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Judge Napolitano on the First Amendment, Censorship and the Fed

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I personally think that Judge

I personally think that Judge Napolitano is and should be the next Liberty candidate in 2016. I cannot think of anybody who comes close to him.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

The judge is clearly

The judge is clearly brilliant and incredibly articulate. He'd make a great president. There are three problems I see: First, his résumé is light. He's never governed before. He's never even legislated before. He's never lead a company. American's (rightly, in my opinion) don't like electing scholars who are only scholars. Scholars who are also legislators or governors or community organizers or CEOs, sure. But a person who has made his living arguing and deciding upon the arguments of others will not be a popular candidate. Second, watch his interviews with Jon Stewart. The man doesn't know how to remain poised when he's having fun. His appearances on the Daily Show make him look like a buffoon. Something that Mitt and Barack and Georgie and Bill and George and Ron and so on is that they can crack a joke without looking like an idiot. A viable candidate needs to be relatable. Third, the Judge isn't a handsome man. He's overweight, has an intimidating hairline, has an intimidating accent, has an intimidating vocal timbre. He reminds one of a mob boss. Unfortunately, the "electability" piece is very real and something that a legitimate political party will and should consider when vetting its candidates for office. Just my $0.02.

as always

the judge is the man to a ridiculous degree.

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Wow, the following clip on collaboration of

the White House and Media Matters is dynamite.


Thank you for putting this video together. I miss Freedom Watch & the Judge. I've stopped watching FOX channels every since they took off Freedom Watch. It's nice to see a collaboration of his now reduced time limited by Fox's neo-cons.

Re Judge Nap, the whole clip is telling

He summed it up: the president has no respect for Congress. As Congress is the body of representatives of the people, the president has no respect for the people.

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Has the Judge commented on the GJ lawsuit to allow a 3rd Party,

with a possibility of winning through electoral votes, be allowed in the Debates? Will FOX allow it? Hmmm...

He Nails it

and I wish more people were talking about this.

Its not about the lame video!!!
Ahh this has been such a crazy cover up between the Fed Government and the mainstream media in keeping the focus on this video and the maker of the video and censorship, etc.

These people are upset because of the U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. occupation of their land and drones shooting people at random.
But if that was truly known of course Obama wouldn't look good and we can't have that.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul