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Open Letter To Paul Ryan and the GOP.

Dear Paul Ryan, GOP, RNC et al,

We've listened to your recent pleas that we fall in line and prevent Barak Obama from remaining in the Oval Office. And we've had ample time to evaluate the tactical situation since Tampa. We've had and continue to have lively discussion on the issue. One thing we feel pretty certain about, one thing we might be said to have wide consensus on, one thing we're not arguing about is...

You ain't seen nothing yet.

See this election is one thing. We really think you need to pick up your head and look at the larger picture. Your party is getting old and ours is just getting started. We're not going anywhere. We're the real grassroots, we got no place else to go, it's not like we got much choice in the matter. But we have the minds of the youth and the heart of the people. We're the future.

You know perfectly well most of us intend to write in Dr. Paul or vote for Gary Johnson but there is one thing you could do to show us that you still have integrity and values. And that would be to welcome Gary Johnson into debates. Insist upon it. That would really be a stand-up move. And it's THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE SINGLE THING YOU HAVE LEFT TO SHOW US IN THIS PROCESS. Cause it's kinda like you guys are out of cards to play with us, this is your final hand. Just do one thing the honest way. Make a change. Take a stand. It's the one thing you can do to wow us.

You are up at plate. Take your best swing Big Hitter.

Warm regards,

Smudge Pot

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obammy's puppet

Gary Johnson. How much did he get paid to split the vote?

Keepin' it real.

They'll be saying the same about us, friend

if they aren't already. I fully expect and look forward to being blamed for ruining Romney's tailgate party. And I'll view any vote counted for Paul or Johnson as a score for liberty.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Johnson is Romney's puppet?

Johnson is Romney's puppet? LOL. You are smoking some mighty potent weed, my friend.

Get paid? Are you kidding me?

How much did Romney get paid to ship jobs overseas & bankrupt communities across the country? That's the real question. The vote cannot be split if it was never theirs to begin with. I have never voted & I am proud to say this year I am voting for the first time for a third party.

I think your reply was

I think your reply was intended for Teafortwo.