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Top Story On Google News: "Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Go to http://news.google.com and check out the #1 story that everyone in the US sees right now as well.

"Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Actual Story: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012/09/25/gop-t...

I love Ron Paul, I love Rand Paul... and as Romney has a 0% chance of winning the election, the headline should read ... "Rand Paul Aids Liberty and a Republican Party Takeover in Ohio".

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let them spin it however they want FW's. Paul is winning and they HATE it.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

This is excellent publicity

This is excellent publicity for Rand. Great job, Rand. Run, and win!!

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

At least Rand Paul has the courage to take on hopeless causes

like the Romney campaign.

Have you ever scrolled

Have you ever scrolled through a comment section of another forum? It's a scary place to be!

People need to stop seeing things in Red and Blue. Our country is in big trouble with either of these two clowns! We need to spread the message. It's not either party affiliation...it's the whole God damned system! The ship is sinking.

With NO leadership or captain aboard this ship,

we're more than likely to continue to keep sinking. Which began when it became clear the campaign would NOT take on Romney, and then the Rand Paul jumping ship episode escalated everything.

Well Tampa is now long over, and still NO real leadership from our captain. As a result the troops are in total disarray as evidences through this board’s threads;

Write-in Ron Paul only,
NO! Vote Gary Johnson,
No! Don't Vote at all,
No, Vote Romney,
No Vote Obama,
No, Go Rand Paul.

What a fricken messy revolution we turned out to be. And this is exactly what happens when there is no true leadership in a movement, it called anarchy! And believe me, it’s always fricken messy.

Most that came to this movement came for the "Right Reasons" which was Liberty, and freedom. Many were not Republicans but were willing to cross over for the chance to take our freedom and liberty back.

For many, when they found out Ron Paul would not take on Romney because he was scared of the threats to embarrass him (as reported by Doug Weed), was more than they could take. I can't blame them; they expected their Commander-In-Chief to have a set of balls.

I'll probably get crucified for this making this statement, but here it goes:

This movement has NEVER/EVER been about Ron Paul. It's about restoring our freedoms and liberty, and it's our DUTY to vote for anyone who's trying to make this happen.

So lets all agree to "BACK" someone who "MOST REFLECTS" Ron Paul's views, and then support that person to the best of our ability.

BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! I'm throwing my vote to Gary Johnson! I hope we can all come together and do the same.

The Winds of Change!

Ron Paul knows that this

Ron Paul knows that this movement has never been about him. That is why he is not endorsing anyone. I think it will all play out in the end. Many feel we may have lost because we did not get our guy elected. But what they don't understand is that he was never going to be elected because there are too many deep pockets to fill in Washington and Wall Street. But we won! We brought our message all the way to the RNC. And as much as they tried to hide it...the convention was a chaos! Chaos...my friend is a good thing. Chaos is what happens when a major shift is taking place in the party and the old dogs try to defend their territory. You could see the desperation all over their faces.

I say go vote for GJ! And write in Ron Paul or vote anyone else but Romney or Obama. Romney will lose anyway and we will have our shot in 16. Meanwhile, work hard! Keep spreading the message! We have momentum and we need to keep the ball rolling.

When more and more people see and witness the corruption then we will have our revolution. I'm not sure if the revolution will be in the form of an election or an uprising of the people.

There's no one good to endorse

this time like Chuck Baldwin in 2008. That's why he's not endorsing anyone.

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

Or perhaps because we may see

Or perhaps because we may see Rand Paul 16.

makes me cringe

makes me cringe

Who would ever have thought???

I must say, when I donated money to Rand's campaign, I never foresaw something like this.

This should make Sean Hannity oh so happy.

The only good thing coming from Rand these days is his pounding the table about ending foreign aid. But he is being quite selective about which countries to end aid to.

He's only talking about a few Arab nations - not EVERY nation.

But Rand's appearence with these clowns won't change my mind in the least.

~~~~~~~~~~HERE is the best part of that article~~~~~~~~~~~~

..."Some said it was unlikely that many former Paul voters would swing their loyalty to Romney, despite the endorsement of the younger Paul.

"I don't think they will end up supporting Mitt Romney," said Chris Littleton, a grassroots activist based in Cincinnati. "There will be people who vote for (Libertarian Party nominee) Gary Johnson and yes, some people who will vote for Romney, I just don't think the majority will."

Littleton added, "Many think Romney isn't significantly different from Obama."

Derek Landis, an Iraq war veteran and founder of a grassroots group in the Cincinnati area called LibertasFound, said Romney's message on intervention is too different from that of the Liberty movement that many Ron Paul supporters say the congressman represents.

"One of the platforms of the Liberty movement is very pro-peace," he said, adding that he would likely cast a vote for Johnson..."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Rand Paul is doing the work

Rand Paul is doing the work from the inside while Ron is doing the work on the outside.


Rand better watch out that the Stench doesn't rub off on him:


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

ecorob's picture

it already has...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I personally think Ron and

I personally think Ron and Rand are trying to take different routes to infiltrate the Republican party. Ron is trying to bring in the outsiders of the two party system. Rand is trying to influence the base and establishment of the party to pretend like he is one of them in the club of gangsters, but sneaking in the Libertarian policies. That is my theory.

im confused with the logic of

im confused with the logic of the Rand haters. why on earth, if Rand was a traitor to the movement, a sellout, a neo con disguised as a libertarian etc etc etc, would Ron Paul allow him to be the opening speaker during his last major rally? using your logic he'd have to be some sort of a self destructive idiot. to leave one's life work in the hands of someone as treacherous as Rand, one would have to be a moron.

you woke up once already. wake up again. there is no question that Rand supporting romney/ryan is part of Ron Paul's strategy. anything less and you insinuate that the person you so cherish is incompetent and shortsighted.

could you have come up with the delegate strategy for running for the presidency? do you assume that the same person who spearheaded that movement is making such a big tactical error during such a critical juncture? please.

I believe

cause Rand is his son.He loves him and thinks that it would mend the wounds between us. We might do the same for our sons and daughters if in the same spot. However...

This isn't the first time this strat has been tried. It doesnt work. Watch, Rand is going to get sucked up into this false sense of friendship with them and then they will try to screw him the first chance they get. There is no compromise or working with these people. They don't like us or want us in their tent. They just want our votes so they can stay in power. Like Lew Rockwell said, why would we want a seat at the table. We should be wanting to knock that table over. They are just using him to get to the libertarian base, us. Once they are done with him, what do you think they will do? He and mostly Libertarians will be blamed for the parties short coming and then use that to keep us out even more. Its already happening. Libertarians are already getting blamed for Romney's failure.

I hope I am wrong and these plans bare fruit. I really do. I think Rand could have been a super star not just in the libertarian camp, but with the whole country had he not endorsed Romney. That will forever be a blight on his record along with his vote on Iran sanctions. Which I am sure he only voted that way to get his foot in the door with them. How many times have we heard RP say sanctions are an act of war.

And besides, with you people keep putting this on blast, its not a secret any more. If this is the plan, they should just explicitly say so already. The establishment I am sure is already manoeuvring to compensate for this. We are getting closer and closer to nullification being the only course we can take to fix this country.

An endorsement is such a

An endorsement is such a little thing. Rand is trying to gain support and momentum with the herd of sheep. When he is fully accepted in the main stream he will be able to win the election in 2016 or help another rising liberty star win. He's not talking to us on the campaign trail...cause we already "know". He is talking to my neighbors and grandparents and everyone else.

washington corrupts, agreed.

washington corrupts, agreed. however, in my opinion, if anyone could go to washington and act as a double agent without loosing sight of the movement's goals, it would be ron paul's son. i believe the neocons made a huge mistake taking rand in. once someone is in it is much harder to marginalize them, especially when rand has been the second most consistent politician in washington over the last two years. he's going to have the spotlight for the next four years after the utter failure of the romney campaign and he is going to continue waking people up in the same fashion and spirit of his father. people are talking about the gold standard, the federal reserve, questioning our foreign policy, and i would venture that many people are more cognizant of the real state of american politics and government than 4 years ago. obama is going to win this election. romney will be unpalatable to republican voters in 2016, paul ryan has done a magnificent job of making an idiot of himself. rubio is less and less viable. the other obvious choice is chris christie and it's unlikely his heart won't explode before the next election. their plan is exactly as you outlined: get the libertarian base, discard rand. i think it'll backfire. just like all previous plans are starting to.

Again. We all hope you are right

But don't blame us for being sceptical of this plan cause history tells us infiltration doesn't work with these people. If this strat doesn't work this is going to set us back not forward.

To clear up confusion.

There are two major strategies between Ron Paul supporters. The purists, and the those wanting to influence/intergrate/infiltrate with the RINOS or establishment.

The purists while greatly needed as they provide a moral compass to what we do everyday tend to quickly get disgusted with less idealistic politics. They don't want a candidate that is trying to build bridges for their future goals. Rand looks like someone wanting to run for President the way he is acting.

Justin Amash is taking the Ron Paul purist route if he runs for president. He will unite Ron Paul supporters, but will have difficulty uniting other more slimy republicans.

We need Rand in there! If

We need Rand in there! If Rand was a purist he would not be invited into their club. We need people working on the inside.

In MN Kurt Bills is seeing a backlash for endorsing Romney. Kurt is up against a huge machine. He cannot win with RP voters alone. He needs the support of the republicans. We need him in there too.

Why would you

want a place at the table for scraps? We should be trying to knock this table over, not sit at it and take it up the tail pipe so Rand maybe, possibly could have a shot in 2016. We all know the elections are rigged. Do you really think they aren't going to cheat Rand out of an election in 2016 or 2020, just like they cheated their dad time and time again. The neocons aren't any closer to accepting or liking us then 12 months ago. Rand only got favour cause he compromised his principals by voting for crap like sanctions on Iran and endorsing pure evil known as Romney. Given everything we have seen and been through over the last few years, you people actually think they will let us in the tent? That's pure insanity and has zero logic. We should be making moves to get rid of the Republican party not strengthen it. Let the GOP self implode already.

I don't think Rand is trying

I don't think Rand is trying to be accepted by "them" so much as he is by the mainstream sheep. If he can be disregarded as a "kook" like his father than the sheeple will welcome him. And when he is in a position to make change than the sheeple will follow.

Rand has been throwing bones bit by bit. His bill to end foreign aid to "undeserving" countries and ending the TSA are a good start. Just like how the people have been slowly accepting the transition to a NWO as the "norm" they need to be slowly taught to wake up fight back.

We all know Rand wants to end the fed, end foreign aid, and end the wars but if he says it all at once then the media will get him and the sheeple will run back to the arms of the ones ho control them.

Have you ever tried to have a serious conversation with someone who doesn't "know"? It's "too much" and they shut off and reject it. Little by little is what works best...at least in my experience. That is what Rand is doing. He is not talking to us...he is talking to our grandparents and neighbors and aunts n uncles.

We will become the tent.

Wait. Do yall see the name of

Wait. Do yall see the name of the author of that article?
Jackie Kucinich, Dennis' daughter.
Excellent. Don't think you'd hear about the foreign aid issue brought up with a MSM writer.

Southern Agrarian

Dennis Kucinich is one of the

Dennis Kucinich is one of the strongest advocates of foreign aid in the house.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Rand slowly turning the ship,

Rand slowly turning the ship, one degree at a time.
Do yall think Rom/Ry would even have mentioned the failed foreign aid vote that all the Republican scum voted against?

Southern Agrarian

I'm glad Rand voted the way

I'm glad Rand voted the way he did but a single vote is hardly evidence of progress.....at least that's what the defenders of Rand usually tell us when they point out the alleged futility of Ron's single votes.

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Mods need to hurry up and get this ridic post of the frontpage. got a troll mole infestation....again.... This time it's an mma american ninja ceo wannabe who thinks people are intimidated by threats off ass kickery over the internet. Lmfao.. no seriously this guy freedomwins thinks he is steven segal or something. He actually tried to call me out for a fight on the DP. He loves RP SO MUCH but forgot his teachings of none volence. What a tool.. Rofl. It was funny reading his ridic posts but now its boring a broken record. yawn. Next

So who will moderate your

So who will moderate your posts? If Rand came to your town you would be first in line to kiss his ass. You're a keyboard tough guy. I can see through you. What member of the "liberty" movement self-hates against the only "liberty" senator who is the SON OF THE PERSON THIS SITE WAS NAMED AFTER? LOL. You need to be committed to a mental institution - pronto. Yes, a friendly challenge - sure. Come in the ring. I'm real... helped us win the Miami Straw Poll prior to the election... are you real? Doubtful. Put your money where your mouth is. ;)

thank you come again

I am willing to bet most people that have read on your comments on here already think you are about as real as reality TV. I would have to agree with them. As much as I like MMA and respect martial arts, it's just a sport not real combat. Hate to break it to you. People go home with some usually recoverable injuries and their pride hurt at the end of an MMA fight. There are no worries of going home in a body bag or with severed limbs. Go serve a few tours overseas and then someone might be impressed. And who said anything about hating Rand. Just cause I think Rand is a sellout doesn't mean I hate him and or would not support him on specific liberty minded bills. I donated and signed every petition for Audit the Fed, ending foreign aid etc just like almost every DPer I am sure did. I think you are troll, but I don't hate you either. As for putting money where mouths are, I would say the same to you but your mouth is probably occupied by neocon penis. I know a few students of MMA and not one of them "talks" like you. I see people try them constantly in public and even though they could crush the other guy, they've always kept a cool composure and never called anyone out to a ring cause they had to prove how much a man to everyone they are. I've never even seen them talk crap on the internet. But I have seen them laugh at tough guy wannabes like you all over sherdog and whatever other MMA forums are around these days. You can see through me? Bwhaahaha. You're the one trying to put up this front like you are chuck norris. It's hilarious that the guy who is calling people out for fights on a web forum is dumb enough to call other people keyboard tough guys....but seriously, C'mon now people have already caught on to what you are doing. So there is no need to keep the trolls going. Do you get paid for this? Times are tough, I understand, money is tight. Sometimes people will take a bullsh!t job to get food on the table. I hope that's the case for you and that you aren't some neocon sociopath. If you come out of the closet about being a mole troll, we'll throw a moneybomb in your honor for blowing the whistle. lol