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For just a couple hundred bucks, I am prepared, what a feeling!

Small bonus came through from work which I decided to use to address my preparedness situation in case of social chaos resulting from the banksters and Federal Reserve hijinks: sudden hyperinflation, stock market crash, panic. The first thing to understand is that if and when it happens, it happens fast. Supermarket shelves are stripped in three hours. They'll be gone in the time you take to drive there.

I got five 20-pound bags of rice, a quarter of that in beans, and big boxes of powdered milk to complete the protein and nutrient. Then cleaned out the sardines shelf, big can of cooking oil, and another 50 bucks in sundries, iodized salt, spices, few big cans of coffee (which will always be oh--so-tradable for barter. Always.)

I was surprised to see, as ordinarily a day to day, hand to mouth shopper, that the huge bags of rice now come in sturdy, thick gauge plastic. As long as they remain sealed they are airtight, and I don't have a mouse problem so I think, stowed high and dry, they are okay against vermin. Anyone with a different take please jump in.

I've been saving my empty plastic gallon jugs and now have them filled with tap water. I'll stop when I have maybe 50.

I could have done a lot with that money, but the peace of mind I am feeling is remarkable. It's not much, but I won't starve for a while, and I have small caliber weapons to mount a basic defense against intruders, first shot over the head perhaps and after that they have been warned. I live in a metropolitan area, not the sticks, so there are always a lot of people around. Next I will get a good dog. Man is nothing without a dog; they can hear what you cannot hear long before you can, and sound alarm.

In accepting responsibility and pondering the nature of crisis, I got to thinking it's not just me, but how I would feel seeing dear friends starving and being able to do nothing to help. That was too much. I would be nothing without my friends who over the years were always there for me. Now I am in a position, in certain situations, to be a giver.

My sister lived through the Los Angeles riots, at an inner-city L.A. college in the thick of it. The way it works is, for weeks, you cannot go outside your apartment. It's just too dangerous. Throughout the day and night you are listening to random gunfire. The stores aren't open anyway. That was just one part of one city. For real social breakdown multiply that times hundreds.

Henry Kissinger, may he go to hell, once said "You control people with food." Were every one of us to take responsibility and cease pushing the nagging worry to the back of our minds, and bite the bullet and prepare right now, think of what power the banksters lose over us. I won't be boarding any trains or herded to any camps just for the promise of something to eat. They will have to take me by force, and I have already decided I will go down shooting.

I know they will kill me, but I might score a hit or two. For when it happens, people usually go of their own accord, for something to eat. If we can all ride out six months to a year no matter what happens, loyal elements will eventually arrest the bankers and the most corrupt politicians, start restoring sanity, and beg Ron Paul to stand for president in a special election.

Absent mass preparation, our greatest enemy is each other. You will do anything to get your kids a bite to eat. We will turn into animals. Unless. Unless. Do not put it off one more day. If in writing this I have persuaded five people to stop procrastinating, it was worth the time.

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Good ideas!

Copies of the U.S. tax code make excellent toilet paper as well.

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"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

Edibles many don't know about

If one feels the sporadic panic that used to make me lose sleep, knowledge can be both power and peace. Depending where you live, there are so many nutritious foods many people consider weeds. Even in cities one can find many of these in small landscaped areas. There are books that have pictures of what is edible and what isn't. There is also a product called deck a plant that is a deck of cards with photo id you can carry with you in the park or woods.

As for water, there is a neat thing called a lifestraw that one can suck water though (even a mud puddle) and have it fresh. It's good for over 200 gals of water, just in case storage space is an issue.

memories from the past~

cattail tubers can be cooked and eaten like potatoes and the actual cattail if you harvest it before it starts getting furry can be cooked, eaten and tastes quite a bit like asparagus.

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Great Article on Food for Storage

I believe you will find this very informative:


Ed in Phoenix

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I started making such a list last week!

The rice is a great idea. I'm updating my master list (http://imo.redcapper.com/2012/09/When-the-Economy-Collapses....) adding a link back to this post.


Thanks Guys

Lots of great idea's. I got a place in NH in the mountains for cheep. Right now I commute from CT. I am taking lots of picts of what I got going on. At some point I will gather all the stuff together and do what I can to help prepare people.

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i bought a lot of items also, but i've learned that these things need to be in airtight and hard containers. (bugs).
usually rice and beans come with larvae. you can't avoid it. so, i put them in milk (or soda) containers. i fill them to the top and pack them down. that way, if they larvae hatch, then they die due to lack of oxygen, so you won't even notice that they are there.

if you are storing water and you are on city water, you might have enough antibacterial in it. i don't know. i'm on well water. if i store well water without some bleach in it, bacteria and fungus will grow inside the bottle.

there are big bags of salt for about $5. no need to repack. salt will be a great bartering item. also, tobacco, alcohol (liquor), and of course, coffee. these things are things that people will want even if they have no food.

regarding tobacco.....i now buy my tobacco from an organic farmer. it is amazing. i hardly smoke at all now, because all the chemicals are not added to it to make it more addicting. and, it's so cheap that i might spend $5 per month, since i smoke less and because it cost about $20 for the equivalent of about 2 1/2 cartons. it does take work to roll it though. when the economy collapses, those that are addicted to tobacco, will go nuts. but if they have this tobacco, they will be able to go off it without much problem.

Put the rice or beans in the

Put the rice or beans in the freezer to kill the larvae for a day. Then you're all set...

Food stocking is a good idea

if you are protecting against an earthquake, flood or some other disaster that comes suddenly and is over fast. If you desire independence, you cannot avoid food production. I am currently researching permaculture and forest gardening and personally think it is a better investment (if you have land) than food stocking.

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Here's something I came

Here's something I came across recently that looks very interesting for small-scale food production.


How about weaponry to protect your stash?

Like this video shows.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Paper-money value disappears instantly. What next?

All the microbes...
All the bugs...
All the birds, fish, & animals but one... won't give it a second thought.

Why is only one species concerned with "legal tender?" Paper promises?

Have we lost our way?

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Rice in Beans in Galvanized

Put Rice and Beens (in their bags) in galvanized trash cans. Keeps the rats/mice out.
PS - Do what you can do. Don't get overwhelmed.

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Get yourself

some good quality vitamins, Vit C, Vit D3 w/k2, to keep you healthy. Don't forget some aspirin and some colloidal silver would be good too.

I love Miracle II products as well.

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I did that in 2007....

the kids made fun of mom's 'end of the world' food supply. Too much flour, we are still using flour from '07, be sure to use and replace your stock, hopefully, it will reach it's expiration date before the economy does. Food has more than doubled since 2007, so it is never a bad investment.

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not sure about the urban prepper pooch...

another mouth to feed... unless you are planning to eat rover later.

Grow extra rabbits and chickens and buy extra rice.

One rabbit will produce around 300 pounds of meat in a year. Add that to rice to stretch it and they'll do just fine.

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Unless that rabbit is going to have an immaculate conception...

you need TWO rabbits to get more meat. Other than that, great idea.

You'd think that wouldn't need to be said.

Maybe not ALL of the movement is as intelligent as we like to believe. :)

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

300 LB Rabbit?

Forgive my ignorance, but I've yet to ever see a 300 LB rabbit.

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Her name is Bubba and she likes to watch Nascar.

What of it?

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


Surely he means because it will reproduce.

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Awesome post!

Encouraging others to do the same is a good thing...thanks.

good for you... now just keep

good for you... now just keep adding as you can.

Fishyculture posted this some time back

Excellent introduction to sprouting for you and your animals. Very cost effective and highly nutritious for all that eat it.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.




Don't forget

Don't forget you can make your own sprouts with seeds and grain, very nutritious and easy to make. check out Youtube videos on how to do it. Be sure to use organic.

I've got a grain mill to

I've got a grain mill to grind grains, because once grain is ground into flour or meal it doesn't store more than about a year, or a little more. But whole unground grains can be stored for 20 years if properly packed. I have a dehydrator to dry and then vacuum seal foods that will last for a couple years if kept cool. Smoked meats (jerky) can then be vacuum sealed and stored in freezer several years until needed, and even once out of the freezer they will last quite a while. But...

More than any provisioning, the most important asset that any "survivalist" can possess is knowledge. Nature feeds all animals, and Man is an animal. Even right here in the heart of Dallas, Tx there's food all around, for those who have knowledge. There's not enough growing around natuarally that would feed the millions of people living here. But most all of those millions of people will starve to death without even realizing that there's food growing all around them. To most people if its not wrapped in plastic and you didn't have to pay for it, its not food. If its running around on the ground and it has fur all over it, you cain't eat it.

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Wild Food Link

Here's an amazing gal's web site:


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THIS cannot be repeated enough:

"More than any provisioning, the most important asset that any "survivalist" can possess is knowledge"

Right on Tex...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle