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Video Update: Ahmadinejad on Piers Morgan Talking Iran/Israel Conflict

All five segments, from Mox News:






Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Israel: "The Zionists are very much, very adventuresome, very much seeking to fabricate things"

Coming up this evening at 9 p.m., "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, for a rare, and candid, face to face conversation.

As part of an interview that comes on the backdrop of this week's United Nations General Assembly meeting, Piers Morgan asks how Iran would respond upon facing an attack from nearby Israel:

"The response of Iran is quite clear, I don’t even need to explain that; any question in any nation has the right and will indeed defend herself," says Iran's 6th president.

Continue: http://piersmorgan.blogs....

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FYI - Amazingly I'm still alive!

Many of you believe that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a woman made from a rib was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

No religion has ever set its followers free from the oppressions of the organized hierarchy of that religion (with the possible exception of the historical Jesus himself). Religion teaches unquestioning obedience. Religion is slavery. I oppose such slavery as earnestly and staunchly as my ancestors opposed the slave ships and the slave policies of the Confederacy.

I am not anti god (for one can hardly oppose something which does not exist). I simply wish to set people free from all forms of oppression and exploitation.

The ruling elite loves a population trained from birth to confuse beliefs with the real world. It is much easier to rule a population, pillage them with taxes, or send them off to fight a war, if the ruler is not required to prove the reality of his or her propositions and statements.

This is why, since the dawn of civilizations, governments encourage their people to be ruled by beliefs and not by reason. As children, we are bribed to allow beliefs to rule our thinking. Believe in the fat man from the north Pole, get a bicycle. Believe in the rabbit, get candy. Believe in the tooth fairy, get a quarter. Never question, never think, never analyze; just take your goodies and go on believing.

It takes chains of steel to enslave a rational human, but all the rest may be enslaved by a belief.

Hitler had to go get 5 million Jews from other countries?

On November 14, 1935, the Nazis issued the following definition of a Jew: Anyone with three Jewish grandparents....

QUESTION: Could Hitler carry out the same systematic search and seizure of persons for 5 million more jews within the other countries records while simultaneously defeating those countries regimes?

I have a lot of questions, but if I keep them up I should not be considered a denier, but a verifier... as all I seek is truth.

I find more motive behind antagonizing fair questions than I find in those that ask fair questions.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Thank you for posting this

I was happy to see it and don't watch tv so didn't know it was out there.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Revealing, but not surprising

that Piers Morgan actually said he thinks people are born gay. This is a man who is supposedly a "liberal" television commentator. What a whore. It was pretty obvious to me right when Ahmad asked "Do you think people are born gay?" Piers knew in his mind what he was about to say was a lie. You can tell in his expression.

Overall this was a really good interview, Amahd made sure to tread carefully around the holocaust and 911 questions.

Cyril's picture

So be it, Piers !

So be it, Piers !

So, by the same logic, some others are born ... IDIOTS, likewise.

Right, Piers ?

Or am I missing something out of your "reasoning" ?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Was he saying that for homosexuality to be genetic,

homosexuals would have to be able to procreate - otherwise the gene would simply phase itself out?

never really thought about it before.

my opinon

so under Morgan's logic, necrophiles, zoophiles and pedophiles are also born that way, so why people don't recognize the right to marry for this people/kids/animals/dead bodies? Under Morgan's logic, some kids are also programmed to have sex with adults, why not? Are you people a bunch of necrophobics, zoophobics or pedophobics, what's wrong with you, be tolerant!
What's wrong getting $5000 for your freshly dead aunt from a guy falling in love with her while reading the obituaries, why not celebrating a weeding instead a funeral ? Since her boyfriend/husband is "born that way", where's the harm? Like organ donors, women should choose if they want to be refrigerated and become sex toys for the ones beng "born that way".
Homos and lesbos make me sick forcing their abnormal sexual behavior on the rest of us, those people are nothing more then sexual deviants, nothing genetic about them, except maybe some extra sickness and impaired judgment.

Being gay is a choice, a bad one in my opinion, far as I'm concerned people can do whatever they want in their bedroom, but don't force this sickness on the society, especially young kids.

Look at those guys, do they look "programmed" or just a bunch of out of control sexual deviants? http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/04/03/18-men-arrested-in...

A choice? Just as asinine as being "born" that way

This is a physiological response that's causes one to be attracted to the opposite sex by means of hormonal balances. Hormonal balances are effected during one's puberty; and thus the nutrients taken in during puberty will inevitably dictate how one comes out of puberty. It therefore is a NUTRIENT deficiency during one's childhood that "causes" sexuality's confusion. You're comparing it psychological and pathological disorders; which is a grossly unfair comparison.

By far, the best explanation I've read


I do

think that was what he was trying to say.

However, one does not need to look into genetics; a child's sexual drive doesn't even start to mature until the prepubescent stage of development. So to say that people are "born gay" indicates a gross misunderstanding of human physiology.


Very good

Iranians are not Arabs

They are Persians! Whole different country and people. I happen to have known many Persians, wonderful people and culture. If you don't know much about Iran, it is really worth doing some research or YouTube videos of the country and the people.


It is a sad world today, war everywhere, and a country like Iran being threatened with invasion. Wouldn't you want to try and protect and defend your country?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes his points clear in this interview. Would have been great if he had mentioned Ron Paul during the questioning from Piers about the Presidential candidates and their positions on Iran.

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UN speech by Ahmadinejad; Only Israel leaves, no one else!

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech at UN 2012

Israel walks out on Iran leader's speech[No one else.]
By Edith M. Lederer - September 25, 2012 3:10PM

As Ahmadinejad addressed leaders and ministers from more than 100 countries, Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor walked out of the General Assembly hall.

The US delegation did not walk out of Monday's meeting, as it has in the past when Iran attacked Israel directly.

Real Cool Guy

Although he definitively avoided the question on women's rights in his country, especially them attending colleges. (this comes from the fact that they believe women should be caretakers of the children and raise them with the right values, etc... by devoting most of their time to this) But over all he admitted there are reforms needed to be made everywhere. And his respect for human life seems to be great. I pray people realize that Iran is not so bad after all.

His opinions and beliefs are based heavily in his religion.

I cannot condemn him for expressing this. I do condemn the interviewer for doing quite the opposite and imposing his beliefs (presented as facts) on someone else. He could have asked a lot of other more pertinent questions but he squandered his opportunity for the sole purpose of retrieving sound bites. Fool.

Interesting set of questions

Notice how every question was designed to make some divisive attempt to make a group angry at Ahmad. Women, jews, homosexuals, etc. This interview smacks of more propaganda by the media to ensure we have angry passionate people lining up to go to war when the strings are pulled. I don't like this dictator of Iran, and I don't like the warmongering divide and conquer questions of the press.

Why throw around the word "Dictator" so loosely?

The Iranian people already dealt with a dictator imposed on them by a certain country. I'm part iranian and I don't like this current regime much but sure as hell don't think its a dictatorship. Especially someone like Ahmadinejad who holds a lot less power than any US president.

As soon as you start using the words "dictator" people start to feel more and more ok with dropping bombs on top of the country. Maybe it won't really help to change anything but I'd just hope that if some memes weren't used so often then they'd lose their influence.

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Overthrow the sovereignty RAPISTS

Overthrow the sovereignty RAPISTS that make the U.N. and the CFR ...

and I PROMISE you :

you'll have more Peace back and less Wars in this World.

FIGHT the Planners, denounce their SPREADSHEETS.

Man is worth more than the worker and soldier ANTS.

Let's start with Fighting for, and Restoring Liberty in the USA.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The following was part of a reply to another user earlier in

this thread but I think it is important to stand as a separate comment.

This comment may seem harsh but it is a harshness born of frustration from having to live my entire life having a religious/family feud-in no way that of my own or my country-intrude constantly and ever more intensely, ever more destructively into my being. It is a nightmare I and my countrymen suffer through as it grows worse and worse yet it is not in any way, shape or form properly our nightmare. It is a nightmare foisted upon us. I am beyond sick of it. I have long ago ceased to care what happens except that whatever happens it happens soon and with no further adverse affect on me, my countrymen and my country. It is not our problem so take it back where it belongs-all of it.

Now to the comment that I hope helps to understand my position on this matter that I think many share:

"It's a modern country in the midst of 13th century religious theocracies"

Ever heard; "Be careful what you wish for" or P5/P-five(poor planning leads to piss poor performance)? More clearly to the point, your complaints that follow your statement quoted above is analogous to a family that moves into home a mile from the threshold of 27L at O'Hare and then complains about the noise and pulls every trick to get O'Hare closed?? Why try to build a modern country in the middle of 13th century religious theocracies??

The bottom line for myself and many others is that I am cool with all humans making their own choices as long as they accept the full risk/responsibility for those choices.

But that is not what we are getting in this case. The "Modern" state of Israel(modern as opposed and distinctly separate from this iteration from the Israel of books considered Holy by many) agitated, in record setting broadness of the term, to get a state in the locale you complain about with the primary agitating to the USA through Truman to make it happen. Then when what any idiot could anticipate happening happened, they agitate constantly(shattering their old record for broadness of the term) to achieve the Middle East equivalent of closing O'Hare. In the process of all that they have subverted, bankrupt and destroyed my country-Thanks.

P.S. I don't appreciate being called various forms of being a bigot because I

a) don't totally and unfailing see your side of an issue THAT is NOT my issue.

b) It is NOT MY OR MY COUNTRYS' ISSUE-Get it the F out of here.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

let me ask you this

Holocaust deniers, what is wrong with wanting both Jews and Palestinians to co-exist and live in peace. That is my goal. I bet your goal is something different though. Something about ending the 'Jewish problem' probably.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

It'd be amazing if they were

It'd be amazing if they were able to live in peace. Israel holds all the power to begin this process since they're the ones involved in occupation.

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Shameless PLUG :

Shameless PLUG :

(promise, will be my last one on that... for this year) :

Anyone :

1. Pro-Iran ?

2. Pro-Israel ?

3. Indifferent ?


Sorry, all wrong !

You ought to be :


Does any of your heads of households GANG TOGETHER in your block to decide about the fate of the newcomer family and how TO BEST ABUSE and ENSLAVE THEIR KIDS ALONG WITH YOUR OWN ?

Here's the clue : THAT is the SOLE PURPOSE of the U.N. against the nations' PEOPLES.

Woohoo ! Big News ? NOT QUITE !

Here is the PROOF :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


I am not a "Holocaust denier"* and I would wish for all humans to find a way to co-exist peacefully.

Also, I have agreed with you, on other issues, far more than the average amount of agreement I have generally with users of this forum.

But the comment that I will post above and will refer you to may very possibly offend you and perhaps cause you to brand me an anti-semite.

If so, I am sorry but so be it. I cannot nor will not modify my best analysis of ANY topic for concern of offending anyone-even those that I consider to be very important to the LM.

*I do not like the recent phenomena of attaching "Denier" to all manner of things. Evolution Denier, Global Warming Denier, etc. and yes even Holocaust Denier. To me it is an attempt to chill free speech and to chill examination, investigation of things for better understanding. I will not, under any circumstances, assist either of those things because both are far more harmful than any benefit no matter the topic. If something is true, there is no need halt inquiry as to its truth. Any attempt to do so causes many problems, foremost of which is to call a matter into question by the very effort to impede questions of that matter.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Well the those things you put in that important asterisk

try to cling to the credibility of the Holocaust to justify their positions. Yes, there is a flip side to this. I acknowledge that. But! There will be those who will cloak hate in 'research'. The Nazis did race based 'research'. I mean that was pretty harmless right?

I am all for open debate of ideas. We have extensive ledgers of all the concentration camps. Totalitarians love to see their work and reflect on it. Compiling all the data the estimate is 13 million died under Hitler from the State. 6 million of those were Jews. The rest were Slavs, Poles, and other undesirables. Many of the Nazi eugenicists were pardoned for their minds basically and integrated into the military industrial complex.

I, also, fully acknowledge that other Jewish plights like under the Soviet Union have been downplayed and covered up because of the among of communist Jews that exist. Marx himself was a self hating Jew. Hitler was rumored to be half Jewish.

I really do hate the downplaying of the event. It is tragic and one of the foundational reasons why I follow Ron Paul. The State is evil. Nazi German is one of many examples why Democracy does not work.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

Minor correction - Nazi

Minor correction - Nazi Germany was Socialist, fascism being a variant of socialism. (National German Socialist Workers Party - was the long-form name of the Nazi party).

Anyway, minor point.

Everyone has their most important issues, as such they

believe their most important issues are THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES.

A perfect Deity could sort it all out for us but I haven't seen one of those for a while-CORRECTION-I have never seen one nor do I know anyone that has seen one.

Some things people just must agree to disagree upon. While I can appreciate how each can/will have particularly heightened and understandable sensitivities for specific events-I also ask them to consider that the wisest way to deal with all such things-is the wisest way to deal with all such things.

While there will always be twisting of events for partisan agendas-efforts to perfectly safeguard against that do cause more harm than benefit.

Please see my comment above w/ the subject line:

"The following was part of a reply to another user earlier in"

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

"what is wrong with wanting

"what is wrong with wanting both Jews and Palestinians to co-exist and live in peace. That is my goal"

I suspect there would be little to no disagreement to this point - it's the precedent that Jesus established according to my reading of the Bible. This debate is picking over nits I think.

For the last time (or as many

For the last time (or as many times as I can repeat it)... "ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS", NOT "JEWS AND PALESTINIANS".

Do you have Christian DNA? On the Census did you mark your ethnicity as "Christian"?

The Israelis are Semites, but not every Israeli is Semitic.

This is the Daily Paul, not

This is the Daily Paul, not the Daily Duke. Holocaust deniers can eat the fact that the Nazis admitted to their crimes and kept through record keeping.

In fact, if Hitler was not defeated, saying Jews died in concentration camps would of been a 'conspiracy theory'. What a bunch of loons.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

Hitler was a

good public speaker too, he had good, rationalized arguments...

for murdering Jews.

Go ahead and defend Ahmadinejad, he's a Nut Job!