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I propose... An alliance!

I propose an alliance between two of the "factions" of the Liberty Movement.

I am a Gary Johnson supporter. Why? I hope to register a large enough percentage of a protest vote for Johnson to send a message. And if by some miracle he gets in the debates, we can position ourselves to win.

However, those who are going to write in Ron Paul? I totally get it. You guys aren't compromising, you're voting for the best man for the job. You don't care what they think, you're voting your heart, through and through.

I think that what you supporters of write in are doing something admirable. You've chosen to go for the best man for the job.

Johnson supporters have chosen to not go with the best man, but with a very good man who has more of a chance of winning. I can understand why you'd reject this, just from the standpoint of purity. I'm going to support Johnson.

But we need to make an alliance between ourselves, because we're supporting liberty candidates. We need to oppose the following three factions:

- the "vote for Romney because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "vote for Obama to spite the GOP/because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "let's not vote because it'll be rigged anyway" faction

I get it, people are lost and disappointed that we didn't get RP the GOP nomination. But what did we keep saying during the campaign? We kept saying that we weren't going to vote for the lesser of two evils, and that we weren't going to sit idly by.

Let's continue this movement through November and beyond. How? VOTE FOR A LIBERTY CANDIDATE. Either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

And Paul and Johnson supporters? Let's stop going for each other's throats for a while in order to combat the three aforementioned ideas, all of which are very dangerous ideas that could jeopardize the future of this movement, this country, and this world. I propose: an alliance.

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this is the same nonsense

this is the same nonsense mouth-fed by the gop.
"oh, you're not voting for romney? then you would prefer obama for another 4 yrs?"

scaring me into picking a candidate isn't going to work.

Not running

If Ron Paul wanted your vote, he would ask for it and announce his bid for presidency. He has not done so, so it seems meaningless to vote for him.

Vote only for people who actually announce that they would like to be president, otherwise you might as well throw your protest vote to Mickey Mouse.

ah.. but...

A person who truly deserves a position of power would not actively seek it.

Also, why not vote for romney based on the same thing they say... "you are wasting your vote" ... right? is that what you are saying too? you sound just like them...

Fact: George Washington did not want to be president a 2nd term and was elected against his wishes, and reluctantly accepted.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Yes, but that's not the point

This is not a call to repeat divisive arguments that have already been repeated hundreds of times. It's a call to stop throwing stuff at one another and focus on what we can do together.

The real question is do you understand liberty, or just the fight for liberty? Is this more about practicing or preaching?

I don't know what I'm going to do in November.

In December we have some county meetings.

In January ...

-quiet engineer

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LOL! "Unity" is such an unelectable phrase. "Alliance"

is unelectable too!

Much like your allied, unified, illegally-nominated candiate that as a 24-year registered Republican I will never vote for.

I'm abstaining from the presidential vote and will only cast my vote to local / state elections.


Alliance it is! And remember folks: when the elections are over we can all play nice again. ;)

"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books...Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: 'I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't. I can. And my children will."

-Jimmy Stewart

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Oh...so much looking foward

to being ignored and being considered a fringe weirdo...again.

I remember 2008.

Yeah, okay, my "friend."

Let's not and say we did.

I'm not sure it matters.

I think they will just report the number of votes for Obama, for Romney, and for "other".

Ann in Florida

If "other" is like 30%...

If "other" is like 30%... That is noticeable news.

Especially if someone looks to see what that "other" consisted of.(Ron Paul & Garry Johnson.....and Vermin Supreme)

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Those are the ones who threw

their nose plugs away. Like me.

The media needs to eat a

The media needs to eat a bullet. Their monopoly over television is truly disheartening.... What would you need to start your own news channel on TV??

Maybe RT could become it's own media source. (on US tv)

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That was already tried after his 2008 run

something like "Break the Matrix".

You are your own media source. Influence your physical neighbors.

It's sad, but that influence

It's sad, but that influence has a hard time making it to the older generation. The older people seem to be in their own bubble separate from the young people.... What am I suppose to do? Go to a retirement home and talk about Ron Paul and foreign policy?

(Intended as a serious question)


Go to the retirement home and tell the truth. Some may be dead before next election - but some will talk to their grandkids.

I agree... but I'm going to

I agree... but I'm going to be blatantly honest here and say I probably won't do that.

My support remains online, and hacking... you can send a message that way much better.(to people that use the internet of course).

I am a hacktivist and will spread the message better with the skills I have.

This article should have read....

This article should have read... Help Garry Johnson up until election day. I think that would be a better idea... All the Ron Paul supporters may not vote for Garry Johnson, but our man power can still get him into speaking slots ect.

Collectively, we should promote Garry Johnson for exposure to the national media. When election day comes around, then we just go vote for who we wanted (write in Ron Paul or vote Garry).

What do you think?


Just until election day? Why? There is no one else to back.

People, Dr. Paul is not running. I understand we would all prefer he was. We would prefer to vote for him. IT JUST ISNT AN OPTION.

Vote for Governor Johnson. Dr. Paul is no longer in the race. I know we dont want to hear that - I dont want to hear that, but it's the truth. He's done his part and it's up to us now. Thank Dr. Paul and vote for Governor Johnson. There isnt any other plan that makes any sense.

george washington

didn't want to be president for a second term either but the people elected him against his wishes and he accepted.

also, their system, the "government", is consent based. "consent of the governed". how do you consent to the rules? by voting for the person to represent you in the "game"... its like going to the casino, you put 200 on red and black shows up, u have to pay the price. same goes for the elections... you pay the price; if you consent to the rules of the game, then proceed to throw your chips on the table and lose.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

my friend

by voting GJ you place RP Judge Nap Tom Woods in power.

GJ said on Twitter a while ago he would appoint Judge Napolitano to SCOTUS.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

It'll be put into

It'll be put into consideration... I won't make any rash decisions now though. I'd rather promote Garry Johnson in the name of liberty up until election day. If I see what I like, then I'll make a decision.

My Objective as of now is to promote GJ in every way I can, even though Ron Paul's my man.

The message is the motive.

Is this a declaration of war?

So you're proposing an alliance between 2 of the 5 factions on DP which you say should oppose the other 3. Does that mean those of us in the other three should form an alliance and oppose the alliance of the first 2? Just asking. By the way, I'm still not voting ... and still NOT "doing nothing." Go ahead and oppose me all you like. :-)

Don't vote if that's the way you feel......

Form your alliance with the No/Romney/Obama voters. I'm not sure how it will be effective in sending a message that Liberty counts, but whatever.

When we're victorious, just know you had nothing to do with making it happen.

at least he won't be

at least he won't be delusional :)

You're not sending a message

You're not sending a message by not voting... You will just fall under the statistic of people who don't care or can't vote.

I propose you write in Ron Paul at least... Do the liberty movement a favor and at least show we have numbers.

The goal is to send a message, even if Ron Paul can't win.

Voting sends a strong message

...that you still buy into the democracy sham. If you still haven't accepted that the electoral process is rigged, I am sorry for you. It's been pretty obvious for a long time. When there's large voter turnout, the election rigging-establishment breaths a sigh of relief because it proves that most Americans still don't get it. Not voting sends a message that "we know you've rigged it and we're not adding legitimacy to your sham elections anymore."

In this context, I hope you can see that voting is "doing nothing" and not voting is "doing something."

Unfortunately 60% of

Unfortunately 60% of American's don't vote, even in the presidential election. The TV talking heads don't ever get that to read on their telepromters though.

Use things not People. Love People not things.

A sham it is

See when my primaries came into town I went and voted. Then I thought about my friends who never voted at all but were registered to. I called them up and asked if they wanted to vote for Ron Paul. Believe it or not about 3 of them wanted to and had not known it was today. So I even offered to give them a ride if they needed it and just turn my vote into 4. Then I had my mom and siblings go and vote for Ron Paul and turned 4 into 6. Democracy is a total sham, imagine if everyone did this for GJ in the general election?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Guess what

We all did that for Ron Paul. He had more than enough support to win almost all the straw polls, primaries and caucuses and they stole it from him. They even stole what little wasn't already stolen by changing the rules at the RNC. Wake up, for crying out loud.

I feel like by not voting,

I feel like by not voting, they would still be winning anyway... That means that the few people that do vote, will have more power than the ones that don't.

Right now, about 50% of the population votes.... That mean's for every voter, they are representing 2 people. Do you really want those goon Romney supporters to represent your say??


Less than half the population votes. The only message it sends is, "I couldn't be bother to vote."

Eric Hoffer