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"The Bomb"

Typically, I am one to abhor the usage of nihilistic violence, and when reading the comments section of mainstream news articles rationalizing the illogical wars being fought in the Middle East, I cannot help but cringe at the relative popularity of the concept of completely annihilating the Muslim world with a series of well-placed nuclear weapons, characteristically expressed in the parlance of our times as “dropping the bomb.” The Bomb, in context, is the hopeful wish that the American government can end the War on Terror as quickly and as painlessly as possible, just as they did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to signal the death-knell of the evil imperialist Japanese. Nowadays, even to patriotic Americans, the War on Terror has taken on an air of absurd hopelessness, and I suspect most rational citizens would vote to end the violence, if not for the fact that a peaceful resolution would symbolize victory for the Muslim terrorists. What people really want is to finish the job Bush started, to annihilate Al-Qaeda and global terrorism, even at the cost of innocent lives overseas; with this accomplished, surly our society can do away with TSA pat downs, government surveillance, and the ever-present encroaching of our own government on our civil liberties, which, naturally, is done because of the unsure times we live in, the ubiquitous manifestation of Global Terror in an uncertain age.

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