirlypop" popcorn maker. (Do it outside - it smokes and stinks BADLY.) You can buy the green, organic beans in bulk through amazon and get free shipping. You can do it through that link at the top of this page and Nystrom gets some kind of brownie points for it. Talk about "real money" - coffee beans will be currency as soon as the caffeine withdrawal sets in... lol!

And check you local bakeries for those big blue barrels - get ones that had vinegar or molasses in them and store your water 55 gallons at a time. I can sometimes get them free, sometimes I pay ten bucks on craisglist. (We use them for aquaponics, too.)You need a couple gallons per day per person minimum, 50 gallons will disappear quickly. (That coffee - not so much for chewing beans, myself.... gonna need water.) Stack a row of them somewhere, put a sheet of plywood over them and make it a workbench or something, but I'd go for more like 500 gallons.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

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my first beans the other day, in a cast iron skillet outside. I bought my mom who is a coffee drinker, a whole case of green coffee beans, already canned. (It was expensive as hell) Case of 12, 19oz cans was 133 bucks.
Oh well. It was worth the peace of mind that if TSHTF she will not be without at least for a while.
I've been looking into importing coffee from Costa Rica by the 150lb bag, and then canning it myself. IDK if you remember "peaceplace" from here..I emailed them but never got a response. They supposedly had a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. It definitely seems like a good investment, if not a business opportunity.

We set off the fire alarm last week.

Got up at 3 AM and realized we were out of coffee, so roasted some inside... BAD call. Can't control the heat on an electric oven as well as you can a propane flame (how we usually do it) and so we had a round of "crispy roast" - just a touch beyond "burnt espresso" - and a screeching fire alarm to serenade us. I know, you wish you were my neighbor, don't you?
I buy the big bags from amazon - 25 pounds, comes out at $6.77 a pound here, although the price fluctuates.

This place is well recommended, but I don't know if they are organic or not:
I do remember peaceplace, I wonder how he's doing. Someone from Costa Rica posted a while back saying the CIA had pretty well ruined that paradise. I hope he's doing well.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

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I would have seen that before I ordered from this place. That looks like a great deal. Thanks for the leads. I'm going to get in touch with a "coffee holding house" tomorrow to price anywhere from a burlap bag full to a truck full. Canning is going to be my biggest challenge. I don't think the LDS folks would help me can coffee.....;)

Here is the video I learned how to roast from. Approx. 10 min. for a dark roast.

Thanks again.

BTW, we have some pretty big tilapia in our display gardens this year. They are going pretty well. We are using a new LED light system that is equivalent to a 600w light but only uses 300w.

Hope all is well.

Very cool!

We are plodding along. Nothing goes as planned, but we hope to have the new system fully installed by spring. The dome covering is here, now we have to get time and weather to coordinate, then we will start building the rocket mass heating system. You are one of several people who have said good things about the LED, we will probably go that route when we get there.
Thanks for the video, will check it out.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

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are in an area where it should be no problem to keep you reservoir cool. Down here, it is a constant battle to keep the water and plants from heating up. The rocket mass heating system looks like a KILLER idea. Someone posted about that the other day. To provide heat AND cO2 is going to make your plants thrive like crazy..
Don't waste your money on LED when you have abundant sunshine and cool summers. These things are expensive, and the only reason we mainly use them is because the gardens are in a dark warehouse.

If you're wanting to get a jump on spring by extending your photoperiod, then that is a different story, but these things are like 1200 bucks retail.
We're also getting into the gourmet mushroom kits. People are really liking them because they are a self contained bag that you just have to wet every now and then.

COFFEE ... Not just any coffee. Not everyday drinking brew.


And there were little villages, with neat stations well placarded with showy advertisements--mainly of almost too self-righteous brands of "sheep-dip," if that is the name--and I think it is. It is a stuff like tar, and is dabbed on to places where the shearer clips a piece out of the sheep. It bars out the flies, and has healing properties, and a nip to it which makes the sheep skip like the cattle on a thousand hills. It is not good to eat. That is, it is not good to eat except when mixed with railroad coffee. It improves railroad coffee. Without it railroad coffee is too vague. But with it, it is quite assertive and enthusiastic. By itself, railroad coffee is too passive; but sheep-dip makes it wake up and get down to business. I wonder where they get railroad coffee? - Mark Twain, Following the Equator

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Get some cheese

you should start eating the rice and beans, perhaps one a week, just so you get used to how to prep them, and condition yourself for that kind of sudden fiber change in your diet. And, honestly, you want to rotate stock anyway in case it takes longer than you think before you need it.

But, more importantly, get a bunch of cheese blocks. Rice and beans sucks without something yummy. you can fill your "crisper" drawer (the one that no one puts any veggies in) full of 1 lb bricks of cheese, they last for months, and you rotate through them anyway.

If the fridge goes down, the cheese doesn't go bad instantly either, it just gets kind of oily. but, if you are hungry, cheese is a huge bonus when combined with rice and beans.

You might also want some peanut butter, its cheap, stores forever, and has a good balance of oil / protein / eatability.

Cheese Wax

Coat you cheese in cheese wax and it will keep for years.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Shoot, up here I could bury blocks of cheese in the

...ground and most of the year they would stay pretty cold. Great idea. I agree rice and bean alone starts to suck pretty quick.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Find a Mormon

I don't mean to say that knowing a Mormon is a good strategy for a food crisis (although statistically speaking, it might not be a bad one).

But, in just about every area of the US, there is a nearby Mormon owned and operated food packing facility. Find a Mormon, and ask them about it. If they don't know where it is, they'll almost surely be happy to find out and get back to you with info.

The facilities are often used by appointment only (staffed by volunteers, on demand), but they have lots of resources available inside of them that you can usually buy at cost more or less. Such as packing cans, the little oxygen absorbing packets you put in the cans.

In a lot of cases they have stuff like rice, flour, wheat, freeze dried apples, powdered milk, etc right there and you can buy it at the time you pack it, but they also let you bring your own stuff in.

Anyway, the people who work the canning facilities will know all kinds of useful stuff like how long various things last, and all that. Its an incredible resource.

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Way to go Sue, great thread.

Way to go Sue, great thread. I would like to add Bic lighters and a vermicomposting kit to the list of stuff to buy. Vermicomposting is basically worms in a plastic bin, that eat your food scraps and give you awesome fertilizer and new worms to boot.

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Bic lighters??? Starting fire

Bic lighters???

Starting fire with Bow and Drill

You can find hundreds of these on youtube and elsewhere.

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Thank you.

I'm still living at home (finishing senior year of high school), and I'm the only one who's really wanting to prepare - and I don't have a job. We do have chickens, a garden and lots of seeds, but very little food and water stocked up. We need to install rain barrels. We're armed quite well in terms of firepower (though my room, by far, contains the heaviest weaponry, consisting of four rifles, while my dad keeps a 12 gauge and a little 9mm), but ammo is extremely costly.

Quite frankly, I keep pushing preparedness to the back of my mind because it now seems completely overwhelming to me. This post just lifted a huge burden off my shoulders - if I can convince dad to do simple things like that, we'll be in good shape pretty soon.

You can find 1 gallon mylar bags

and O2 absorbers as a pack of 50 bag set for about $25. I believe that is what I paid for my last set.

Use the 1 gallon so you can easily use smaller portions of food without opening up a larger bag and losing it's long term storage ability.

You can hit emergency essentials on google for a 1 year basic food storage kit and see what they have listed as a guide. Then just buy everything you can yourself, including bags, O2 absorbers and food grade buckets..

Doing that will save you about $300 overall and give you more food in the process.

Rice is cheap right now so I will do my 1 year kit then buy a second years worth of nothing but rice as a backup to that to save money. If I still have time, I'll add variety to my second year. I also store rice for my animals as well. I can add game meat or animal meat I've raised to feed them through tough times as well.

They're part of my family now and I wouldn't want to be without them either.

Edit: There has been a couple of food threads.. Hopefully I'm not on the same thread repeating myself lol.. Still, probably not bad to say it again I suppose. :)

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I have been saving empty coffee cans (they aren't cans now..)

They are hard plastic, but they seem to have a good seal since airtightness and freshness are a big consideration in coffee packaging. If you go through coffee you'll be surprised at how fast you have a good number of these stacked up, which make perfect containers for rice or other dried food. Even better you are cutting pollution because they will ordinarily wind up floating in an ocean garbage patch.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Storing Food, Water, and Toiletries is Essential...

.. in these times, but do not broadcast it to your neighbors. I encourage friends and family to store essentials to prepare for when our economy finally tanks--the more people there are who store, the more we can help each other out. I live in a hurricane, coastal region. When the storms come, the store shelves are empty of batteries, water, canned goods, bread, etc. in hours. Get ready and pray.

I'm sure at some point a roll of toilet paper will seem like

a luxury and will barter nicely.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


You're right about the stores.. they used to keep a lot of stock in the back but now they only keep a couple of days worth and that would disappear very quickly. I'm trying ham bullion to flavor beans and it works decent in the absence of the real stuff. I'm adding more of the basics to my regular diet so that if I do have to rely on it the change won't be so extreme ; having oatmeal for breakfast this week =P next week I'll try corn meal mush.. that sounds more yummy =)

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Small caliber weapon?? To defend your home??

I hope that by small caliber you meant a smaller caliber than a twenty millimeter anti-aircraft round and not a very small, puny, caliber like .22LR or .380.

It is true that both calibers are lethal and do kill---if the target doesn't have on a heavy overcoat. You want them down, and small calibers often just slow them down, ESPECIALLY people high on drugs. If they are high, they don't know they've been shot unless they're hit in the head, heart, kneecap or hip with a hollow point bullet.

A minimum handgun caliber to start with for your castle defense is an M1911A1, .45 & ten fully loaded magazines, or a .357 magnum. The second firearm must be a twelve gauge shotgun with slugs or 00 Buckshot.

Everyone in your household who is grown up enough to handle a firearm should have one of each and hundreds of rounds of ammo. Ammo is more expensive now, thanks to import restrictions and government regulations. Now is the time to buy a LOT before some yahoo like Schumer sneaks some legislation through that taxes ammo or restricts monthly purchases.

The Second Amendment no longer protects your absolute rights. Scalia says its okay for the government to regulate guns and ammo, regardless of what the MSM says. Justice Scalia took self defense out of the area of absolutes and put it back into the political arena to be rehashed to death by lawyers and politicians.

Now that you are armed, take what you have to a range and blast away. You might become very interested in the hobby and begin rolling your own reloads. Now that's fun.

You want to stop or kill potential home invaders before they get to the front door, not after. If you shoot over their heads you just might piss them off or kill an innocent person up to a mile away if you're shooting a .22LR round. If you insist on being civil, fire one round into the ground and don't worry about ricochets. At this point who's going to prosecute you for shrapnel wounds. If that doesn't deter them, don't try to wound them to slow them down, that's liberal hogwash.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

NOt gunna lie

totally agree with yah here. People travel in Tribes, you certainly cant go wrong with a semi-auto. Hell a nice can of Pepper spray is pretty good too against a unarmed person who is just looking for food, Unless you live in TX. lol

His name is Edward Snowden

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Bear spray !!!!

Bear spray!!! If you want something that really works on multiple invaders. You can find it on Amazon. Forget about that sissy small cans of pepper spray. Beware it can come back on you and blind you if you are downwind. You can also use wasp and hornet spray, it is designed to spray a good distance. I don't advise it but lye based oven cleaner will work, permanently. If your life is on the line anything goes.


20-year shelf life

In case the collapse is delayed longer than we expect.


Shop around for freeze-dried emergency food.

More storage ideas

I also use plastic tubs with a good seal to store bags of rice, to keep out mice. Personally, I don't find it necessary to store as much "grain" food, because I am on a very low-grain diet. My body uses protein/fat for fuel, and I get carbs from fruits and veggies.

In addition:

I don't store any "emergency" food that I do not eat regularly. Once I have a good supply of food stored up, I rotate it so the newest food goes in the back of the pantry, and the "older" stored food (around 12-18 months old) gets eaten.

Keep a few small plastic food containers with your emergency food, in case you do not eat all of something once you open it.

SALT is very important to store, it can be used as a preservative, it can make bland stored food palatable, it will be helpful if you eventually grow your own food, AND because of its usefulness it will be useful for TRADE (salt has been used as currency in different eras of history). I also like to store other spices, like chipotle and garlic.

Keeping some good quality heirloom/non-hybrid SEEDS in your freezer can help you start a garden if the situation lasts indefinitely.

Save your old PHONE BOOKS, which can be used as toilet paper. Real toilet paper can be bartered also.

Buy lots of cheap SOAP; at least your hands can be clean when you eat to prevent stomach illness (use your BOILED WATER). Hand sanitizer could be helpful if used *sparingly*. (personally, I would save the sanitizer for medical emergencies)

In addition to vitamins (which should also be rotated regularly, as they lose their potency), get some good (therapeautic quality, not aromatherapy) all-around NATURAL REMEDIES, such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint, etc. These can be found in many health/natural food stores, or even in some pharmacies. They are good for many skin conditions, cuts/burns, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, stomach/digestive problems, headaches, etc. LOTS of reliable info regarding these remedies online and in books. And don't forget to rotate these too; once you learn the dozens of everyday uses for these natural remedies, you will use them up in your everyday life.

Are you also saving your pre-1983 copper pennies for barter/trade? How about nickels? (read about those online too).

On those seeds in the freezer, can all seeds (vegetable)

be stored in the freezer to keep viable? I often wonder how to best keep seeds, like wheatberries, garden veggies. I don't grow now but I may want to and I know seeds die too.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

It takes a couple of years to

It takes a couple of years to get a good garden going. If you wait until you have to have a garden, you're gonna be behind the curve. If you live in the city, in bad times strangers will likely harvest before you do...grow some acorn trees, then you only have to fight the squirrels for food. Better yet, BBQ squirrel with acorns.

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Is city squirrel decently edible?


Release the Sandy Hook video.

I can't imagine any reason it

I can't imagine any reason it wouldn't be...

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