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The Debate: Barack Romney vs. Mitt Obama

Moderator: Welcome to tonight's debate. Here's the first question for both candidates. Would you be willing to destroy the dollar to save the economy?"

Barack Romney: If putting Americans back to work requires debasing the national currency, I’ll support a money supply large enough to provide ever American with a job.

Mitt Obama: Because I’m reluctant to raise taxes or reduce spending, currency expansion is the best way to spur economic growth. Money printing around the globe will do a great deal to encourage job creation.

Moderator: If war with Iran is inevitable, when do you plan to order a first strike?

Barack Romney: America’s commitment to Israel will never waiver. To protect our Middle Eastern ally, a strike can be ordered at any time—if not sooner.

Mitt Obama: When it comes to Iran, every option is on the table should Israel’s national security be threatened. If it takes a first strike to prevent a war, that’s what I’ll do.

Moderator: What civil rights should be infringed to protect the freedoms of Americans?

Barack Romney: Listen. I know how important freedom is to the American people. Therefore, I’m willing to sacrifice every individual right to protect freedom for all.

Mitt Obama: Unlike my opponent, I’ll immediately revoke every right to ensure that Americans don’t lose their freedoms. No ifs, ands or buts, unlike my opponent.

Moderator: That concludes tonight’s debate. Americans now must choose between these two very different candidates based upon their starkly contrasting views.

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