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Breitbart Writer Begs Ron Paul Fans To Vote Romney, Mediaite Says It Ain't Gonna Work


"...it is truly backwards for Schlichter to implore libertarians to “support the Constitution” by casting a vote for the Republican Party. Here’s a better idea:

How about you start supporting the Constitution? And how about you actually make an effort to incorporate libertarians by, for starters, not dismissing them only until it becomes politically necessary to beg for their support?"


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Its easier to convince Dem to Vote Gary than a Paul to vote mitt

Whenever I read this kind of a topic I like to remind them that Gary is much more of a peace candidate than Obama and if you like to improve Mitts standing against Obama it is much easier to convince Dem to vote for Gary than to get a Paul supporter to Vote for Mitt as RNC cheated their way to get Mitt elected.

Also the fact that he is popular among democrats as he got reelected in a state that was/is 2-1 dem as a rep. I know that they will never do this because they are basically the same team but it feels nice to remind them of it.

I'll consider it when...

...they let Ron Paul have a chance at the nomination (he did win 5 pluralities) and admit that they did everything in their power to prevent him from getting notoriety. Let's have another RNC. Let Ron Paul have his 15 minute speech (unfiltered, unedited and in prime time). Let there be honest voting amongst delegates. Then let the chips fall where they may. If Ron Paul wins then he's the republican nominee.

Other than that, I have absolutely ZERO interest in listening to a word Breitbart or anyone else has to say regarding voting for Romney.

If I want to support the constitution, I'll do it by supporting the candidate who actually understands it and takes his oath seriously. (Hint: it isn't Mitt Romney).

they should have thought of this earlier

they should have thought about getting our help when planning the GOP convention.

now we have no favors to repay them and they should not expect our help in putting some slickster in the white house that doesn't give a crap about the constitution.

no way am i voting for romney

I spent my hard earned money going to Tampa to see the RNC with my own eyes. After witnessing "the coronation" I could never in good conscience vote for Mr. Romney. I am done with voting for the lesser of two evils. After studying Romney and Obama I believe that they are hand picked by the same team so the establishment doesn't care which one wins. It is all a game. The states are supposed to select delegates to go to the convention but now if the people in power don't like who the states sent they can just replace them with their own slate. It was disgusting. Everyone had Romney signs but my Ron Paul sign was confiscated in the stands by the RNC sign Natzis. My own state tried to tell me that there was not room on the bus due to a mixup so i wouldn't be able to go to the convention during the "rules change". They told me i wouldn't be able to get through security if I took a cab. what a pack of lies. I spoke to the security guy in our lobby (who was trying very hard to look like a businessman instead of a security guard) and he told me that i could take a car to the convention and it would not be stopped or hindered by security. my own state delegation did not want me there because they didn't want me to witness the rules change. the bleachers where the guests sit were empty. other states used other tactics to keep people from witnessing the rules change. some states took people out to eat or on a tour. Only those of us who sensed something was going on and made the huge effort to get there to see it witnessed it for ourselves. you can all see it on youtube. I will write in Ron Paul on my ballot. I like Gary too but as a Catholic I can't vote for him because of his abortion stance.

You are correct...

They WILL remember...and that's EXACTLY what we want. They will remember that thier strong arm tactics have put the GOP on the verge of an all out collapse. They will Remember that with THIER actions they lost the election. Even if Dr Paul was not nominated, to hold an honest primary and convention would have saved this election.



Viva la R3VOLution!!!

Mitt Romney

I agree with Nice Try. I read Romney's 60 minute interview on FoxNews yesterday. He agrees with the 2014 day for withdrawal from Afganistan (shouldn't withdraw troops during the fighting season(?) Taxes: 20% reduction but he is going to limit deductions and exemptions so taxes will pretty much remain the same. Never mentioned Congress with respect to committing troops to war.
My opinion, as much as we like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson is the way to go. He is on the ballot in all 50 States and the vote will be counted. We sending a message to the GOP. This way they will surely get it. Obama may get in again but we have to fight now.

We are in another war for our Independence.

Nice Try

After Romney's 60 Minutes interview I dislike the guy even more. Most Republicans dislike the guy. Romney is over. Next please.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

May the RNC go down in INFAMY

For stealing from the US and the world the victory of one of the greatest statesmen in the last 100years.

May this forever be a black mark on their conscience and on that of the willing fools in the Republican party who allowed this to happen.

For you, Lafayette1776.

The Fox deleted the video after all the recent attention it got but, look at the comments and you'll find another link to it.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Put Principle Above Party...

Vote for ANYONE but O'Bomney!

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Republican leaning RP supporters will vote Republican

The Libertarian leaning RP supporters will vote Libertarian. The Democrat leaning RP supporters will vote Democrat. The Republicans establishment could have had them all. It is the Republican Establishment that has made the decision to choose Obama over Ron Paul. Without Ron Paul running they would not have had most of these votes anyways. They will not lose because of us. They will not win because of themselves. It will be the independents that will hand them the lose and it will be because they have turned their backs on anyone who does not follow their every move. They are the ones with the stiff necks.

As a Republican , i will vote

As a Republican , i will vote against any republican who endorses or supports the criminal enterprise romney camp. You can take that to the federal reserve. As a republican i am not alone especially in colorado. Romney will lose the republican vote as well. The only voting block obamney(romney)has left is blacks/hispanics and illegals.

Ron Paul 2016

The Republican Party can give

The Republican Party can give it a little kiss. You know what I'm talkin' about...:)

The Republican Party Is Over. They Cannot Win Without Us.

The Republican Party Is Over. They Cannot Win Without Us.

End Of Story.


Wisdom Strategies

Thanks, but no thanks.

I think I saw how Romney and his ilk will uhold the Constitution...the same way they enFORCED at the RNC in Tampa?

Make them
Break them
Change them

and if that doesn't work, well then...


Thanks, but no thanks.




This is not The Daily Mitt.

Go create one so you can beg all you want. You won't have many visitors, I assure you. Neither will your loser boy fill Stadiums and have a Worldwide Network of supporters.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION! http://youtu.be/x1lBnX9gDSQ

Wisdom Strategies

Hold that thought, brb...

I need to go submit my vote for Romney/Ryan- as soon as hell freezes over.

Here's a big F U to all of ya's.

Screw Romney!

They gave us the middle finger, and now it's time to collectively say eff U Romney and eff U Preibus!!

"support the Constitution"

with my vote by voting romney?
How does that support the Constitution more than voting for obama?

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

The thought alone fills me

The thought alone fills me revulsion. Unless they "fix" the voting machines iIt's goodbye Romney! You and Obama are both evil men. I get the feeling they are going to use Ron Paul supporters as scapegoats.

For Liberty! http://youtu.be/GR4WYqabTxU
What If? http://youtu.be/FqAF-Alc7CM
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas! http://youtu.be/XKfuS6gfxPY

ain't gonna happen

When I said I would only vote for RP, I meant it. I'd never vote for Obomba or Mittens, ever. Maybe they ought to have considered their strategy a bit better.

if your state does not count

if your state does not count uncertified count-ins your better off voting on sims ps 3. Try voting for a certified candidate like virgil or gary johnson. don't waste your time or play sims.

Ron Paul 2016

Our vote didn't

matter to you A holes during the primaries. Why should it matter now. Go fly a kite!

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Give it up...

The Republicans are only offering hell in a month verses hell in a week with the Democrats. I say let's get the party started--the zombies need to be jolted out of their comfort zone. GJ 2012.

Forget the hype

George W. Bush put John Roberts on the Supreme Court and look what happened. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. I'm going to vote if and only if I can write in a candidate. If I can't, I'm leaving.

Romney vs Obama

Could never see myself voting for either one :/


When Hell is Ice

There is no way I will ever select Romney Nov 6. I hope he loses to Obama by the exact number of votes Ron Paul garners.

related article

Blaming Barack for the Downfall of Constitutional Rule

Correlation does not prove causality!

Blowback cuts both ways...

if the continued push by many on here is just about trashing Romney and saying Obama is just as bad or that Obama will beat Romney, republicans and many conservatives will notice, will not forget that you were not helpful in defeating Obama.

If Obama gets to put in another Elena Kagan, you will be blamed.

Blowback, if and when it happens...you must live with the consequences.



Actually Romney is quite WELL-KNOWN for his LEFTIST judges. And the folks who CHEAT-nominated Romney (to reelect Obama), can blame whomever they choose... I'll wager... it will never stick. Besides, the only pointing finger that troubles me, is the Lord's. If I were you, I'd be a little nervous about that finger too.

Obama - Amnesty (Dream Act)
Romney - Amnesty (Dream Act, Touchback Amnesty)
Ryan - Amnesty (Comprehensive Amnesty)

Obama - TARP
Romney - TARP
Ryan - TARP

Obama - Signed NDAA
Romney - Would sign NDAA
Ryan - Voted for NDAA

Obama - PRIVATE Federal Reserve
Romney - PRIVATE Federal Reserve
Ryan - PRIVATE Federal Reserve

Obama - Nation-building
Romney - Nation-building
Ryan - Nation-building

Obama - "Patriot" Act
Romney - "Patriot" Act
Ryan - "Patriot" Act

Obama - Gungrabber (Endorsed handgun ban and limiting gun purchases)
Romney - Gungrabber (Gun Control flip-flopper who SUPPORTED Brady)
Ryan - Gungrabber (Voted for MANDATORY GUNSHOW background check)

Obama - Collectivist healthcare. (Obamacare)
Romney - Collectivist healthcare (Romneycare)
Ryan - Collectivist healthcare (Medicare Part D)

Obama - REJECTS the Enumerated Powers and 10th Amendment
Romney - REJECTS the Enumerated Powers and 10th Amendment
Ryan - REJECTS the Enumerated Powers and 10th Amendment

F the R's!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.