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Hi Folks of Daily Paul please consider a donation to Kurt Bills!

Hi. I received this email from Kurt showing that his campaign is having an effect in reaching the masses, but it would be nice to be able to air a lot of commercials pretty soon as the three campaign buses have gone the whole state of Minnesota spreading the message. It would be nice if someone dailypaul maybe could help with a Money Bomb ticker at the top of the screen

Some said it couldn’t be done.

Others, like you, know what I know: Klobuchar is bad for Minnesotans and the nation. And Minnesotans are remembering that.

And today, a new poll done by an independent source has Klobuchar at 49%. You can read the full results here: http://today.yougov.com/news/2012/09/21/minnesota/

This validates what our internal polling shows. Klobuchar is vulnerable, and her support continues to erode. She has lost 11 points in the polls since June.

But I can’t beat this big spending extremist without your help.

Your contribution of $100, $50, $25, or even $10 will help me get my message out on the airwaves – and close the remaining gap.

It is ironic that today is September 25th. On that day in 1990 the polls showed the exact same thing in the Wellstone/Boschwitz race – Wellstone down by 15 points. I’m down by 14, but with Klobuchar under 50 – well, we know how this story will end.

It’s time for us to rise up and say: we have had enough of your crony capitalism. We have had enough of your policies hurting our children and grand-children. But most importantly, we will say:

We can turn this country around and take back our liberty from those who have stolen it from us.

This is our country, we are taking it back.

Please contribute today. We have a critical September 30th deadline for fundraising. And we have to get ourselves on the air to close this gap. I thank you for your continued commitment to the cause.

Read my full press release here.

Kurt Bills

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Consider helping with this drive...

We are so close to our critical fundraising goal for the 3rd Quarter. In 38 hours my next fundraising deadline will pass.

I need $20,000 more to push us over the edge of a critical fundraising benchmark.

The Star Tribune already proved their bias for Klobuchar, and without a strong fundraising report what do you suppose the Star Tribune will print next?

Your contribution, even of $10 will help bring me over our internal fundraising goal.

If everyone who received this email gave just $10 more – I would have enough money for T.V.

Can you help me get there by contributing $10 today?

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Kurt Bills

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Donate Ha!

Bills endorsed Romney (gag). Is Romney is going to be good for MN (gag)? Now he wants support (gag). Dream on.

Short sighted

The only way we and liberty lovers are going to keep our liberty is to support those who will fight for our liberty. I don't understand this knee jerk reaction. Do we not really care about our liberty?

Kurt Bills is a liberty candidate, personally endorsed by Ron Paul. He understands real economics, and he understands that our continued wars jeopardizes those of us at home. So tell me again why it makes sense not to support him?

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

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Limited funds and long term goals

Any money I have will go to either establishing a Liberty Party or to finance Judge Nap, if anyone can persuade him to run.

Bills and Rand dumped on their base (us) by endorsing Romney before Tampa. I wish both these guys well, but, they did this to themselves and they will never have the support that Ron Paul has had.

Many of us are suspicious of c4l, because of the way the election was handled.

They (Bills and Rand) probably emboldened the corruption at the RNC by letting them think we would fall in line behind Romney. Fat chance of that.

No chance of your getting money from me! Don't waste your time.

Linda S. , Perhaps You'd View or Read This:

"The Devil and Daniel Webster"...it's context re: Kurt Bills and "other" candidates is noteworthy, and yes...even in Rand's case.

But to fantasize about Judge Nap?

How many were at one time big-time fans of another media personality:
...........Glenn Beck...........................LOL!

Good Luck with that new 3rd Party idea.
Even Dr Paul finally realized, along with others here, that isn't feasible, as much as I and you would love to see it.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I am not going into details on this site, but I was involved

in the state convention and of the three candidates Kurt Bills is the only true liberty candidate of choice. It's finally nice to have a teacher running that teaches Austrian Economics and knows that we will be going off a fiscal cliff pretty soon. All I can say he is on our side.

I respect your free choice

Obviously its your money to use where you believe you will get the most value.

My problem is with this general mentality that we are going to throw our own to the wolves anytime they say or do something we don't agree with. This is the kind of behavior present in establishment politics, which is exactly what makes it establishment politics. Its the thing Romney and the RNC did to us, why then are we doing it to our selves? If we truly want to change the nature of politics in our country, we first have to be that change we want to see.

Maybe thats why I'm inclined to defend Bills, of course it may also have to do with him being a fellow Minnesotan. Minnesota has largely been at the head of the pack of the liberty movement in this country, and we will continue to do so with or without the help of others around the nation.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

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Rootin Tootin! I love Minnesota!!!

I am not throwing Bills to the wolves. He has you to defend him, and he has done nothing to explain himself. I have already said I wish him well.

Where would we be without Minnesota???? I love Minnesota!! I also love Maine, and all the other liberty loving states. I could not have been prouder of Oklahoma and Louisiana. I am not sending them any money either.....

Plus 1


Ron Paul - Intellectual hero