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A Clear Path For Restoring The Republic (in reality)

American Citizen,

The time has come for a new direction.

Those who have been following Ron Paul up until now have discovered playing nice with the media, working with establishment politicians, appealing to the mainstream is simply NOT going to work.

The media will bury anyone with a real chance of toppling the power elite. Those in power will not welcome real candidates into their systems of power.

At this point, those who continue through the C4L path simply don't get it and will never restore the republic or achieve liberty in America.

RP 2012 has proven that. It's been made clear now.

The solution now is to support THE REAL CANDIDATES who can and will do what it takes to restore the republic. The Republic was not forged with "decorum" or by "being respectful" to tyrants AND NEITHER WILL RESTORING IT BE!

If you understand that, then you truly understand what liberty is. The time has come for a True Liberty Alternative.

There is a candidate now on the ballot in most states who has the same financial, economic and social policies as Ron Paul except he is a military man who recognizes the Zionist takeover of Washington, Congress and the Pentagon and who can and will Take Action To Restore The Republic.

His name is Merlin Miller and he can and will bring Liberty (the real thing) so long as we all do something to support him and bring him to the masses.

American Citizen, you now have a REAL CHANCE and a REAL CANDIDATE who will not sell you out and WILL go the full nine-yards, walk the full path and who will restore the republic for real.

If you want liberty, then the time is now to promote Merlin Miller for President far and wide.

American Citizen, this truly is your last chance. Make an effort, make a difference.

Merlin Miller For President!

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Interesting. I'm going to read up on this person