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American Elections Are Crooked: Lew Rockwell Interviews Bev Harris From Black Box Voting

Interesting information. They talk about how they are matching up who you are and who you voted for based on information on the ballot. Which means that if you voted for Ron Paul, they likely know.

Bev Harris is the author of Black Box Voting, and is featured in the documentary Hacking Democracy.

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Each State shall appoint, in

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Each State has it's own rules for appointing Electors. How does the election in November affect the duties or even the choice of Electors?

Here's my 1965 edition of the Michigan Constitution. Hmmm...

Free includes debt-free!

Winning hearts and minds is ALWAYS a good thing.

I am voting for Gary because Ron is not on the ballot.But right now,I think winning more hearts and minds to the principles of truth,freedom and peace is far more important than debating a Gary vote vs a Ron write-in.Would it not be great if we could all get behind and fund an ad/video that promotes our shared principles in a clear concise way and make it go viral,nationwide and worldwide?

The poli's are owned by the bankers.

Look at Harry Reids brazen obedience.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

All this talk about the

All this talk about the voting for libertarian's vs Romney and Obama. We have to remember that the way the president wins an election is not by the Popular vote, but by the electoral college. With this in mind, any third party will NOT WIN the Presidency, thus we are stuck with Romney and Obama, Although I do not like either, my vote is going to Romney, but you can be sure, that any president that gets elected will be held accountable to the House and Senate, thus I will vote for the Senator and Congress Person who has liberty values, not just Republican and or Democrat. This is how we will take over the parties in the long term.

I propose not voting.

Blame others for choosing poorly. It is s sure thing. If they vote for President a bad choice will be made.

Free includes debt-free!

A vote for Romney is a vote for Obombya

But I'm sure you know that.

Voting should be counted in public at the local precinct level

It would be very quick and easy to count your neighborhood votes in public, and very hard to cheat.

It's the centralization that allows cheating and corruption.

I'd like to see the votes counted in open

and I would like to see no more anonymous votes!!! Announce the voter's name and who they voted for. That sure would eliminate most of the confusion/corruption.

The votes can still be anonymous

When votes are not anonymous then people can be manipulated or intimidated into voting for someone.

However, if votes are counted locally at the precinct level, then if 500 people show up at a neighborhood precinct to vote then there should be exactly 500 votes. There's no way to alter the votes if the whole process is kept public. Why are our votes counted behind a curtain anyway, that's almost asking for deception.

  • Empty ballot box is confirmed in public.

  • Everyone places their votes in ballot box.

  • Ballot box is then opened and counted on the spot in public so everyone in the neighborhood can witness the exact vote.

  • Precinct chair then enters the total on Secretary of State website.

  • Anyone can confirm the vote at any time on the website.

The chance for corruption with an open vote are minimal

compared to these secret votes we have been doing for 200+ years. People are afraid of open voting, why? I think it's the best idea since sliced bread. My neighbors already know who I vote for (yard signs, bumper stickers, opensecrets.org), and so the world already knows my vote. Why not have 100% accountability at the polls? 1 vote for 1 person - then, if they try to change the votes, people can see it, and say "Hey, fuckers!!! You changed my fucking vote!!!", instead of not knowing how the corrupt bastards manipulated it. Think about it.

Not having a private vote could be very detrimental to some

Believe it or not, there are many people who work for idiots that support both Obama and Romney.

I will never understand...

why a smart man like Dr. Paul did not address this issue of vote integrity. Why didn't he demand paper ballots be used and be verified by independent poll watching citizen groups? When RP's campaign refused to challenge the fraud that went on in the primaries, espescially in Maine, is when I stopped spending anymore of my time or money on it. If GJ wants any chance at all to win he must campaign about the issue of election fraud. He has already started fighting for a spot in the debates and that is encouraging.

I propose we boycott the election process as illegitimate.

How does one use a corrupted election process to send a message or vote for change.

When the people cannot verify the outcomes of their elections, then we don't know whose representatives they are.

If the election process is corrupt, then voting implies that the system is sound.

Each voting precinct or district is the smallest group represented. Each precinct of about 2000 voters elects Party representatives.

Our Township has 7 precincts. Our District of 250 precincts elects one Representative the the US House.

Before the 17th Amendment State Legislators has a voice in the Senate. Now State Legislators are just another voice in a million.

The 17th Amendment neutered State sovereignty, completing the paperwork on the Civil War.

Nest step? What's the Constitution say about voting?

Free includes debt-free!

could fix by dumping anonymous voting

Even if some people would like their right to cast their vote anonymously, I would like to have the option to have my vote cast openly. I think it is more important to guarantee that my vote is counted, than to have it cast in secret; all these secret ballots are what allows the possibility of fraud.

IMO, for each person in a voting district, you should be able to look up who you voted for, and what number your vote was in the total count, e.g., the 10,364th vote out of total#, for Gary Johnson, etc. Everybody would then have a unique number next to their vote. People could toss their info into a database, and it would be very easy to prove if there was any funny business with the vote counting. Perhaps, e.g., the voting machine should be able to give out a receipt.

pfff that would make TOO much

pfff that would make TOO much sense


I like it!

What would the Founders do?

I wish I could appoint Bev Harris to be head

of the FEC.

Michael Nystrom's picture

If the GOP can steal Ohio again,

Romney's got a shot. They need to get the polls to tighten up first though.

You can't credibly steal an election if you're 8 points behind. But who knows? Maybe they can. Stranger things have happened in this world.

How Romney Could Still Win

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The polls

are part of the fraud. Right now, they are making it look like Obama is pulling ahead especially in Ohio. That way, they can vote flip and it will be believable that Obama won even if he loses. That's what I think about these polls and why they are being made to look like Obama is ahead. They are all fraudulent.

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On second thought...

After reading ecliptic's comment below, I can see a new meme being propagated:

Say Romney stays down 8-10% in Ohio, but on election night, he miraculously pulls out a win in that state, and in the election. Everyone is stunned. No one can explain it. Then a new meme develops:

"Polling is no longer accurate. Once a reliable way to predict elections, it has lost its efficacy over recent years, and experts are puzzled as to why. Some say it is the effect of always-on networked technology; others say it is the short news cycle. But one thing is certain, these polls did not predict the outcome that we got."

And everyone sits around questioning why, but the most glaringly obvious reason is never given any serious consideration. It is not even allowed to be questioned. If you question the black box machines, you're branded a kook and a conspiracy theorist. A small band of vehement protestester speak out, and they are marginalized as crazies.

Sound like anything that's happened recently? If it worked once, it'll probably work again. Though PTB has to be careful of overreach...

If such a scenario were to play out, the vast majority wouldn't care. Half of them don't vote anyway, and the other half would either just shake their head in disgust, or would just lap up what the corporate press feeds them.

It happened before. It can happen again.

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the improbable "defeat" of Dennis Kucinich

Kaptur Defeats Kucinich 94% to 4% on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote Systems in Toledo, OH?
Is that even plausible?...


By BRAD FRIEDMAN on 3/9/2012, 3:22pm PT
Earlier today, we highlighted Rachel Maddow's latest report on the "GOP War on Voting" which, among many other important things, referenced the ridiculously close results from Ohio's GOP Presidential Primary last Tuesday as currently reported, and the fact that there are still a bunch of untallied votes there even today for some unknown reason. Her point in noting the slim margin is to underscore the very serious effect that new Republican voter-suppression laws are likely to have on not just the Presidential race this year, but also on State and local races as well.

But one of the items she does not note about Ohio's reported tally, and which I've been trying to get more information on since Tuesday night, is some of the actual reported numbers out of the U.S. House Primary race between progressive Reps. Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich. Their Congressional Districts were combined by the recent Republican redistricting there, so they were forced to face off in last Tuesday Democratic primary.

... continue reading @ Brad Blog

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Wow - thanks. 94-4?

And this is the first I've heard of it. And having now heard it, what can one do?

But really? 94% to 3.7% over Kucinich in Lucas County? 22,269 votes to just 870 votes? Those are Saddam Hussein-like numbers. Are they even plausible? I've been trying to learn more and would certainly welcome any input from folks who know the politics in that area of the state better than I do. If there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for those results, I'm certainly open to hearing it.

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I have the unfortunate

I have the unfortunate pleasure of living in Lucas county and you'd think the local media were on her paid campaign staff. All I've ever seen on the local news about her is all warm fuzzies. I would guess 90+ percent of Lucas county's population is Toledo, OH. While I don't know exactly what the numbers are, an overwhelming majority of Lucas County's voters are Democrats. The old CD 9 was mostly Toledo and a little sliver along the coast of lake Erie about 1/2 way to Cleveland. Redrawn it now included areas about 2 hrs away to Cleveland (Kucinich's stomping grounds). The above coupled with the fact that many here view Kucinich as a quack, the 94-4 numbers while striking don't seem to far off for me. Now if that were the results for all of CD 9 that would be very suspect!

What has received very little attention and I have been only able to find a little information on is that the Lucas County Board of Elections apparently has been taken over by the Ohio Secretary of States office. I'm not sure why this was done, I believe there were problems with stuff not submitted correctly to the state? I think this is unprecedented in Ohio if not the country. If anyone has more information I'd like to know.

The only way to ensure valid voting......

is with force.

If you don't have guns you are at the mercy of your government.

Check this video out.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

""RIGGED "" !!

Here is the reason elections are rigged.
Amendment II
A well regulated MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a FREE state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

So, in the original U.S. Constitution, the well regulated militia made up of local folks, trained by local folks, and educated in U.S. Constitutional law, and state by state Constitutional law, encouraged the local folks to feel that they were a part of the total United States and the U.S.Territorial election process.

This original process has been destroyed when state by state National Guard units {Formerly militia units }no longer stay home to protect their local interests from ALL enemies foreign and domestic, and at the same time become to begin to fully understand the elections and the processes and take part in them.


My voter registration card now has

a serial number on it. When I show up to vote The number of my scanable ballot is marked down next to my name in the register book. When I insert my ballot into the scanner a number appears on the screen marking a tally of voters for the day.If the ballots are removed from the scanner after voting & the order of them is preserved,anonymity is gone. Western NY.

Ron Swanson


I think the Repub's know we are the only hope for Romney to get in office. Can only speculate that, given the treatment we got at conventions then at National, they were scared Ron would win! Why else would they intentionally turn a needed vote for Romney, if Ron didn't win, in the garbage? Screw us then beg for our vote? Think they are too much into the average voter's short attention span. Crooked politicians screw each other then hug after the election. We are a different breed.
Yep, elections are indeed crooked as are the ones runnng.


We are not their only hope.

In fact they give a stitch about us. They will lie cheat and steal any election just as the Demoncrats will. Its a bankgangster paradise to have two shill puppets see who can out cheat and steal each other for an election. If it looks close our CFR supreme court puppet shills will give it to one or the other as they are told by the Rothschild crime family.


The only way...

they can figure out who you voted for is if you early vote. Early voting is treated as absentee voting; they mark your ballot before they give it to you so it can be traced to you. If you vote on election day, there is no way they can connect your ballot to you.

During a primary, they know if you took a Dem or Rep ballot. After the primary here in NC, in which I voted Rep, I started getting mailings from Romney.

Do you sign a voter roll to prove you already voted?

In some states, there is a printed voter roll. You sign next to your name. While you are doing that, the poll workers repeat your name out loud and then two individuals each on their own numbered list, write down your name as the "next" voter.

With machines, the order of the votes can be preserved. Thus all they have to do is match your "number" of the order you voted in with the votes cast by that "ballot" in the machine.

I've even seen them indicate a mark next to my name when I had to have them clear a vote and let me recast it due to a malfunction. Thus, they preserved not just how many people voted and in what order, but they accounted for "spoiled" machine ballots so they could maintain linkage with WHICH VOTES belonged to me.

Perhaps No.Car. doesn't do anything like that. Considering their other shenanigans with political parties, I'd highly suspect they do however.