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Some New Hampshire Republicans prefer a Romney loss in November

"Contrary to conventional wisdom, there are some New Hampshire Republicans who believe a loss by Governor Romney to President Obama in November would be better for the future of the country than a Romney win. So far their numbers appear to be small, but the percentage could grow if Ron Paul supporters, who are legion in New Hampshire, and participants in the growing Free State Project decide to get behind Governor Gary Johnson en masse.

In preparation for this article I spoke with several members of the New Hampshire liberty community to ascertain their opinions about what they believe is likely to happen if President Obama is reelected? This following is a summary of some of their aspirations.

The dinosaur Establishment Republican Party will be discredited once and for all.

The independent populist Tea Party Movement will rise again in a very vocal way.

Conservative states will have no reason not to oppose federal mandates. Nullification will be in the air.

The alternative media will grow as an opposition voice, diminishing the power of the corporate media even further.

The Liberty Movement will continue to grow from the ground up and will find common ground with constitutional conservatives in the Tea Party Movement and even some reasonable reformers from the Occupy Movement.

As the economy continues to decline, the Obama Progressives will be blamed because they will have complete ownership of the mess.

Keynesianism will be discredited as an economic theory.

Calls to end the Federal Reserve System will grow louder.

The warfare state will continue unabated under Obama, which will cause many Americans to realize that Democrats are just as war-like as Republicans.

Independents will have a clear enemy in Obama, a man who is now able to share the animus people feel for him with Governor Romney and the Establishment Republicans.

A third-party movement will take hold as Independents flock from both corrupt parties.

The stage will be set for a Liberty Republican or a populist third party candidate to be elected in 2016."


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