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We are going to re-elect Obama by voting for someone else?

The Examiner: When Ross Perot ran as a third-party candidate, he took just enough votes to guarantee a Bill Clinton presidency. Today, the Ron Paul supporters who refuse to vote for Mitt Romney because he’s not “pure” enough may well guarantee an Obama re-election.

Today’s polling tells us that the election is going to be close. While one can interpret the polling data and the sampling methods to show a variety of results, there can be no disputing that the outcome is far from pre-determined and decided.

Given that reality, the votes of that contingent of rabid Ron Paul supporters are quite capable of being a deciding factor of the outcome of November’s contest. So Ron Paul’s supporters must ask themselves a number of questions:


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They didn't want to win.

They didn't want to win. There are to many deep pockets to fill in Washington and Wall Street for a president Paul to happen.

It will never happen. But soon enough people are waking up and there will be a revolt.

Gold, Guns, and a Get Away Plan.


Sorry, just wanted to fix that.


"Immoral" is right.

i am finally starting to enjoy this election season

watching neocon pigs squeal.
i just don't get no better 'n that.

Can't speak for any other RP

Can't speak for any other RP supporter, but when the GOP and DNC candidates are as similar as Obama and Romney, it becomes much more advantageous for the Ron Paul model of promoting freedom via the GOP, to demonstrate clearly to less principled GOPers that te only way they'll ever win, is to start acting more responsibly. Even if that helps Obama, who is perhaps 1% "worse" on some metric of libertarianness than Romney, win this time.

Helping Romney win on the kind of mealy mouthed, nothingness platform that he runs on, simply helps destroy any hope the GOP will ever wake the heck up.

Heck, if enough people ditch the Mittster this time around, maybe the strategists will realize they need someone more like Rand next time. Or even DeMint. Or Christie. Or anyone, really, who isn't simply some palefaced version of Obama. (I'm assuming the appeal of the dream ticket, Woods/Napolitano, will still be too complimecated for most GOP drones to comprehend)

Actually a vote for Robmey is a vote for Obombya

And a vote for Mickey Mouse is really a vote for Donald Duck. Funny.
But seriously, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Liberty!!! Ron Paul or none at all!!!

Bush lost in 1992 because he

Bush lost in 1992 because he broke his taxes pledge. Perot merely capitalized on that. Even if Perot had not entered the race, that decision ensured Bush's defeat.

Don't forget the so-called "weapons ban" that

Bush signed as well. (Yes, Clinton had one, but Bush had one too)

You don't win re-election as a Republican if you vote to ban any kind of gun.

More from the Examiner - It's Unreal


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Ha ha ha ... First the

Ha ha ha ... First the Examiner and the GOP spit in the faces of the Ron Paul supporters during the 2012 GOP Presdential race AND at the Republican National Convention last August , and now the GOP comes begging to the Ron Paul supporters to support Romney ?

This article states " ... If one performs an honest analysis and assessment, libertarian principles will be further set back if Obama is granted another term to pursue his agenda..." ???

Sorry Doug Edelman , but DON'T blame the Ron Paul supporters and for that fact , the Gary Johnson supporters for IF obama wins a second term . You can blame this whole mess on the RNC , the states GOP and the Liberal Lamestream Media for such a crooked caucus and primary season . Even former RNC chaiman Michael Steele stated that the RNC were FOOLS for not hearing the voices of the Liberty Movement that could had brought the Republican Party back to some sort of unity ... But No , RNC Chairman Reince Priebus decided to silence the voices of the Liberty Movement by breaking the very rules of the RNC to get romney nominated . and then at the Republican Convention last August , the RNC changed the rules on the spot to avoid Ron Paul from being on the ballot . With a little help from the states GOP , the RNC and the Liberal Lamestream Media , Ron Paul could had been the nominee , or anyone they would had decided to back but again , they chose romney so they have to live with that fact that it is their faults , and not Paul supporters if obama wins his second term .

With all of this corruption that We The People had witnessed for the last 12 months , do you really expect the Ron Paul supporters to support romney ? Are you Nuts or are you just stupid ? To stop this political 2 party system game , I for one isn't playing this game anymore ... I Vote For Ron Paul , Or I Vote For No One .

if Romney supporters serious about winning

Seems to me if Romney supporters really wanted to defeat Obama they would be helping Libertarians promote Gary Johnson to the pro-marijuana voters, marriage equality voters, and pro-choice voters.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Obama = Romney

...when will the sheeple learn.

Dismal Romney still a factor

Don't re-elect Obama people!! If Romney supporters vote for Johnson, Obama will not be the next President. Given that reality, rabid ho-hum Romney supporters must ask themselves: Is the 'princple' of voting Republican worth another four years of Obama?

Yeah...how is voting for

Yeah...how is voting for someone else going to elect someone else? This logic is confusing. How about we all focus on electing the guy most qualified? Now there's a concept for ya!

The question is can our

The question is can our nation survive another Obama term? Four more years of Obama or eight years of Romney? I say we ride out the storm and prepare for election 16! It's going to be rougher than a cob so start preparing now if you haven't already.

Be prepared. Guns, Gold, and a Getaway Plan.


I believe there were exit polls indicating clearly that Bush would have lost the election without Perot's help. This is called convenient memory.

There are MANY sub groups of

There are MANY sub groups of the Republican party that refuse to vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt is the only one to blame.

PS. With all the banker campaing contributions to Romney, I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls it off somehow. The PTB control things, not the voters.

exactly !

exactly !

Voting for Ron Paul

My Conscience is clear.

Make sure a write-in doesn't

Make sure a write-in doesn't put your ballot into provisional or discard status, as you probably want your local and state votes to be counted.

Wake up

The corrupt bastards may not count any votes in any election. So might as well vote for who you want cause it is likely it will count no less than any one else's 'vote'.

Is it not obvious we have

Is it not obvious we have troll after troll writing vote for Romney bits... Do they not understand that Obama is probably better than Mitt... i mean what foolaid are they drinking to think someone who would stand in one country and say this is the capital while pissing off 6-7 maybe 8-12 countries in the middle east area... oh yeah that was MItt. I would literally vote obama over Mitt.

Not voting for President.

I'll blame the voters for the next Tyrant in Chief.

Free includes debt-free!

local races

I hope you will still vote the local and state races.

I believe that would be prudent.

If only the State Legislatures selected the Senators the bad bills could be "nullified" before they reached the President.

I know four State Legislators in the running. A couple of ballot proposals up for vote.

I now measure according to the maxim that liberty brings prosperity.

Free includes debt-free!

Obama will get re-elected

because the RNC tried to cram a rich elitist liberal Democrat down our throats...

Freedom in election.


This defies all kinds of

This defies all kinds of logic.
But this isn't the first of articles like this to cross the DP.
Nothing else needs to be said.

Southern Agrarian

Does it really sound like they want us to vote for Romney?

"Rabid Ron Paul Supporters"

Sounds more like they're trying to turn us off and insult us...not that being nice is going to make one shit of difference.

Just saying.. That's no way to make nice if you're asking for something.

Reminds of the "lose some weight you fat bitch" mentality as an attempt to help someone. lol

It sounds inspirational, right?

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Ron who?

Oh, you mean that unelectable guy who ran the "quixotic" campaign that packed venues with up to 10,000 people that we didn't bother to report on?