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We are going to re-elect Obama by voting for someone else?

The Examiner: When Ross Perot ran as a third-party candidate, he took just enough votes to guarantee a Bill Clinton presidency. Today, the Ron Paul supporters who refuse to vote for Mitt Romney because he’s not “pure” enough may well guarantee an Obama re-election.

Today’s polling tells us that the election is going to be close. While one can interpret the polling data and the sampling methods to show a variety of results, there can be no disputing that the outcome is far from pre-determined and decided.

Given that reality, the votes of that contingent of rabid Ron Paul supporters are quite capable of being a deciding factor of the outcome of November’s contest. So Ron Paul’s supporters must ask themselves a number of questions:


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This author makes a lot of false assumptions. Romney publicly stated in the debates that he would actually "strengthen" the Patriot Act and NDAA, making it worse, so don't try to pass him off as better than Obama.

Next, Obama is not saying "I will make our military the strongest in the world" by spending an additional $2 trillion dollars on it, Romney is, so again, Romney is further away from Paul supporters than Obama.

Next, Romney will attack Iran (Obama probably will too), but no one in mainstream is talking about the 90,000 Russian Commando troops, the 400 Russian Helicopters, the armored divisions and the 3 Russian fleets which now have a base in Syria, nor do they talk about the warning from Putin that states "we will not tolerate an attack on Syria or Iran". China is also sending military to back up Russia. "knock, knock, knock....hello Romney, anybody home in that little brain of yours".

When you look at the big picture, when you see that Romney has appointed ten of the same 15 Bush advisers who fabricated the WMD's and Yellowcake lies, then you know with Romney we will return to the neo-con days...on steriods.

The answer is clear, try to control or minimize the Obama damage for 4 years and push for education and reform for 2016 and stay as far away from the "forever" war neo-cons and Romney in 2012.


anyone is actually electing anyone else. Rombama wasn't elected and I highly doubt the obammunist was either. It's a charade.

it's not a charade...

there is just a lot of stupid people who actually vote.

How stupid.

The argument can go both ways. There are a lot of Democrats that voted for Obama in 2008 and then Paul in the 2012 primaries. Those are the ones that refuse to vote Obama again and are going 3rd party. So I guess the Dems can say the same if Obama loses...it was the Blue Republicans. They're all stupid and always have an excuse for everything.

Fear vote?

I really can't understand why people would vote for Mitt Romney out of fear that Obama might win. Will someone please explain what I am missing here? I doubt anyone who frequents this site is a 'die-hard' Mitt supporter, so I'm wondering, what is the big difference between the two?

From my perspective, they both have the same adjenda. Sure, Obama might have a socialist slant, but Romney has a fascist slant. To me, they represent two sides of the same statist coin (which is a fiat coin btw, wildly fluctuating values built on lies and false hope).

Voting for Mitt out of fear is exaclty what they are hoping for. For me, I refuse to play in the game they've created and will be 'wasting' my vote on the person I want to win. In the end, if Obama wins, or Romney wins I am confident nothing will change the course this country is on.

Romney Supporters Are Re-Electing Obama By Not Voting GJ (or RP)

They don't want to hear that though.

It's great that they think we'd be stupid enough to buy that one

It shows that they've really underestimated us. Except for Bush II, who mis-underestimated us.

Keep the ineffective propaganda coming, neocons! It's worth your time and expenses, trust me! I'm sooooo close to voting Romney now! HAHAHAHAHA!

not pure enough? Hell, Obama

not pure enough? Hell, Obama is purer than Romney.

Voting...one more time, folks...

Your electronic vote this November will be "counted" in Spain by a company that's owned by George Soros. The State Department just yesterday was condemming some country (was it Georgia?) for not having fair elections!! LOL
It just seems to me as though NOTHING is going to change, no matter our vote, or non-participation...until, like those in Greece or Spain, the masses become fed-up and take to the streets in total anger. I just don't see things being any different until something like that occurs here. We all worked hard to get Ron his 15 minutes...and we really, truely, actually did it!!! Then, we were cheated. At what point is enough, enough?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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I'm going to reelect obombya by NOT voting.

I will vote under one circumstance...if RP endorses a candidate like he did in 2008. I voted for Chuck Baldwin then as RP endorsed him.

Other than that, I'll stay home on the potus election.

I hope the necons choke on obombya!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Obama re-elected

would be really bad.

But I'm definitely leaning toward the view that Romney
getting in would be even worse.

I'm planning to vote for Gary Johnson, but as I'm in a
state that is safe for Obama, it's not likely that my vote is
going to affect anything directly, anyway.

Probably the best we can hope for at the moment is that
Obama squeaks out a win and that the minor party vote
in aggregate is as high as possible.

A vote for either the Green, Constitution or Libertarian
Party is at least a vote for peace and rolling back the
police state - and against the Demopublican duopoly.
Trolls excepted, pretty much any DP'er should be able
to live with at least one of the above..

Check Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones,
for a bit more on what a Romney victory could entail:


Pieczenik from about 33 min. and Tarpley from about
1:20 of the program.

(Love how the Ron Paul/Liberty people *own* the comments
to the article...)

Perhaps I miss something...

...but didn't things turn out a bit better under Clinton than they did & would have later otherwise under Bush the first?

Maybe this isn't the best example the author could have used as to what impact Paul supporters might have here. I know just as far as the military policy, size, strength, and funding standpoints go, Romney is loony tunes compared to Obama. As to the rest, I'm not yet aware of a significant enough difference for it to really matter much.

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if you like nafta and gatt and the destruction of our manufacturing base...

thanks, slick willie!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I certainly won't debate that there were MANY issues...

...with his presidency. But, compared to Bush? Granted, I was young so I'd need to go back to review things, but just speaking from my experience under his son, I've thus far got no real doubt that we would have seen much worse, albeit different, offenses under another Bush-the-first term.

Admittedly, I might be wrong - but I know Clinton was slightly less offensive to the deficit (if nothing more) than republicans historically are.

The weird thing about Clinton

I think he was the most conservative president in my adult life, that I can remember, and that includes Reagan and Nixon. Reagan was not conservative at all. He expanded federal government power and gave amnesty to illegals. He really expanded the power of the IRS to go after tip earners.

I mean, going after waitresses and cab drivers, what a man.

Nixon was the worst, I won't even go into that. He destroyed our money.


NOT PURE ENOUGH?! Mitt Romney is the antithesis of everything that I consider to be a good person. I'd rather have 4 more years of Obama personally.

I agree

Mitt would be worse than Obama, and then if Mitt won, it would get harder to get people to see the message we are trying to communicate about trying liberty and sound money and not trying to police the world. Mitt would be looked at as what a "conservative" is, even though WE know he is anything but conservative.

Also, as much as a war hawk as Obama has been by continuing our involvement in the middle east, I think Mitt would just start another war with Iran. I mean, just what we need, a third unlimited, expensive war. Of course, Obama might also start another war, but I think our odds are worse with Mitt.

I haven't decided if I will write in Ron Paul or vote for Johnson. I think voting for Johnson would make more of a public statement, since those results would be on the media, while the Ron Paul write in votes will not even make the news.


OF COURSE Ron Paul supporters can sway an election, over 2,000,000 people voted for him.

The GOP sealed its fate when it ignored, ostracized, ridiculed, excluded and humilated those supporters in Tampa. End of story.

what will you do if you dont have your freedom

I think what most people are

I think what most people are forgetting is that Mitt was promised The GOP nomination back in 08 when he left the race so there would be no chance of a brokered convention. Same this time around with Santorum. Both the GOP and the DEMS are controlled by the same big banks and big corporations who want a one world Government. I find it amusing that people still on the daily paul think there is even the slightes difference between the 2 (romney and obama) No matter which of those douches becomes president, he will do what he is told from the ruling world elite. Whether it is war with Iran or what ever, the idiot in charge now or the one idiot wanting to be in charge will do as he is told. Those morons voting for obama because they think there is a better chance of going to war under Romney are clueless. All illusions by the ruling elite to make people think they have a choice. YOU MUST VOTE THIRD PARTY. My question is we must all vote for the same third party candidate. This will make the objection sound much louder.


Obama has a pretty contentious relationship with Netanyahu, while Willard will do anything for the man. So I think there IS a lesser chance of war under Obama.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Bush1 sucked. His loss is his

Bush1 sucked. His loss is his fault.

Southern Agrarian

pure politicians

... are affected by trends and opinion polls. Romney is a pure politician and Obama is mostly a pure politician. Neither has a strong moral compass that they stick to like Ron Paul has. And both change their opinions on how the vote turns out or how polls come back. So a vote for either is a vote for nothing substantial. A vote for a third party is a way of influencing them to the extent that they feel threatened by a trend that might unseat them. Their other influences are very wealthy and/or powerful and arguably more consistently influential than any block of voters can be. So pick a philosophy, any one you agree with, and vote for that. Otherwise, you are wasting your vote. I'm voting for Gary Johnson because he is the most viable candidate that is proven (by his record) to hold a lot of libertarian ideas.

Your Vote doesn't count, it hasn't counted in a very long time!

Your Vote doesn't count, it hasn't counted in a very long time! The reason I took time to be a delegate, wasn't because I thought Ron had even the slightest of chance. It was to connect with great people and make great friends. It was to whisper in their ear that this will never work. It was to help convince others even if only (1) other person, how useless it is to beg masters to take it easy on us slaves. It was to help convince others that the only way is Peaceful Revolution, Agorism, Refusal to take orders. At some time in the future, when things get bad enough, Police will slowly stop arresting protestors, the military will quit taking orders, the people will stop paying taxes, stop paying fraudulent mortgage debt, and they will refuse to leave their house when evicted. There is only one other potential way of ridding ourselves of government, WORLD-WIDE CATASTROPHE, causing governments to collapse and causing people to spontaneously organize of free will into whatever types of relationships they choose.

Your vote does count - that is why it cannot be wasted.

Your vote is a privilege, a right, a sacred duty, that is fought and often died for all around the world - even today. The ability to express your conscience and your convictions in selecting your leaders and representatives.

Yes it is being undermined by a system that wants to limit your choices. Yes it is being undermined by fraud.

That is precisely the reason to make it count by voting your conscience for the candidate you choose.

Save the republic by voting FOR what you believe in.


oh the horror!!!! "I saw that movie Obama 2016 and I'm terrified!!!"
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I actually heard a woman say that at the RNC as she told me to leave the Republican Party seeing as I'm not a Republican THAT I SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT!!!

Hey unidentified lady, NO PROBLEM!

Here is some theme music for folks writing in Ron Paul(like me because it counts in my state) or voting Gary Johnson. (or just sitting this trainwreck out all together because it really doesn't matter at this point. This boulder is already heading down the hill.) Oh and Rand can go and suck party d*ck all he wants. He seems to get off on this sh*t.




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oh yeah... the wasted vote

But what if one wants Ron Paul to be elected? Can one vote for Ron Paul then?


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just bricks in the wall

Yes. By voting for someone else besides Ron Paul, Obama will be reelected. Or, more accurately, by voting for someone else besides Ron Paul, Obamny will be elected. It was never any other way. For what it's worth, that contention was stated repeatedly in the history of this blog. And it was never close, the system is controlled seven ways to Sunday. The dirty tricks bag is still full. The system is broken - and working within it is too slow - unless you control the system. Directing this grassroots energy into the Republican party ensured this outcome.

Large numbers believing in Democratic/Republican parties continue to aid and abet. The destruction of the country may well be assisted by those that still think they can work within the system, entrenched denial in the face of overwhelming contrary empirical data. Ideology worship is a pathetic and tragic condition; paper chains; another brick in the wall.

Let me be Clear! I am voting

Let me be Clear! I am voting for GJ, having said that, Obama is the lesser of two evils. Obama is slowly but surely bringing our troops home. Romney is hell bent on starting a war with Iran and promise to start a trade war with China. To sum it up, peace with Obama or war with Romney.

Voting in the primaries was rigged

why shouldn't we think voting in the general election won't be rigged too? Obama, Romney, what does it matter if they control the voting machines anyhow?