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I propose... An alliance!

I propose an alliance between two of the "factions" of the Liberty Movement.

I am a Gary Johnson supporter. Why? I hope to register a large enough percentage of a protest vote for Johnson to send a message. And if by some miracle he gets in the debates, we can position ourselves to win.

However, those who are going to write in Ron Paul? I totally get it. You guys aren't compromising, you're voting for the best man for the job. You don't care what they think, you're voting your heart, through and through.

I think that what you supporters of write in are doing something admirable. You've chosen to go for the best man for the job.

Johnson supporters have chosen to not go with the best man, but with a very good man who has more of a chance of winning. I can understand why you'd reject this, just from the standpoint of purity. I'm going to support Johnson.

But we need to make an alliance between ourselves, because we're supporting liberty candidates. We need to oppose the following three factions:

- the "vote for Romney because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "vote for Obama to spite the GOP/because he's lesser of two evils" faction
- the "let's not vote because it'll be rigged anyway" faction

I get it, people are lost and disappointed that we didn't get RP the GOP nomination. But what did we keep saying during the campaign? We kept saying that we weren't going to vote for the lesser of two evils, and that we weren't going to sit idly by.

Let's continue this movement through November and beyond. How? VOTE FOR A LIBERTY CANDIDATE. Either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

And Paul and Johnson supporters? Let's stop going for each other's throats for a while in order to combat the three aforementioned ideas, all of which are very dangerous ideas that could jeopardize the future of this movement, this country, and this world. I propose: an alliance.

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I dont think we need to gang up on anybody!

Its called being an individual, people will do what they do!

"But we need to make an alliance between ourselves, because we're supporting liberty candidates. We need to oppose the following three factions:"

I dont think we need too, people can vote however they feel!

I think one of the best outcomes would be simply not to vote, dont give them a mandate to govern you. If enough did that they would lose legitimacy in the eyes of many.

Unite around Liberty and make sure the candidates you choose are good enough to set an example of how to think and live.

Never vote for Obamany, that is all I will say!

We also need to remeber that

We also need to remeber that Ron Paul also did not run on an Independent Ticket such as the Libertarian Ticket, Ron Paul's goal was to change the Republican Party in which in time will change if we persevere.

Barely more than 50% of

Barely more than 50% of eligible voters went to the polls in 2008. The government really does not give one iota how many people vote. If you think sitting back and doing nothing is going to change a thing, you're in for a severe disappointment.


My point exactly, if there is less than 50% voting, that vote loses all legitamacy. In the eyes of many, in the US and across the globe. So it will only take a few more %, the Government would be scared of this!

Who said ANYTHING about sitting back and doing nothing. Stop kidding yourself, You voting for GJ will do nothing more than someone not voting. You have to get involved locally if you want to actually change things.

Sheesh, I thought most here already new this.

You act as if I have no clue of what I am talking about.

I totally agree with you,

I totally agree with you, it is the grassroots, and local government in which future candidates will come to be, unfortunately we have a two party system in this country, and voting third party will result in Obama winning, we need to replace the congress with Constitutional minded candidates, this IS OUR ONLY CHANCE to save this country.

Obama - Romney... there is no difference.

A vote for ether is a vote same BS we have had for my whole life. I am sick of it. O no I will not vote for the lesser of two evils, and this time around it is evil red or evil blue. I am also not going to "write in" anyone that has no chance to win, so no protest vote for me. I will be taking the 3rd choice this time around. Gary Johnson.

gary johnson

a true liberty candidate on the ballot in 47 states.
vote for the furthering of liberty candidates and keeping the
liberty voice alive in the media. if he gets on the presedential debates it will be another RP moment as in 2008 except on the final
stages of debates. keep the sheeples minds open with an option
to the duopley.

Congress and the Senate is who we need to focus

If we understand the way that our forefathers created the government is as a Republic in which we vote our representatives to represent the people. Congress creates the Laws, allocates the money to the executive branch to spend on the programs. First we need to replace John Boehner, and to replace the senate with Senators that will vote in a constitutional manner. If we replace the Senators with liberty minded Senators, and replace the RHINO republicans in the house, this will be the beginning stage of taking our country back. Romney and Obama there is not much of a difference, Johnson we do not know much about of where he stands on Audit the Fed, Foreign Policy, etc, so I can not bring myself to vote for him due to not knowing much about him, thus I will vote Romney, but will also vote and fight to put a Senate and Congress that will not be a rubber stamp for the administration.

Ron Paul said Gary Johnson is

Ron Paul said Gary Johnson is "wonderful", that is enough of an endorsement for me.

old saying

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Thankfully, sanity is prevailing.

I agree with your strategy and will do whatever I can to make it happen.

We need to get GJ in the debates.


My guess is that RP was the

My guess is that RP was the uniting force for all 3rd party and independents plus republicans and some democrats. They would have stood behind RP. We would have won by a landslide. But now we stand divided in small numbers.

Unite and we win.

There will be two votes for Johnson

From our house. Obama has WA state in his pocket, but I think a vote for Johnson sends a message.

They do not count write in ballots in WA.

They don't?

I've been looking for information on whether or not write ins are counted in Washington, but I keep getting conflicting information. I've read about the "sore loser laws" but I've also heard others say that they don't apply for presidential elections.

I really do want to write in Ron Paul, but if you or someone else can point to conclusive proof that they are not counted in WA, I will vote for Gary Johnson.

Awesome Post - I'm in!

I will be casting my vote for Gary Johnson in November. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, and he will always be my first choice. But practically speaking, I feel the need to send a message to the two 'bought and paid for' major parties, and to the American people. If people want to write in Ron Paul, I understand that and you have my support. If you're doing what I've chosen to do, you also have my support. An alliance indeed. I'm in!


Happy Libertarian

OK here is the deal

If I am polled or asked by anyone anywhere for the next 41 days I will say I'm voting GJ however once I step up to my PAPER BALLOT It is DOCTOR RON PAUL ... Once more to the breach dear friends

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Lesser of 2 goods

That is what Johnson is, so I see no reason why I cant vote for him.
He is not Ron Paul, and write ins for Ron Paul currently are not in enough states for a electoral college victory. So I can't justify writing in his name unless he is going to be on the write in spot on all the states.
Voting for Romney is the lesser of 2 evils, but voting for Johnson is the lesser of 2 goods, so I choose good over evil.

I'm sympathetic to the urge

I'm sympathetic to the urge to write in Ron Paul. In fact I had planned to do so for the last several months. But I want my vote to be a constructive vote, not simply a protest vote. It's not just a matter of whether my ballot is tossed due to a write-in candidate. It's also that the better Gary Johnson does on November 6, the more credibility it will give to those outside the two-party system.

I agree.

I'm not sure what effect I would be creating by writing in Ron. I do like the idea of making the vehicle of the Libertarian Party stronger, even if GJ isn't RP. The more votes that move to the libertarians, the harder the other parties will have to bend their positions to attract them in the future. Meantime I'll be working to change my local Republican party from the inside.

Gary gets my vote.

We need to grow Libertarian party. The only party that stands for capitalism today.

Everything else follows from capitalism and rational morality. Individual liberty are possible only under private property not hindered by regulations and taxes. Unobstructed private property suffocates big government tyranny.

I disagree

"But we need to make an alliance between ourselves, because we're supporting liberty candidates. We need to oppose the following three factions:"

No we dont, people can vote however they feel, and if you still think that the votes will be counted accurately, think again. So it doesnt matter.

I think the best outcome would be simply not to vote, dont give them a mandate to govern you.

If you don't vote

You are implicitly consenting. If you vote for someone who opposes the system, even if they don't count it, you are opposing the system.


If you do vote, it is YOU who are implicitly consenting that you agree with the system that chooses these candidates and appoints them as our "leaders".

How can you blame a non-voter for the results of a system he doesn't approve of at all?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


you can not blame the non voters simply because the majourity of morons elected a moron.

The people that do not vote simply do not consent to being governed, if enough did that, the Governemnt loses legitimacy in the eyes of many.

To each their own anyway, I cant beleive so many people are afraid of people not voting. Lack of voters would send a message by itself.

Many people don't vote and

Many people don't vote and it's never sent a message before that I can see. After listening to Johnson today in the inforwars interview, I've decided to vote for him.

Every single president has

Every single president has left the government bigger than his predecessor, so clearly voting hasn't changed anything either. I'm not saying that not voting is going to change anything, unless nobody voted, but neither is voting. The only way to change things is by convincing more people to become libertarians. Voting or not voting doesn't make more libertarians, only by studying the philosophy yourself and teaching others about it can you increase our numbers.

What worries me is when people get caught up in this idea that voting is going to fix our problems. I worry because I want people to spend their time on educating themselves and others, and if they are spending a lot of their time focusing on whether another libertarian votes or not, then they are missing the point of the whole movement. I don't care what my fellow libertarians will do on election night. I only care about how many people I can convert to libertarianism between now and election night.

You're not consenting to

You're not consenting to anything just by casting a vote. Just like you're not consenting to the tax system just by paying your taxes. And yes, it is fair game to blame non-voters for the results of an election, especially when the margin between two candidates is much less than the number of non-voters. Think about where Ron Paul would be if all those that attended his campus rallies came out to the polls. You can't complain about your team losing if you sit out the game.

The choice between Johnson and Paul

is a choice between the greater of two goods.

I'm still deciding on which one to vote for. I agree whole heartedly though with the idea that we need to not be fighting each other as that will produce nothing.

Thanks for the great post!

So what's Gary Johnson's

So what's Gary Johnson's position on the Fed? Everyone's been throwing Johnson's name around yet I know next to nothing about him since last year's debate.