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I propose... An alliance!

I propose an alliance between two of the "factions" of the Liberty Movement.

I am a Gary Johnson supporter. Why? I hope to register a large enough percentage of a protest vote for Johnson to send a message. And if by some miracle he gets in the debates, we can position ourselves to win.

However, those who are going to write in Ron Paul? I totally get it. You guys aren't compromising, you're voting for the best man for the job. You don't care what they think, you're voting your heart, through and through.

I think that what you supporters of write in are doing something admirable. You've chosen to go for the best man for the job.

Johnson supporters have chosen to not go with the best man, but with a very good man who has more of a chance of winning. I can understand why you'd reject this, just from the standpoint of purity. I'm going to support Johnson.

But we need to make an alliance between ourselves, because we're supporting liberty candidates. We need to oppose the following three factions:

- the "vote for Romney because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "vote for Obama to spite the GOP/because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "let's not vote because it'll be rigged anyway" faction

I get it, people are lost and disappointed that we didn't get RP the GOP nomination. But what did we keep saying during the campaign? We kept saying that we weren't going to vote for the lesser of two evils, and that we weren't going to sit idly by.

Let's continue this movement through November and beyond. How? VOTE FOR A LIBERTY CANDIDATE. Either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

And Paul and Johnson supporters? Let's stop going for each other's throats for a while in order to combat the three aforementioned ideas, all of which are very dangerous ideas that could jeopardize the future of this movement, this country, and this world. I propose: an alliance.

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No Banker backing

Just looked at GJ contributors, and found no financial or big corporate backers. Given Ron Paul has bowed out, determination to write him in changes, to a consideration to vote GJ, along with no DNC/RNC-affiliated candidate getting my vote. Considering all the other candidates below presidential level, not democratic or republican associated, that's where my choices will reside.

Thanks for the offer! And, if Washington State doesn't count...

...Ron Paul write-in votes then I will be voting for Gary Johnson.

Since I'm pretty sure write-ins won't count here I will be glad to vote Libertarian.

Gary Johnson proved himself as a liberty candidate when he openly supported Dr. Paul DURING ONE OF THE REPUBLICAN DEBATES which I thought was pretty cool.

Is Gary Johnson a Ron Paul? No. Only Ron Paul is Ron Paul. His very own son proved that.

But while the Libertarians are not 100% correct on everything, they're a hell of a lot better than the republican party could hope to be.

So I agree - An alliance is a good strategy to protest the two-party strangle-hold on American politics.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


double post.

SOMEONE sure wants

to morph the liberty message at Daily Paul into "vote for Johnson". This mantra is becoming increasingly desperate and shrill. Wonder how many shills are here pushing this "lesser, lesser, evil"? One hundred? Two hundred? Newsflash: WAKEUP PEOPLE!!Voting and politics do not work! They will lie, cheat and steal! Do you think Gary Johnson stands a snowballs chance, EVEN if he were half the man Ron Paul is??

If nothing else, my vote will

If nothing else, my vote will send a message to the establishment that I will no longer acknowledge or tolerate the two party system. I'm waiting to here your solution...?


Happy Libertarian

so what is your solution?

so what is your solution? Ofcourse we know johnson does not stand a chance but atleast my protest vote tells those pricks in the NWO that they don't own me and I can think. It tells them that I am not fooled by them.

I was previously going to write in Ron

But I've since decided that I'm voting for Gary - really excited about his VP Jim Gray after watching some interviews too!

Great post btw. Definitely agree that votes for Ron or Gary are way more beneficial than the other proposals.

Well thought out proposal...

Makes sense to me. See my comment below regarding voting for "the lesser of two goods" to avoid the "lesser of two evils." This is because Johnson has a chance if people pull together. Independents comprise 29-40% of the electorate. The Democrats and Republicans each have approximately a third. Johnson could win a plurality if he is successful in getting into the debates.

How, exactly, is not voting

How, exactly, is not voting dangerous for the movement, the country, and the world? I, personally, don't care one whit if other people want to vote, but since there isn't an option to vote for no ruler then I'm staying home. This movement isn't about an election, it's about converting people to libertarianism. It's about getting people to support the non-aggression principle. I'm going to continue doing just that until the day I die, and voting for a ruler isn't going to get me any closer to a free society. Saying that not voting is dangerous is beyond ridiculous, especially considering I have been able to convince some Romney/Obama supporters to not vote by convincing them their vote won't make a difference. Go ahead and vote if that is what you want to do, but don't delude yourself into thinking that those of us who stay home are the dangerous ones.

Novel idea...

Vote for "the lesser of two goods" (Gary Johnson vs. Ron Paul) to avoid "the lesser of two evils. Even Dr. Paul has said that people should give Gary Johnson a strong look.

If you like Johnson then vote

If you like Johnson then vote for him, it's no skin off my back. I'm not voting at all, so he doesn't interest me. If Johnson was converting people to libertarianism like Ron Paul then I would be encouraging people to look into him, but he is clearly not as effective at growing our numbers as others are. So I will continue to send non-libertarians to people like Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Robert Murphy, Robert Wenzel, Walter Block, Judge Nap, Hans Hoppe, Stephan Kinsella, Jeffrey Tucker, and on and on because they have proven track records of growing the movement. See, to me, it isn't about who people should vote for, it's about convincing more people to become libertarians. If getting someone to look into Gary Johnson convinced more people to become libertarians better than sending them to LRC, I would do it.

I don't understand...

You want people to become libertarians, so you send them to Paul/Woods/Lew etc... good, yes.

But why would you not also just cast a vote for Gary on election day? How is it any 'skin off your back' to support the libertarian candidate this year?

It is a waste of my time, I

It is a waste of my time, I have better things to do, and I don't want a ruler. How does my one vote for Johnson convince anyone else to become a libertarian?

vote 2012

Well Ron is out of the race. So I will most def be voting for Gary. I also urge all Ron supporters to do the same. I don't agree with him on everything, but you know what? I don't agree with anyone 100% of the time. He is by far the best and just think guys, what will we tell the country if we all combine and stand against the two parties. I say lets get behind this guy and push him. I have more faith in the Paul supporters than any group for making things happen. We have been amazing. They already hate us, lets make them really hate us lol!

I am in this for

my country and the revolution, the peaceful, honorable, dedicated, and integrity driven, revolution. The top priority, I have always felt, was to infiltrate, convince, monopolize, and integrate the sheep of the republican party to conform to what they always believed in, freedom. I have always thought that the money I donated and the time I gave was to push foward a cause, and that cause is maximized liberty. I am from NJ. Where NeoCons are the hardestcore you have ever seen. Who do you all think the money for the MIC contracts go to? When I saw that the Ron Paul Revolution took over the Iowa GOP, I was convinced, we will win. So in conclusion, I will be voting for Gary Johnson, not because I support him as much as Dr. Ron Paul, but because the system is set up that way. A write in vote is worthless. Dr. Paul is always saying spread the message, our message to the GOP will be sent, only with a GJ vote.

This is a movement, a peaceful political movement.

After listening to an

After listening to an infowars interview with Johnson, I'm leaning towards voting for him myself. I hope his lawsuit is successful and he can be in the presidential debates.

I love this post

I've struggled big time between writing Ron in or sending a message. I know Ron Paul is the best man for the job, but dangit I really want to rub the GOP dogs' noses in it. In my mind, now more than ever, a clear message needs to be sent. Johnson is acceptable to me, and I think he is the best choice for sending the biggest message.

Like the OP, I respect and commend those who will only write in RP. I also understand folks who can't stomach Johnson voting for some other third party candidate. I can't get mad at someone for just saying to heck with it all and abstaining. But I cannot understand how anyone can vote for Obamney.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Let me know.

The agenda Barrack Obama & Mitt Romney share is the implementing of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Now that's pretty easy to understand.

I am an American Constitutionalists. I am not an Ideological Socialist Globalist.

The issues are about protecting our Liberties, our Constitution, and our Currency.
Principles and character still matter and a vote for Obama or Mitt would make me complicit in the war against the Constitution and Liberty.

When Gary starts talking about ending the Fiat Money System, returning to the Gold Standard and Free Markets let me know.

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

Johnson spoke about approving

Johnson spoke about approving competing currencies on a infowars interview.

I am

Write-ins aren't valid in my state. (and most others) So writing in Ron Paul is pointless.

And abstaining accomplishes absolutely nothing; sorry, but not voting is exactly what they like, they want you to take your toys and go home; easier for them.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Not voting...

...is voting...voting for Obamney!

Great Idea!

This is a better solution. Just walk away!


Ignore them all! Don't vote it just encourages the bastards!

The perfect solution for a...

dictator to step-in unless you prefer anarchy. Walking away is cowardly. Fighting back takes guts. Fighting back and winning takes intelligence and guts.

If you have neither, you'll just be in the way, better to walk away.

Yes I prefer Anarchy and so should you!

Non aggression to the extreme!

Nice ad hom BTW!


Abstaining is like threatening to remove a thorn from their side.....its not a threat, its an encouragement.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Thank you for this. It's what

Thank you for this. It's what almost what I've proposed all along: Let people do what they want to do. None of us want to aide the status quo.

The Revolution Continues..

So, a write-in for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would be...

aiding the status quo? How so?

I did not say that. No one

I did not say that.

No one wants to support the current status quo. So let the Liberty people do what they want, to oppose it in their own right. Whether writing in RP or voting GJ or abstaining.

The Revolution Continues..

It is not an alliance, it is a Hijacking.

Gary Johnson supporters don't have a clue what the Ron Paul movement is about. Compromise is not it. Hijacking the movement is not it.

Ron Paul doesn't want GJ and neither do we. It is obvious to RP that GJ has a different agenda.

What and insult. Go try some Obamanoids.

You, sir

You, sir, are an absolute idiot. Gary Johnson supporters know exactly what the movement is about - many of us were Ron Paul supporters in '88 when you were probably in diapers. Show some respect you fool!