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Republican Candidate For State House - Endorses Gary Johnson?!

I'm still a Ron Paul Republican, but we have to ensure a Romney defeat Now if a Liberty Republican is going to have a real shot at the POTUS race in 2016! This endorsement could make real waves, especially if more are to follow!

This was sent to me by Debra Johnson, who asked me to help spread it around. I'm going to send it to a few talk show hosts, but thank God for the Daily Paul, where we can get info without any filters!

"I, Debra Johnson, Republican candidate for state representative in Merrimack County, NH District 10 endorse Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, for President in 2012. Mr. Johnson addresses core issues that we face as a country. He stands for liberty. He wants to end our senseless wars and bring our men and women home. He wants to end the drug war which only serves to support foreign drug lords who use their income to fund terrorism, fill our prisons and clog our court system.

Personally tired of campaigns based on finger pointing and big promises with no details of the implementation plan, culminating into broken promises and more finger pointing, I want to break the vicious circle we have been traveling for decades.

I supported Ron Paul in the Republican primary. I supported him because he had “detailed” information as to how we got to where we are today, along with a “detailed” plan on how to move in a positive direction. Now, there is something we don't hear from many mainstream candidates! Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul and neither am I. But, Gary Johnson is aware that we are on the wrong path and need to study issues and make some real changes. Most importantly, he is not controlled by the same big money controlling the mainstream candidates who accept their contributions from the same mega corporations.

Gary Johnson seeks the presidency with more political experience than either the Republican or Democratic candidate acquired before running. Mr. Johnson is a two-term (the state has a 2 term limit) former Governor of New Mexico. Obama was a one-term senator. Romney was a one-term governor who chose not to run for re-election.

Gary Johnson is a self-made businessman who grew a one-man handyman business into one with over one-thousand employees. Obama has little-to-no private sector business experience. Romney was a privileged son of a wealthy businessman/politician.

Vote, with me, for Gary Johnson and stand for personal freedom and an end to senseless wars."

VERY BRAVE of you Deb! I hope we all see you out in the MSM for this!

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Did I see her, Deb, on Alex

Did I see her, Deb, on Alex Jones last week?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain