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Spreading the Good Doctors Word.. An Idea

I just wanted to say that I am now; with confidence, can say that I understand A TINY BIT of what Liberty, Economic and financial freedom, The Constitution and so on thanks to Dr.Paul and all his hardwork spreading the idea of a reloveolution.

As I was sitting down in the bus on my way to work I had an Idea. Why not make this a monthly event across the nation...

choose a park that is relatively popular around your area city/state w/e and hold a "liberty day" in which we have music and food to celebrate and continue the good word of Dr. Paul. I know for sure that people who are anywhere near the event would want to know what all the ruccus is about and who knows... maybe we can recruit new people who never gave liberty a fighting chance.

But anyway its just a small idea that popped in my head. It sounds fun and a good way to connect with people around your area who think the same way and would want to spread the word. :D GOOD NITE DP

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Wonderful Idea!



That is a great idea

I think you are on to something, Liberty BBQ's!

There must be music, and you must have fun! :)

Liberty BBQ

Sounds like an event where meat just falls off the bones! LIBERTY BBQ hey who knows media might pick up on it if it becomes a national thing