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Sorry Ryan, but a Vote for Romney is a Vote Against Rand Paul in 2016

People like to say “a vote for anyone other than Romney, is a vote for Obama”. I’d like to say that a vote for Romney, is a vote against Rand Paul in 2016.

For those in the Liberty movement thinking of playing the “lesser of two evils” game, which tends to be the Rand Paul supporters of the Liberty movement, let me remind you that you’re hurting Rand’s chance at the White House. If Romney wins, Rand will not challenge Romney in 2016. He’s worked too hard to win favor with the party, to risk it all with a long shot mid-term challenge.

So if Romney wins, Rand will not run till 2020. Now imagine if Romney is as bad as Bush after two terms? It will be hard convincing the country that any Republican is good for them in 2020.

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Sorry Ryan, but

we vote FOR candidates. Voting against candidates is a waste of a vote.

Anyone but Obamney!!!!!!


This is unfortunately why I

This is unfortunately why I am voting for Obama.

I want us to have another shot in 2016. If for some reason Romney gets elected, we won't have a shot for another 8 years.

Unless Johnson gets in the debates and has a chance, but unfortunately that is so unlikely at this point.

Not a very fun system we have, but its the one way I have concluded to vote this time around.

Lets hope for Rand, Ron or someone else good to vote for in 2016!

Do you live in a non-swing

Do you live in a non-swing state? If you do, there is absolutely no mathematical basis for your argument and every reason to vote for a third candidate.

Your vote for Obama, while

Your vote for Obama, while well intentioned, won't affect the out come of the race. I would strongly urge you to consider using that vote for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode or even a Ron Paul write in. We can send a serious message to the Republican establishment if enough people vote for these more liberty minded candidates which could lead them to be more willing to get behind Rand for 2016.

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I have chosen to abstain in the presidential election

and am voting only in the local / state elections.

No more holding my nose.

That is incorrect

A Romney vote is a message to Obama. The fight within the GOP has only just begun and it's looking good as the fiscal conservatives, constitutionalists, tea partiers, Palin Earthqualers and Ron Paul RepubliCANs are united in restoring constitutional government to the Republic, for which we stand. Rand is with us, Ron Paul is with us, Chiuck Baldwin joined the GOP and is with us, we are winning!


What about Romney talking about going to war with Iran during the debates, what about his latest anti-Muslim tirade??? What about Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto... The MSM isn't reporting that, they are not the ones who told us about the link between Romney and war profiteers... What about the entire debate that was bought and paid for by Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute, what about Kristol recruiting Palin for the last election...

If you have a revelation, I hope you have posted it on here because I am getting ready to vote Johnson out of a lack of any better option... As far as I can tell RP has dropped off the grid and this was the only source I had to know what was going on... Did I miss your thread on what you learned from this meeting you attended?


There is not a presidential candidate in this election for me at all. For me to support GJ would be a compromise, and a reason to be removed from me seat, which would not help the rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN party FOR Ron Paul's message to be materialized.

So, for me, it's about the people in the party who joined for Ron Paul. Romney's seat empowers the GOP on local levels, and that's where most of us are right now, as we are learning, and we have a big learning curve, to become congress, senate and local elected establishment for liberty. So my Romney vote is FOR Ron Paul RepubliCANs, who are elected to seats.

Many here never did what Ron Paul asked. They never joined the GOP. They hoped by denying Ron Paul their GOP registration they could force him to do it their way. Many are working to have him as a write in candidate. Many just want an easy conscience vote and will go GJ. Many will not vote. DO WHAT YOU WANT.

This last meeting, I did not create a thread about my committee. They tried to resend one of our constitutional votes on Prop 35, where we stood up against the state, we debated it again, and they lost. I was called out for being a Libertarian, and the chair told them he had researched my background and I had been, but it was so long ago (I left the LP in 93 and went Indy, joining the GOP in 2010) I was qualified.

Other than that, we all talked about what a lousy campaign Romney has, how expensive his campaign materials are, that is appears he is running to lose. We had two guests, there to pressure us into voting For Prop 35.. and boy did I let them have it. And we had a Democrat guest running for city council and wanted our support because there are no GOP candidates at this time. I sent him an email, Ron Paul's message, and have not heard back from him. His loss. We had coffee and donuts. After the meeting, I had another meeting with a Libertarian, who I have asked to switch parties to get a seat, after November. They are interested. People have to do what they think is best, for they only know what they can do and are willing to do, for this fight for liberty from tyrany and restoring the Republic to constitutional government.

lame excuse

"a reason to be removed from me seat"
That is a lame excuse for voting establishment war-monger gun-grabber draft-dodger.

I am a Republican and a precinct captain. If I vote by paper mail-in or in a voting booth, people can only see that I voted - not what I voted. If you don't like the paper mail-in, then get to the voting booth.

If anyone asks how you voted, say "my conscience" or "straight ticket" or "for the constitution".

Lame Excuse

Precinct Captain is registered with the county clerk for voting.. been that for 8 years. Centeral Committee is registered UNDER THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS for an ELECTED SEAT. It is a big deal and the fact you don't appreciate what I did to become a Ron Paul national delegate, and to vet future Ron Paul Republican delegates only shows me you were never FOR Ron Paul..

this thought did not originate with me

but i'll quote it again because it is so true.

"voting romney for Ron Paul republicans is like fucking for abstinence"

it just don't make sense, and it never will.

it sure would be nice to have someone occupy your committee seat that has a clue about Ron Paul's revolution.

That's old

I've heard it before and I don't agree. But by all means, you go there. Occupy a committee seat.

I understand what you're saying

about voting GOP to support the RP folks who have jumped into the fray... If you review my posts you will see that I have always been a write-inner. However, Ron Paul has now exited the stage and Rand seems to be bolstering his own career... I think now that if I can I will go back to writing in Dr. Paul... not sure about voting Romney tho, that is a very bitter pill to swallow, although I hear what you are saying...

I have to say that I truly believe our "anti war" message is resonating with the majority of Americans now... too bad the GOP isn't buying it...

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Boy, Granger, I wish I had an ounce

of your optomism.

Look who else is with us: John McCain, Dick Cheney, Lindsay Graham...geez.

When I went to my first committee meeting

That's who I imagined would be there to greet me. I was wrong. McCain, Cheney, Graham are MSM scarcrows, and their job is to keep people out of the GOP, which they do a great job.

My optimism is only because I went to a meeting and saw the truth of what the GOP is, a MSM facade. I then understood why Ron Paul chose to stay in the GOP, we can take this party, all we have to do is show up. Just too many under the influence of MSM, no matter how they rage against it, they believe it, and why they don't even go to one meeting just to see the truth for themsleves.

My first meeting was two old people eating chinese food. What was I so afraid of? Ron Paul and his campaign have vbeen so busy holding my hands and those of us who joined the GOP, they didn't have time for grassroots.. and I don't blame them. There's a HUGE fear factor to overcome, but believe it, once overcome.. the real fun begins


those who joined the gop didn't have time for grassroots????

that's what the grassroots is, you establishment shill.

the grassroots is the people at the bottom of the party.

not only does your message of "vote for romney because it's good for Ron Paul", make no sense, neither does anything else you say.

I really love being the establishment

Glad you love being grassroots.



So you love being establishment and voting for the war-monger draft-dodger Romney. They took you in and converted you. How did you lose your way?

I'm there to help them find their way

despite you.

that's a good point, I guess

that's a good point, I guess I was just talking past her the whole time lol. She thinks she's a member of Congress.

Ventura 2012


i think she has delusions of grandeur.

When in the history of the

When in the history of the GOP has a GOP win not led to a subversion of the party grassroots? Reagan, Bush, and Bush 2. Compare the party to before Reagan and Bush 2 were elected.

Ventura 2012

Maybe it's time to change history?

I'm working on it. I think God Ron Paul has led the way.

Why not look at history and

Why not look at history and see that the GOP is more changeable when it loses?

Ventura 2012

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I think her point is that Obama shouldn't

be handed the win, at least not by Republicans. I suppose I get it.

Why not learn from history

and change it?

You're not learning from

You're not learning from history by doing its exact opposite. You might be able to change it but its less effective and it should not be difficult to see why. I don't know why you think the President of the US is somehow handcuffed by our people at the grassroots level. Laughable. The entire Congress will be lock step with him.

Ventura 2012

I don't think that

I was a hard core grassrooter until I was convinced Ron Paul was NOT going to do it my way, and if I really wanted Ron Paul to win, I needed to do it his way, join the GOP, become a GOP delegate and committee member. So I did that. And now I see that Ron Paul is correct, the GOP can be taken. I am no longer grassroots and I don't miss it. I'm actually relieved, life is much better and I have more power than I ever did to promote liberty.

We are only beginning, so by 2016, there will be more of us going for congressional seats, senate seats, and local boards. It's an awesome thing to see, and be part of. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

So, you have a problem with Ron Paul's plan, not mine. I'm doing what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. You have your reason to not do that. So do what you want. I'm doing what I want and I'm very happy I did what Ron Paul asked. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

A bit of advice

Granger,if you believe you can change it from within, best of luck and I mean that. As you said we all must take paths to achieve liberty. I notice one thing though. More and more you seem to have a very arrogant tone towards anything "grassroots". I might remind you that at the level in the party you are at, you are still grassroots. Also, Dr. Paul was in office how long? And when did his message soar? When the GRASSROOTS took it and ran. Not until the grassroots did the work, did it even occur to you to do what you are doing now. I am not putting down what you are doing at all, but this seeming attitude that grassroots are soooo yesterday and beneath you is.....well it's not very fitting. Truth be told the only way the establishment get it's power is by controlling the grassroots. The lowly county committee folks along with grassroots grunts who make sure every poll is covered....who canvass getting petitions signed.....who stuff envelopes.....man phone banks.....etc.etc.etc. Trust me I have many who knew me when I drank the kool aid begging me to "bring our grassroots folks into the GOP fold". Why? Because they know how important grassroots are and would kill to have the enthusiastic people we have cultivated since 2007. My answer is a very polite "tough shit, do something to earn their trust and participation" Now that I've rambled too long, main message again... what you are doing is fine and important, but if you think you are now somehow above the grassroots, think again.