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Top Story On Google News: "Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Go to http://news.google.com and check out the #1 story that everyone in the US sees right now as well.

"Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Actual Story: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012/09/25/gop-t...

I love Ron Paul, I love Rand Paul... and as Romney has a 0% chance of winning the election, the headline should read ... "Rand Paul Aids Liberty and a Republican Party Takeover in Ohio".

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MMA is not martial arts? LOL.

MMA is not martial arts? LOL. Go ahead and go to your nearest jujitsu studio or muay thai instructor and tell them they are not skilled in martial arts. MMA is a combination of that. But, that's beside the point.

I think you acting so pompous is hilarious. You think I am aggressive and brass yet you spew hate TOWARDS RON PAUL'S SON. Do you think RON PAUL wants you to TALK TRASH about his SON on the internet?

I have no problem vehemently defending Rand Paul who is likely the NEXT and FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the ONLY ONE in my lifetime I would ever be proud to vote for.

When you CHANGE YOUR TUNE (and you will) when that happens, think about who is the REAL BAD GUY here. You - or me. I defend the truth, you're a coward who cannot see the big picture.

Here's the bottom line - if you stood face to face to me, you wouldn't say any of this.

If you saw RON PAUL face to face you wouldn't say any of this.

I would GLADLY do both. I would be PROUD to tell him I defended his son's honor so moron's like you do not PREVENT his movement from COMING TO FRUITION with his SON WINNING THE PRESIDENCY.

And trust me, you are a moron.

You are on a LIBERTY FORUM trashing RAND PAUL. LOL. What kind of idiot are you? Go over to RomneyCentral or a Neo-con think tank.

With friends like you to liberty, who needs enemies?

I defend liberty, you defend idiocy.


Who said it wasn't martial arts, It wasnt me. Learn how to read genius. This is what I said.

"As much as I like MMA and respect martial arts, it's just a sport not real combat."

Guess what MMA is NOT REAL COMBAT. Ask any soldier who has seen combat and been shot at. Combat and martial arts are 2 different things. I'm not taking anything away from MMA.

You are the one praising Rand for stroking neocon dong And yet you are trying to say I should join the Romney camp? You just keep on making yourself look dumber and dumber. You must suck at MMA, if that is what you really do. Learn how to block and stop getting kicked in the head. You need to save all the brain cells you have left troll mole.

You don't defend anything other then your hurt pride cause you are nothing more then a bitch. And now everyone knows it. But it doesn't matter cause your just a planted troll mole anyway.

If you want to be a real hero and defend something, stop trying to talk like billy bad ass on the internet and go join the arm forces and experience real combat. Defend the country for real, and not some guy who sold out his base, so he could get in closer with the enemy to advance his career. Honestly you are not man or women enough to join the military. You are just a punk bitch troll mole.

Whomever is paying you to be a troll mole is paying you way to much lol.

Why wouldn't he say it to

Why wouldn't he say it to your face? Why, would you beat him up if he did? Do you try to physically intimidate people who disagree with you? Challenging people to fights for any reason other than sports is about as non-libertarian as it gets. You need to brush up on the non-aggression principle and actually support it.

Rand fans have yet to directly respond to my questions

I've heard all the pro-Rand excuses and they generally fall into two main categories:

1. Rand is a Trojan Horse for the movement, "playing the game" (i.e. imposter RINO) in order to take over the WH before revealing his true inner Ron Paul pro-liberty agenda. Do you honestly believe the enemy is that stupid, ESPECIALLY knowing who his father is?

2. A different tactic is needed because; a) there's no time and things are happening too slow, b) we've hit a ceiling we can't break through doing what we're doing or c) some other reason. What was wrong with Ron Paul's approach?

I think you underestimate the significance of what this movement has accomplished to date and belittle its achievements when taken into proper historical perspective. Show Ron Paul some respect. After all he's the one who built this movement and is the very reason you're now here reading this. I fail to see the logic to risk collapsing the entire movement by exchanging something for an unknown result, when that something has clearly been working and working extremely effectively.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Ron Paul's tactic worked for

Ron Paul's tactic worked for the people but was not affective in Washington where they no longer represent the people.

Rand has been invited to their club and has to play a politician.

There was a recent interview with Rand just before he tried to pass the bill to end foreign aid in some countries. One of the first questions asked was if he would consider ending foreign aid in Israel. If you watch closely when Rand responded you could feel what he was thinking. I believe that was a test. If Rand would have said he would end aid to Israel, he would have been shunned for good. Instead...he responded by saying "Israel has always been an alli of the US ".

But you would have had to see...actually see him answer the question.

Rand is working to turn the ship. His bill to end foreign aid in some countries was a great start. We will be seeing more of that.

Kathleen Gee's picture

I've been showing Ron Paul respect since 2005

And this year we lost less significantly than we did four years ago. That's great, but it's still a loss.

If by "The Enemy" you mean the 100 or so members of the Republican National Committee, I don't know. I'm not a collectivist so I don't assume every one of those individuals even has an option about Rand Paul or has read the Constitution.

Supporting the GOP's nominee, whomever that is, gives Rand Paul enough credibility as a "mainstream Republican" that he gets on shows like Hannity, etc. Shows that are watched by people like my parents--lifelong GOP voters who do not spend all day Googling Ron Paul and reading about fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

My parents will believe whatever Hannity says. (Sad but true.) If Hannity tells my parents that Rand Paul is a straight-up guy, they will vote for him.

Rand Paul isn't trying to fool the RNC. HE'S NOT TALKING TO YOU when he makes campaign stops for Mittens. He's talking to people like my parents.

Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

I concur!

I concur!

ecorob's picture

very well stated...

you've pointed out a 600 pound gorilla in the room that people are in denial about acknowledging

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

1) No, they are not. However,

1) No, they are not. However, there is a strong chance they will NEED to embrace Rand's (Ron's) policies as the world collapses. O'Reilly recently quoted as saying "there might be something to that" (arabs hating us because we occupy their land).. pretending Ron hasn't said that for years.

2) Ron Paul's approach was ignored for decades and only became popular because of immense economic calamity. Ron was cheated out of an election and ended up with a marginal % of votes and was disgraced at his party's convention and had NO REAL CHANCE TO WIN, unfortunately due to national media, military industrial complex, etc.

Do you want to be a group of people complaining on the internet? Or do you want to ACTUALLY CREATE CHANGE? Rand Paul represents REAL CHANGE instead of complaining on the internet.


I see we're STILL deceptively bridging Rand and Ron, in our "damage control" maneuver to muffle Rands sellout, to trick people into the leftist GOP. When in reality Rand's "policies" are best reflected in what he ENDORSES - Romney, Ryan, McConnell.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Change? I think not

I'll support Rand when he's right on the issues, but I will never, ever go along to get along without questioning the reasoning and motivations behind of someone JUST BECAUSE OF HIS FATHER. IMHO Rand is attempting to morph this movement into a Republican friendly voting block in order to secure his career as a politician.

How can you insult someone for "complaining on the internet" just because they question Rand's objectives and motivations, or just because they don't believe in capitulating with the GOP establishment to obtain some very temporary political victory. I'll ask you, what MEANINGFUL change has occurred because of Rand's endorsement? What has the liberty movement gained from it? Little to nothing, we who question the state and it's activities regardless of party will NEVER be accepted by the bipartisan 2 party establishment because it rejects their idea that government can solve all problems. So what is there to gain by going along with the establishment?

Tom Woods described it perfectly after interviewing Rand Paul on the Peter Schiff when he said that our battle is actually against the WHOLE establishment and that we need to keep our eye on the ball here and not get caught up in these silly partisan games.

Obviously Rand was not

Obviously Rand was not looking for our approval when he endorsed Mittens. He didn't need our approval...he got the approval from his mother and father.

2016 is where we need to be looking now. Wether Rand or some other rising star of liberty...Rand is setting us up for the next election. And with Ron retired I can assure you we will see more of him doing speeches and spreading the message. We will win! 2016! America won't have a choice but to take back our country.


'Bomb Iran' Romney?

Rand you kissed the devils ass!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


this story is spam!

James Steele Jr. Tennessee

So how do you explain your

So how do you explain your comment?

Better them than Obama

Yes yes yes yes I know, downvote to your heart's content. But I am not an Obama fan in the slightest. That guy is a such a serious tool.

Kathleen Gee's picture

Rand Paul = "Ron Paul for NeoCon Dummies"

Rand Paul is a brilliant politician and speaker. Ron Paul is a brilliant statesman and author. Ron Paul speaks to the ones who have seen the light; Rand Paul speaks to the ones who are still in the dark.

They both have their roles, and they're both wonderful at them.

Rand is doing exactly what he needs to do to make a credible run at the White House in 2015/2016.

Credible to whom? To people like my parents, who are in their early seventies and believed Fox News when "The Five" told them that Ron Paul had a kooky foreign policy.

My parents are patriotic people, and my dad is a veteran. But they believe everything Fox News tells them. And if Sean Hannity tells them that Rand Paul is a great guy, they will believe it. To get that imprimatur from Fox News and the GOP, Rand has to play the political game, and stand next to the stinking pile of crap that is Mittens Romneycare, and honestly say, "we have to get Obama out of the White House!"

Rand will "pay his dues" and will be able to present himself in 2015/2016 as a "team player" who is not a threat to cocktail party set who run the GOP on the national level. That's the ONLY way we can get his candidacy off the ground.

And once the Trojan Horse is inside the gates, Rand Paul can leap out, wash his hands of the RNC and get down to work.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

ecorob's picture

in your dreams...

rand sold out!

now, let's go bomb iran, right?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

We can try to justify lying however we desire...

but it's still lying.

Dunno bout others, but I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER support/contribute/work for a liar.

Wanna "team player?" There are a thousand Rick (take one for the team) Santorums out their. Pick one.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Well go tell the Truth in

Well go tell the Truth in Washington. See how far that gets you. Might as well leave and start your own country, right?

so telling the truth gets you no where

So there for we should never do it. yes pure logic there. You clearly learned so much from RP.....

With God...

all things are possible.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Now you sound like Bush. But

Now you sound like Bush. But hey Doug Wead brought on an Evangelist in the rally before the Convention - I saw him with my own eyes. I am glad he appealed to you and got you over to the good side. Well, don't worry, you'll never vote for Bush again. God likes Rand + Ron!

Actually Bush lied, like Obama lies, like Rand is lying.

Which is similar to YOUR deception (FALSELY COUPLING Rand and Ron in a really insulting and transparent way).

Ron Paul DOES NOT lie... which is THE ONLY REASON I considered voting republican. With the Doc gone... I GO! Back to my Constitution Party and Libertarian Party.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Ok so leave the website. Go

Ok so leave the website. Go back into obscurity. You realize with your parties that have zero chance of winning, you are similar to the people who think that Comics are "real life". If Rand or Ron went to those parties, they may have a small chance of a LITTLE bit of traction, but that's about it. You are delusional and are similar to those racist people yelling at Sarah Palin rallies that Obama is evil because he's black.

Couple Ron and Rand together? Right, why would I do that? Maybe because... hmm.. THEY ARE FATHER AND SON? LOL. Or maybe because hmmm... RAND IS THE ONLY "LIBERTY" SENATOR? Knock, knock - nobody's home. Wake up there buddy. You sound like a lunatic.

FreedomWins DISSECTED...

"leave the website."
Typically, I get booted from sites by folks like you who can't quite wrestle creatures like me into submission with your tactics.

"Go back into obscurity."
Being a "Paulbot," I face this tactic daily. The objective is to discourage the target by falsely positioning their efforts as hopelessly fruitless and their numbers as insignificant.

"your parties that have zero chance of winning,"
Ventura, among others was a victory. The GOP also boldly claimed this of Ron Paul... while conducting UNPRECEDENTED, SLOPPY CHEATING to make their arrogant propaganda reality.


"similar to those racist people"

"Couple Ron and Rand together? Right, why would I do that?"
Because you are deceptively trying to bridge Ron's integrity to Rand's lies.

He is now a REPUBLICAN. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Knock, knock - nobody's home. Wake up there buddy."
Humor can reveal MUCH about a hidden propagandist. Most of the fakes I expose turn out to be government-dependent Establishment Boomers in disguise. Their phrasings often give away their retirement age. Either lines like "Knock, knock - nobody's home" or "up your nose with a rubber hose" or, if I'm really lucky... reference from some 60's or early 70's music/movies. Not much to go on in this particular case... but damn close.

"You sound like a lunatic."

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Keep Up the Good Work

Brother Winston, whether on here or at The Blaze, your posts give me a pick up every time I read them. You have a way about you that goes straight to the point and shows people for what they are, and holding their feet to the fire. Keep it up, Patriot.
I do not post on The Blaze much anymore as they have me on some kind of red flag. It takes a couple hours for my posts to show, if they are allowed to post at all. Guess I was putting links they did not want people seeing. I will still be reading posts there and look forward to seeing yours.

This has little to do with 2016

Ive been stalking the posts on the daily Paul for a year now.

If Romney wins he will run for reelection so this is really a bid at 2020(unless something crazy happens...which it could). I would just say that when Rand does run he will need the endorsements and time on the trail from all these people to win, he is simply investing in his future candidacy. I understand about Principle I really do. Ultimately though I want to achieve the goal of returning this nation to its founding principles as all of you do. This will not likely happen in the next 8 years, though some are posing that we can at least survive until then on a Romney presidency(i don't know if that's true, and no one really does because hes all over the map). I motion, however, that we are playing chess here not checkers. Rand is playing the game and moving up the Republican chain, some are revolting from the party (which i understand and may well move Romney over to accommodate that electorate). we all have our place here in this movement but i don't think any of us are wrong. I think we all serve a very important role in the Restoration of liberty. Just because Rand is a Rooke, and I am a Bishop (more likely pawn), doesn't mean that he is not useful, or I, or you. We all have our place here and we need to respect everyone's position in this movement.

May every step be one closer to Liberty

I would love Rand or Ron to

I would love Rand or Ron to be President in 2016 and I personally DO think it is possible. I think Romney would be a horrible President, and Obama wouldn't be much better. Obama, in my opinion, will defeat Romney in a blowout. It's not going to be close. We need Rand and Ron in 2016.


I think we are DECEPTIVELY COUPLING Ron and Rand in a very insulting and transparent way. No, Rand is a sellout. He has chosen a path COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than Ron. And I will NEVER follow it. The only question for Rand (and you) is... how big is my demo? How large is the group that WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED? Who will NOT BE bullied or pressured by your propaganda. 10,000? 100,000? A million? Multi-millions?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.