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Gary Johnson is Starting To Go Viral Just Like Ross Perot in 1992

Liberty Patriots!

We Can Win!

Don't let the evil machine tell you Gary Johnson has no chance!

YOU DECIDE if he wins or not -- NOT the evil machine!

He is starting to go viral on the internet.
Over 1 million followers on Google+ social site -- 200K more than 'Bomb Iran' Romney!

We Can Do It!

George Washington lost many battles with the Continental Army -- and yet he won the war!

Gary Johnson is starting to go viral just like Ross Perot in 1992.
Perot was polling at only 7% before the first debate...40% later.

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.If he gets into the debates he has a real Ross Perot chance,

otherwise Americans will never know. As for his lawsuit, I don't have enough faith in our court systems because those with the most money win.

Edit: clarification

Gary Johnson shouldn't need a Ron Paul endorsement

And Ron Paul will probably not "endorse" anyone.


Has Ron Paul endorsed Johnson

Has Ron Paul endorsed Johnson yet?

AFAIK, he hasn't. RP's endorsement is pretty important to me.


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What Ron Paul Did Say...

Ron Paul did say Johnson is a good guy that everyone should look into and consider.

Ron Paul did not say Romney is a good guy that everyone should look into and consider.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

He's not going to endorse Johnson...

...or anyone else.

That's not because he doesn't support Johnson (my bet is Ron Paul votes for Johnson on election day), but because endorsing him would damage our prospects within the GOP. Think about all the liberty candidates currently running or soon to be running for office on the GOP ticket and how a Ron Paul endorsement of a 3rd party candidate would hurt their chances of drawing GOP voters.

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I don't think Paul's

I don't think Paul's endorsement would hurt liberty candidates in the GOP. Our whole movement is about the principles behind the man/woman, and their record for standing up for those principles.

If Paul makes an endorsement based specifically on this rationale, I think his supporters would also do the same wherever they found a principled candidate who espouses beliefs similar to theirs.

Just my opinion though.

Gary Johnson, antidote to mainstream poison

We were never Ron Paul insiders, even though we were at his announcement for office in '74, raised money on the phones in '88 and went to DC with him in '96 to be sworn into Congress for his second multi-term run. We are the secular libertarians, well organized before Ron ever decided to run.

Pro-choice libertarians accept Ron Paul's disagreement on abortion without problem, because it is with him a states-rights issue. He does not favor federal involvement in the question and therefore correctly supports the repeal of Roe v. Wade. He does not favor a police state that routinely monitors your doctor's (and daughter's) phones and might send federal stormtroopers in at any moment without a warrant to examine records and make sure everyone understands that lying to the government could earn you a few years in prison.

Romney might not favor that approach either, but we can't know that by what he's said so far. Just like we must assume, because power corrupts, he will misuse Obama's new executive orders and extensions of Bush-established powers to indefinitely detain, disappear, render, torture, spy, lie and start wars. He certainly has said nothing to suggest he as a problem with any of it, nor has said anything else of substance as far as I can tell. I thought he was supposed to represent an alternative to Obama. In what way?

The coolest thing that happened at the GOP convention was when Ron Paul, on the way out the door, was interviewed briefly by Kennedy, the super-intelligent geek goddess of MTV fame. Ron said Gary Johnson is a great guy and that everyone should take a look at him. What a great GOP moment!

We might debate Gary's foreign policy confusions, but pro-lifers have to understand what is at stake, and realize that this is the moment in history that things must change, or disaster will most certainly ensue before the next election. At least WE will have some clout with Gary if he needs help understanding true libertarian foreign policy or immigration. He could not have been corrupted by the international bankster scum in the few years he was vetoing 750 bills in New Mexico. Perhaps threatened already, who knows?

I call upon Gary Johnson to tell us where Ron Paul will fit into his administration, since Ron turned down the invitation to join the LP ticket. It would certainly give everyone a lot to think about to hear that Ron would TAKE OVER the Fed AND the Treasury Department, if we elect the only candidate on the ballot who actually means the oath he will take to the Constitution, and actually believes in the absolute sovereignty of the citizens of this country.

Gary Johnson is not reaching the people who sit by landline phones and wait to be polled by Zogby, Rasmussen, Gallup, etc. He is trying to reach the vast majority who are out there running the small businesses, hustling for dollars rather than asking for them... connected to the net and social media, but not listening to the TV lying heads. The independents, young people, non-voters, non-registered. The silent majority, all right, because they've been effectively disenfranchised by the Machine, cheated out of their political voice by the monolithic duopoly of crony fascism and bootlicking media mind-control.

Gary Johnson is a great antidote to this poison. The independents and non-aligned have been screaming for a fiscally conservative/socially liberal third party alternative for the 50 years I've been involved in politics. Gary is the most qualified third-party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt. There is still time for those not registered to do so and get this done.


"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker

I agree - Ron Paul to Head Treasury and Fed

If Johnson said he would do this... then ALL ABOARD! for me.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

Who's Garry Johnson???

Who's Garry Johnson???

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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Good for him

He must have received his orders to go viral from obama, huh obots?

How much did he get paid from obama to run and thereby split the vote?
The freakin neo con is not ever going to win. That's not his job.

Keepin' it real.

Reality Check

In 2008 less than 2% of the vote was tallied towards 3rd party candidates nationwide, not because the tally was accurate, but because each of the states counties calls in the totals to a special wing of the media who reports the election totals on Nov 4. There is nothing in place to audit this method of tallying votes.

We know by exit polls that 3rd party totals were closer to 8% in 2008.

We've all seen this on TV, the updates who's winning etc. Its all fixed! The winner is pre-decided, by corporations, before the vote count even begins.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Yeah. We need people to show

Yeah. We need people to show up at the close of the polling locations, ask for a vote total (they're supposed to tell you and/or show you), and take a picture or record this total. Then check it against the "official" numbers and let's see if we can prove some foul play.

Put up or Shut up - Please . . .

I would like some explainations to the concerns people have with Gary Johnson instead of having him rammed down your throat.

I dont trust him, and refuting the concerns people have with him with ad hominum attacks does not help.

What about Kony? It was a scam to trick people into supporting a war to catch another "Boogyman", It was a scam that GJ says he supports? Why does he support it? How is it constitutional to do so? Uganda hase NOTHING to do with the US.

Some of his leanings/idea's are Neocon lite. Alleviate my Concerns!

Plus here are Ecorobs questions that keep getting voted down into obscurity without any explanation! -

He wants to keep guantanamo open?

does he want to force the states to accept same sex marriage?

was his campaign director in the governor's race tied directly to the cfr and listed today as one of the cfr's most prolific movers and shakers

does he want a 23% flat tax on your labor?


Dont hide behind "Oh your just a Romney supporter BS"! you look petty, answer these legitimate concerns.

I think discussion is a good thing, lets discuss!

C'est la vie

I know, I've struggled with it too. I finally came to the conclusion that Gary Johnson sucks balls. BUT, he's our ball sucker. He's our only outlet. I wrote in Ron in 2008, so I essentially voted for my conscience. This time I'm voting for NEITHER, and I want it to be counted in the world of officialdom.

To each his own.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.


"To each his own."

And if you want to convince people that they should vote a certain way or for a certain someone, then you have to answer people's concerns, otherwise you will not do much convincing, at least not here.

I thought the answer was clear

It is a vote against Romney and Obama. A vote that WILL be counted - unlike a write in.

That is my exact reason as well. When I put Johnson down - that vote WILL be listed in the local paper - a write in will not.

And when people ask who I am voting for - I do not say Johnson - I say "whoever is below Romney and Obama - I just want to make sure they know both suck".

Scary Johnson

The policy/philosophy problems GJ has shouldn't be ignored, but RP really has spoiled us. My vote for GJ isn't an endorsement of those policies, just a rejection of the other two ass-clowns.

I do understand why so many want to write in Ron Paul too, everybody who understands him wants to be able to say they voted for him. Luckily I've done that, so now I'm ready to try and boost another outside entity.

And I may have a compromise for us all. If GJ gets in the debates and is polling at or above 20% on 11/1/12 then we vote for him. If he clearly has no chance in hell, then write in RP. I believe this to be fair.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

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for calling Romney and Obama ass-clowns.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

To be fair

Ron Paul does not want to force states to accept same sex marriage, he is an avid states rights supporter and does not want the federal government getting involved (Basically legally federally, up to states otherwise)

That and I agree the

That and I agree the guantanamo issue is very unsettling for me, however I still plan on voting for Gary Johnson because he's the closest thing to Ron Paul where my vote will actually count.

At this point I do not really think he will be elected, however if he gets 20+% of the vote that will be a victory for the liberty movement which could throw it front and center come next election season.

He's promised to bring the troops home immediately, balance the budget, audit the fed, end the drug war... if he gets even ONE of those things done he'd still be better than the options we're presented with now or the last 10-15 years of presidents.

I somewhat agree

But has the thought crosssed your mind that GJ may be just another politician like Obama and Romney, in it for himself only?

Perhaps working with alterior motives?

I believe watering down the message, and standing behind someone that does not fully represent our views will do damage to the liberty movement.

All I want to see him(anyone) really do is, End the Fed! End the Fed and everything else they control HAS to end too, they dont have the power without the Fed . . . Cut out the heart of the Beast!

Gary Johnson HAS to talk non stop about Ending the Fed, otherwise he is of no use and more than likely will by used to try and divide and conquer us.

That is what I fear.

I agree with you that ending

I agree with you that ending the great enabler to congress is the ultimate goal, but until I find out otherwise that appears to be what Gary Johnson supports. At the very least he seems to be the most likely candidate to support a full audit of them and the one to go after them the most when compared to Obama/Romney.

The way I look at it is compare his record as governor to Romney's record as governor or Obama's record as president. He used the veto more than any other governor.

I agree I would like to get rid of the Federal Reserve because like you said, without them congress would have been forced long ago to choose between invading a country, invading a drug users house, or building roads and bridges. But realistically we can not expect this to happen overnight.

That being said while it is not my goal to fall into the "lesser of evils" style of thinking that plagues America, I still think the liberty movement getting behind GJ and showing our strength and showing the GOP we will not stand for their trickery and lies will be the ultimate strengthening of the movement. Like I said I severely doubt GJ will be elected and at this point it is painfully obvious Obama will serve another term. But we need to start looking at damage control for 2016 and how we can get liberty candidates taken more seriously in the Republican party. This starts by showing them we will not let them ram candidates down our throats.

Another point to be made is it should be the liberty movement's goal to keep romney out of office so we can even have a chance to survive in 2016, otherwise the illegally teleprompted rules will go into effect in 2016 securing Romney's grip on the party.


except voting for Romney or Obama, in my opinion is a protest vote. X votes for GJ, Y wrights in Ron Paul, Z votes for Merlin Miller, and A,B,C vote for their third party candidates, add them all together and that is the sum total of protest votes, which probably wont get counted anyway, and if they do, they wont be advertised much. I dont see why we have to unite and collectivize to send a message.

I also dont see why trying to unite everyone around a single candidate, who not everyone agrees with, would strengthen and not divide people. We need to unite around the understanding of Liberty and the Principles that go with that, and LIVE IT!

The Fed is much much more than simply an enabler of congress. It is the TOOL of control, all over the world. You dont even need a congress for your country to be controlled by a central bank. Any system of government can be controlled, if a small group of people control the money supply. Congress is irrelvant when it comes to talking about the Fed.

The Fed is the NUMBER 1 Issue here and across the entire world!

I would rather see the

I would rather see the Liberty movement unite behind Ron Paul and write his name in, but as you said they will not count them and simply throw them out. The problem is if you have 10 candidates who all received 2% of the vote and 1 candidate that received 20% of the vote it sends a much more clear message to observers as they can better gauge why they did not get voted upon.

That being said I do not want to give the wrong impression that I am following the same mind-set that the Rhino's in the GOP follow when they try to cram Romney down our throats. I hope we all vote our free-will and judging by the fact that we are both together on the DP we are likely more educated about things than 90% of America.

I also realize that the Fed is much more than the enabler of the congress as they control the world's currency. Looking into how they practically enslave other countries is heinous. Liberals claim that the Fed is better than the gold standard and more prosperous, although false this is not even the main reason of why the founding fathers were for a commodity-backed system. They wanted a gold standard because it did not have a ben bernanke "Middle Man" to the currency whom could funnel it to the 1% and the banks.

I think other than uniting in some shape or fashion the best thing we can do as the liberty movement is continuing to educate our brothers and sisters in this country who are not aware of anything other than what the media and government spoon feed them.

A nice civilized conversation so far I must say. :)

Here's what the doc has to

Here's what the doc has to say on the issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAwqoJy3NsE

I wanted to see what the doc

I wanted to see what the doc had to say and YouTube says the video has been removed. Do you have another source?

Two down votes for a posting

Two down votes for a posting a Ron Paul video on the Daily Paul? Wow.

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vote that down, you whores!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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That is not helping

This is a website dedecated to Ron Paul and all other liberty candidates, the question is, IS Gary Johnson actually a Liberty candidate, or a wolf in sheeps clothing?


The question is - do you want your protest vote counted.

I do so I am voting Johnson. And if by a billion to one chance he wins(hmm- does Vegas give odds on this?) - then at least I know we have moved the need from left/right bar chart to a circular pie chart and we have taken down the two party monster.