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Campbell's Tomato Soup Inflation Index

This is a real-world indicator of the plummeting purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar. Inflation is ravaging your savings by the day.

Each data point was averaged across at least 3 grocery stores. Spread it around.

Chart at the link: http://www.familyfriendsfirearms.com/forum/showpost.php?s=b6...

Buy tangible assets now while you still can.

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more in cali

three bucks a can for soup in cali!!!

I think.......

Campbell's sales have been plumeting over the years because the product itself has been getting worse with time.

I think the stuff is horrible. They sell they're cheap stuff, which is not so cheap, for the poor. The better off get they're better stuff, which is still horrible.

All just my opinion....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

If you really want to make an

If you really want to make an impact, compare it to gold.

1 oz. gold in 1950 = 400+ cans of soup.

1 oz. gold in 2012 = 2000+ cans of soup.

I bet the can has been

I bet the can has been downsized at lease once at some point and they have diluted the soup with more water and changed the recipe with cheaper ingredients more than once throughout its history. So really, the inflation is even worse than the graph shows.

same OLD problem

"See how the faithful city has become a prostitute!
She once was full of justice;
righteousness used to dwell in her — but now murderers!
Your silver has become dross,
your choice wine is diluted with water.

Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves;
they all love bribes and chase after gifts.
They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;
the widow’s case does not come before them." -- Isaiah 1:22-23

Age-old problem: Debase the currency, and all the commodities will begin to be "debased" as well. Because your "rulers" are partners with thieves.

that seems to be SOP these days - Grrrrr

Tuna should be labeled "water packed with tuna" - Items that used to sold by the pound now come in 12 oz. packages - Breyer's ice cream cartons keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller. "Fresh" meat even seem to be full of water

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

re breyer's ice cream: don't

re breyer's ice cream:

don't forget that they inject air into the ice cream now, it is 50% lighter than it used to be.

Not to Worry, Make Your Own Ice Cream. It's Cheaper.

Buy an electric ice cream maker. I bought a Cuisinart that makes 1 1/2 quarts of fresh ice cream in 20 minutes and it works great. The best part is there are no artificial additives in home made ice cream. This appliance comes with a three warranty and makes frozen yogurt and sorbet as well. I recommend it.

Here is a link: http://www.cuisinart.com/parts/ice_cream/ice-21.html.

Hey, I have one of

Hey, I have one of these...got it cheap at the thrift store. You have inspired me. I think I will make some ice cream for my son with coconut milk since he is allergic to cow's milk. I hadn't remembered about the maker until I saw your post...thanks!

Tomato blight

I do not recall one :)

The fuel prices are out of control as well.


Astonishing data but scale a bit misleading.

The Y scale should probably be logarithmic to give a more accurate feel of the increase but I was still very much blown away by the 28% increase in 10 months. The dollar is in so much more trouble than this country wants to believe.