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Why is it so hard to find a link to the RSS Feed for this site? It is customary to post the RSS button and other social linking on the site main page. I have spent the last 10 minutes with my Edit->Find "Rss" and "Feed" search on this site. It should not take this long to find the RSS Feed. I am obviously frustrated enough to post this message. Please streamline the site Mr. Nystrom.

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Now there isn't even an rss feed it seems

But if you're using firefox, right click and go to 'page info' to get a site's feeds. There's nothing there for DP atm, however.

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there used to be an rss button on the sidebar

but for whatever reason it has disappeared. There's a rss on the front page at the bottom, one on the Top page (atop & bottom), and Chrono (atop & bottom). Chrono shows all posts in chronological order, if you'd rather not have the Top vote filter or only Nystrom's front page picks.

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Thank you for the help:)