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We Don't Need Anymore Smoke

C’mon man, don’t you know nothin’
‘Bout the purpose of hot buttons?
They are not for fixin’ problems,
They are to block from seeing them.

If you’re worried about voter pictures,
And what is says about gay in scriptures,
Don’t see the rug pulled from under your $,
Or $2.7 trillion looted from the most popular.

You forget that war must follow the Constitution,
And that fed is not authorized for all solutions.
We worry them to hurry—to fix what ain’t broke,
But their fix is the smoke—hot buttons provoke.

So warfare merchants and the bankers too,
Have learned how to play by the same rules;
Their smoke is very colorful and sophisticated,
Gits-r-done—not seen—is not debated!

T Kosciuszko

It is rational to state,
And evidence to substantiate,
That the lure of reward,
Is the spring-board,
For free-market Capitalism;
Thus, I prefer Libertarianism.

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