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The Problems Oklahoma Dealt with from the Ron Paul Campaign State Coordinator

Oklahoma has been through a lot this election year. We had problems at our state convention, as many people know. But, it wasn’t just the “establishment” Republicans who we had problems with.

We also had problems with the Ron Paul National Campaign. We haven’t come out and said much about this, but I feel there is no reason to keep this under the radar anymore. This hasn’t been exactly a secret, but some of the details have not been out for all to see. We didn’t want this to cause the Campaign or us any problems back when this was all going down, but right now, I feel it would be beneficial to come out and say some more. I don’t want anyone to think the Ron Paul movement has some kind of tie or support to the person who caused us so much grief.

Back in January of this year, Al Gerhart (with the Sooner Tea Party), was appointed as the Oklahoma State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. This was a volunteer position. The end of January, I signed up as a volunteer for the campaign to be the Cherokee County Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Coordinator.

Because I was new to being very politically active, I met Al for the first time at the Ron Paul rally in Oklahoma City the end of February. What I encountered when I met Al was unique. But, it was just the beginning.

Being so new to being really active in the Party, I did not know the Ron Paul grassroots leadership who had been around since 2008, like Brady Wright, Lukus Collins, etc. I was slowly introduced to them via someone in my county, Shannon Grimes (who was also grassroots and had been around since 2008). But, this was a slow process over a month or two. When I signed up to be a county coordinator, I was told to not have contact with the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul. This made things rather difficult. I was torn between trying to coordinate both groups, yet not have contact with the one side.

We had great success in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. But, it had nothing to do with the campaign. I sent emails out to the identified RP supporters in our county and we had a great turn out at our County Convention. That night we came away with just over 50% of the delegates from my County. And it was all by God’s hand.

Anyways, what I attempted to do at first was have another friend be the contact point for the grassroots. But, this quickly showed it was not going to work. I tried to have this work as we were leading up to our District Convention. But, this is when I started to realize things were really fishy with the state coordinator that we had.

A few days before Oklahoma’s Congressional District 2 Convention, Al Gerhart sent an email out with instructions for everyone as to how to vote. The quote that got me was this,

“No doubt there are some grassroots candidates running for the same National Delegate slots but on Saturday you have a choice. Do you support Dr. Paul or do you support unofficial candidates that are unknown to the Ron Paul National Campaign.”

When he put the grassroots supporters up against Ron Paul, as if not voting for these “pre-approved delegates” was voting AGAINST Ron Paul, that was one of the first times I said, “I’m not doing what he says.” We were all in this for the same reason – to WIN delegates for Dr. Paul.

The supposed “vetting” process the delegates went through from the national campaign was simply Al Gerhart’s opinion of who he liked and who he didn’t like. I would later find out that this was not done by a committee of people (as the grassroots did leading up to the state convention to choose our delegate slate).

This email (which was very long), caused some people to not attend the District 2 Convention. People did not want to be directed by Al Gerhart or told they were doing wrong by not following his orders. This cost us delegates. The Convention in District 2 was run fairly and we lost the delegate vote by JUST TWO VOTES. Mr. Gerhart cost us a potential win in District 2. It should be noted that 3 of the 5 District Conventions in Oklahoma had a complete sweep for Ron Paul. They were all run fairly and they were all organized and coordinated by the grassroots. The one other district which we did not win was not run fairly and had a challenge at the state convention.

After the District 2 Convention, I decided to get more involved with the grassroots and forget about the fact that I was not supposed to have any tie with them as an “official volunteer campaign coordinator.” This was the best decision I made!

What I ended up doing, even though I had signed a non-disclosure agreement to be a county coordinator, was forward emails that were sent to the county coordinators to a select few of our grassroots leaders. I was watching emails come in to the county coordinators that laid out detailed plans of how to thwart and disrupt the planning and coordination of the grassroots. No, I am not kidding when I say this. I have a massive amount of emails to prove this.

I would receive emails that would tell the time, date & location of where a grassroots strategy meeting would be taking place. And Mr. Gerhart would specifically tell the county coordinators to go there, see what they are saying and try to change their plan. He would tell the county coordinators to try to tell the grassroots to work with the National campaign. Ha! What he didn’t realize is that WE (as in the grassroots) were more than willing to work with the campaign (and tried to more than once), but Mr. Gerhart was the one opposed to that. I know this sounds outrageous, and it is, but it’s what Oklahoma went through with the national campaign.

We could not take this any longer, so we sent an official request to the national campaign signed by 27 grassroots leaders in the Ron Paul/liberty movement in Oklahoma (I was one of the signatures) asking for the immediate termination of Mr. Gerhart. There were many more who would’ve signed this, but due to time constraints we had to send it with “just” 27 signatures. This was sent the beginning of April.

We made it very clear in this letter that there was nothing that Al was doing that we wanted to be a part of. We told them we didn’t have time for his distractions and wanted him gone right away. We gave examples of the problems he caused us, as well as the problems he caused the liberty movement in Oklahoma by acting inappropriately towards GOP Party leadership. This was not a light issue. We made our case very strongly and clearly. We requested a response from the Campaign within a few days.

Mr. Gerhart came back saying that the National Campaign had dismissed what we had brought forward and that he was in the clear. But, interestingly enough, he stepped down from the Campaign position just about a week or two after the letter was sent with not much of an explanation.

We were very glad to see this, because we did not want him around or trying to coordinate anything as we worked up to Oklahoma’s State Convention.

Of course, having the county coordinator position I had, I received a couple emails from Al regarding my signature on the letter. He wanted explanation before he “fired” me from the position. By that point in the game, I was well “entrenched” with the grassroots coordination and felt a response to Al would only hurt us more. So, I did not respond and ultimately things got quiet because he quickly “resigned.”

At the state committee meeting before Oklahoma’s state convention, he did more to put a bad light on Ron Paul supporters by making a big (unnecessary) scene there. There is question among the Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma if Mr. Gerhart was even a Ron Paul supporter because of his ridiculous actions and statements. When I witnessed this at the state committee meeting, I was even more thankful that we had requested his removal, because I did not want him thinking he had some kind of role in our coordination and work at the state convention level.

Regardless, Mr. Gerhart did a lot of damage to us in Oklahoma, because many people in the “establishment” thought he represented us. He was the farthest thing from representing the liberty movement and Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma.

I want this message to be sent to the OK GOP: The Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma do not condone or support anything Al Gerhart does or stands for.

I also feel that Mr. Gerhart caused us a lot of hurt with regards to the National Campaign’s view of Oklahoma. It felt like we were the “red headed step child” after the state convention. We had so many issues at our state convention, yet the Campaign continually refused to help. Yes, we did reach out to them on more than one occasion (and by more than one of us) and never heard a response. Even when we were dealing with our contest to the RNC.

When I confronted John Tate about the Campaign’s lack of support for Oklahoma, it was obvious Mr. Gerhart had hurt us. John Tate acted as if Oklahoma wanted nothing to do with the campaign. If he talked to Mr. Gerhart, that is what you might get because he twisted so much.

But, if you would have talked to the grassroots, we would have accepted the Campaign’s help (and working with the grassroots) with open arms. We had leaders who would’ve stepped up to the plate – and were ready to long before Mr. Gerhart took the position.

Oklahoma continued to be shunned by the Campaign all through Tampa, but I don’t feel the need to go into all of that right now. I’ll just say it felt like being stabbed in the back – and I told John Tate that when I talked to him at 1:30am at the Marriot the week before the Convention.

Overall we learned a lot through this experience. And I hope the same mistakes won’t be repeated again. It wasn’t easy. But, what has been easy for Oklahoma this election cycle?

-Qadoshyah Fish

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If it's true that Laura and Lukus stole....

...the campaign event sign in sheets as described here,

then they STOLE from Ron Paul, not Al Gerhart, and that is INEXCUSABLE, regardless of anything that Al may or may not have done.

If you STEAL from Ron Paul, you are a traitor to the movement and a traitor to Ron Paul.

There's no "version" or "side of the story" to this. Either they took the lists or they did not. If they did, they are traitors, no different than Romney or Obama.


I agree


What really happened in Oklahoma

I posted a pretty exhaustive account of how the Oklahoma campaign was conducted and what National faced from some of the grassroots leaders. Here is the link:

And I had no idea that Q was that young and that was her dad.

Regardless there is no way in the world I would have allowed either to embarrass Dr. Paul. I felt bad for Q but as you can see the info out there is so beyond the pale that there just was no nice way to broach the subject. I had met her dad and he is very intense, you can't have a normal conversation with him on some issues. Far better that I just remove them and hope it didn't blow up.

I'm going to let the story speak for itself. I understand that those who don't know me think the account is narcisstic and even I understand that doors open for me that don't open for the average person. Ask Kaye Beach, she will tell you that I am cut from the same cloth as some of the upper C4L leaders that DR. Paul chose to run his organization, that is going to make the average Ron Paul supporter not understand why Dr. Paul picks certain types of people to do certain things. But I'll say this about the man. His decision to surround himself with hard men was what convinced me that he actually had a real shot at winning.

Now, I am covered up in work at my shop, three or four kitchens lined up and customers clamouring for their cabinets so I am working some extreme hours and I have three newspapers for three counties that MUST be out to support constitutional conservatives in the general election. I will check back as often as I can to answer any questions that are posted on the other thread, the new link above. Why, because I'm new here and liked not to found this thread again. All I can say is that I can back up every single word I write.

I do like the tone of the FBI guy, he seems very rational. The goal here should be to learn what happened and clean the problem up before 2012.

I can tell you that muzzling a state coordinator by not allowing him to use social media, meetups, or any sort of online posting is both neccessary and hurtful. Those posts can be dangerous to the campaign but the practice locks leadership away from the volunteers.

I can tell you that having any sort of grassroots campaign along side the official campaign is political suicide.

I can tell you that next time they should spend the money to bring in the state coordinator from out of state and have a hard fast rule that they back them come whatever short of a firing offense.

I can tell you that leading libertarians is an almost impossible task if you are going to protect a candidate and run a professional campaign.

Bottom line, if you respect Dr. Paul you had better take the training and understand why he wanted things done a certain way. And learn to trust his staff or just go off with others and work on your own. There can be only one leader in a political campaign and it was Dr. Paul whether you liked it or not.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

I totally believe you that it was Dr. Paul who ran the campaign

The only regret I have is not joining the GOP in 07 and getting with Dr. Paul's program. I've been grassroots for three decades and Dr. paul's campaign has been the best fight ever. It was a cake walk by comparison to what we went through with Nader fighting to open debates and ballots (many Libertarians joined Nader just to open debates and ballots for more voices and choices.. all we ever won was law a collection of multible law suits in multible states).

I see there is another post on your account that you responded, that has a video of you that is no longer in play, and you apparently impressed many people who saw that video.

My Dad always told me, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I guess Dr. Paul would agree. Thank you for everything you did for Dr. Paul. We are winning, not as fast as some would like, and maybe not the way others would like, but I am seeing results in the GOP despite Romney and I'm very pleased.

Pipe down late freighter I've read both sides yours and Q's

and all you received was a proper beat down. Came in late in the game because the campaign was mismanaged from the beginning by Benton then quit.

After losing the last 5 years and now knowing all we are headed for is a clusterfuck of a dollar collapse that is going to be worse than most can even imagine I don't trust anyone anymore especially jerks like you that cannot think outside the box and include Paul supporters.

Quite a farce that Paul look down his official 2012 campaign site and it cannot be referenced by your average internet user.

Exposed Here by Justin Raimondo in a brilliant article on February 03, 2012.

98% of the chowder-heads in the "official campaign" are gutless with no common sense because the time to have stepped up was Iowa which all of MSM fiefdom had Paul taking 1st place and everyone just rolled over.
thanks campaign!

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Al Gerhart Hindered the Liberty Movement in Oklahoma

A few comments on Qadoshyah's post.

Some background: I participated in the process at every level, including being elected a national delegate in the parking lot of the OK state convention (and attending the convention in Tampa).

First, Qadoshyah's rundown above is just about exactly how I would characterize what we went through trying to deal with the national campaign through Mr. Gerhart in Oklahoma. I obviously can't vouch for their private interactions, but I had my own exchanges with Mr. Gerhart over his demand that we release the names of the people we were planning to elect as delegates so he could "vet" them (which I interpreted as code for booting anyone he didn't like). I informed Mr. Gerhart that the Ron Paul movement in Oklahoma was in a better position to assess the merits of its delegates than he was (him not being a Libertarian and all).

Well it turns out that our process worked beautifully. In the three districts Mr. Gerhart wasn't able to interfere with (not that he didn't try: he issued a hit piece on one of our delegates the morning of the convention), we swept the districts.

He absolutely tried to split the vote in our 5th district convention. Luckily the people he tried to set up as his own delegate slate voluntarily refused to run at the convention out of solidarity with the Ron Paul movement. If Mr. Gerhrt's plot had succeeded, we wouldn't have won a single delegate (instead we won every single vote for every single position).

And the simple fact of the matter is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our delegates (the ones Mr. Gerhart tried to sabotage) did their job in Tampa. We got nine delegates (three from each of the three districts we won). Three of them were bound to Romney per state law, and their votes were disallowed. Six of them were unbound, and Ron Paul got six votes from Oklahoma. So the implication that allowing Mr. Gerhart to veto our delegate choices would have been better just doesn't hold any water.

Secondly, Al Gerhart, from what I can see and read in his newsletters, is not a Libertarian, and he doesn't hold the same values as Ron Paul or the Ron Paul movement. He is an abrasive, vicious person. He antagonizes and berates people (whether they're on his side or not), and he compiles an invective-filled newsletter that is not only filled with ad hominem attacks on people but the kind of anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-immigrant vitriol that far more resembles the hatemongering wing of the Tea Party than the Ron Paul movement or Libertarianism generally.

He was never a good fit for the Ron Paul movement. I think he would have been much more at home running Michele Bachmann's campaign in Oklahoma than Ron Paul's.

I think a lot of the trouble in Oklahoma stemmed from that alone. People interested in learning and meeting about Ron Paul had to go through Mr. Gerhart to get there, and Al Gerhart doesn't remotely represent the values of Ron Paul or the Liberty movement. This is not a hate movement, and the people who didn't want to be part of the hateful sham that the national campaign became in Oklahoma naturally coalesced around each other (if you want to call it grassroots, that's what it was).

We organized ourselves, we educated ourselves, we expanded ourselves, and we got Dr. Paul nine delegates, thirteen alternates, and three electors when he was entitled to NONE of each. And we did this despite the fact that Ron Paul's own state coordinator was sabotaging (both intentionally with his spite and unintentionally with his horrid interpersonal behavior) Ron Paul at every turn.

So, I suppose those of you who aren't in Oklahoma have no reason to believe me over Mr. Gerhart, but that's life. If you won't believe what I'm telling you, at least this much is indisputable: the Oklahomans who navigated the process and showed up in full force in Tampa (even dozens who had no chance of being seated) were OURS. The people who dedicated their lives and their money and their time to go down there and fight the sham were OURS.

WE did that. The national campaign did nothing for us and worked a lot against us, and that simply MUST BE considered a reflection on the state coordinator.

i would tend

to agree with you. from what i've read you are much more believable and you seem like someone who's interested in liberty for all. the other side seems much more interested in self promotion.

i loved the line about gerhardt being more fit to run bachman's campaign.

Good read.

Gerhart had his own list of delegates. It is, that you guys checked out the names and these were people you didn;t know?

Am I correct on this?

They knew every single one of

They knew every single one of the delegates on my list and they were encouraged to furnish a list of delegates for vetting. I could have cared less who went as long as they were a team player that Dr. Paul could count on and not someone that would embarrass Dr. Paul.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

And you were the final judge?

"not someone that would embarrass Dr. Paul."

Sounds more like a smear campaign than campaign for liberty.

Free includes debt-free!

Not to me

I'm facing the GOP and on my committee, I can see how they could take a truther, for example, and twist the truther's claims to be Ron Paul's. Dr. Paul made 911 into a foreign relations blowback issue, not demolation conspiracy. Last thing Dr. paul needed was to spend the campaign doing "damage control", as he already had his own to answer for, not needing someone elses who had their own message during the nomination process to confuse things, or complicate them.

Oh baloney. This is a straw man argument.

The Truthers were people they didn't want because they told the truth. In other words they weren't liars.

This has nothing to do with 9-11, it was just an excuse for a smear campaign.

They are trying to tell the truth of their experiences in the C4L and Campaign Management. Of course they have to be smeared.

Free includes debt-free!

I Don't Agree

I gave an example of Truthers, not as evidense, but as an example to explain that Ron Paul has his own message about 911, and since it is his campaign, he needed to control his message, not allow it to be taken by those who have a different perspective.. not for HIS campaign. They can make their own campaign (GJ LOL).

The Ron Paul, Rand, Benton, Tate, and Gerhart bashing and blaming is being done by those who didn't want to do Ron Paul's presidential campaign Ron Paul's way.

I've been rewarded for doing it Ron Paul's way. Not by having Ron Paul as the nominee, though that would have been nice, we didn't have enough people as CREDENTIALED delegates.. too many thought THEY HAD A BETTER WAY.. TOO many didn't join the GOP, didn't even try to become delegates but, as Richard Gilbert said, "This is a Mutany", or those who refused to do it Ron Paul's way in HOPES he would fail, and here they are, with their "I told you so" and pounding about the GOP, Romney, Rand, Benton, Tate, Hunter and anyone who stands for them. Not budging me one bit. I KNOW THE TRUTH about the campaign and them.

It's not over. For them maybe. It never really bagan. If this is their victory, it will be very short and unlitmately very dissappointing, as GJ will return to the GOP, and the write-in idea will FAIL. They have NOTHING... I'm here watching them do it their way.. and their way is not winning anything..

But those who did it Ron paul's way, joined the GOP, became delegates, took committee seats.. we're in this for the long haul, and I expect those who doubted us to continue doubting.. that's who and what they are, and what they've got.

meanwhile, WE ARE WINNING, and we will win, Liberty for all of us.

I have now learned how to get county and state voter records...

I also experienced opposition from the campaign in WA State Submitted by sceptreofjudah, 09/28/2012

[Abridged. Edited down for mobile action. Powerful message. Sorry if any mistakes. - Mark Twain]

Googled Ron Paul last December. I personally brought in 80 supporters to the county caucuses by hitting the streets.

Software engineer and IT savvy, I got .. the voter database, and ... got precinct leaders... voter lists for their precincts and ... contacting voters. Yet, I had fierce opposition... I was then denied all access to the database.

Extremely important footnote: I have now learned how to get voter records from the county and state and maintain my own database which I can update. I also ran for PCO and won. This ain't over. I'm not giving up!

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Secrecy was needed to keep control

The Campaign for Liberty was a non-transparent, secretive organization.

Benton derailed the Meet-up campaign. The names of the most active and successful for 2008 were deliberately targeted and sidetracked in 2012.

That's my story from Michigan.

Mitch hired him to disrupt the Kentucky Tea Parties and Grassroots the same way for 2014.

It seemed that the C4L was trying to sidetrack Rand's Senate run by trying to sell the grassroots some awful campaign ads.

Hiring political hacks produced predictable results.

Free includes debt-free!

That is completely paranoid

That is completely paranoid and completely disrepectful to Dr. Paul. You are accusing him of being duped, of hiring people that worked against him and that he wasn't intelligent enough to realize it.

I can see why certain people were sidetracked.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back


Is it wrong to trust a betrayer? Who commits the sin?

Free includes debt-free!

"Party politics" is a total distraction.

The campaign was not only a hindrance in 2008, they actively stabbed me in the back (I was a state co-coordinator. Just naming 2 coordinators was pretty much BS, seemingly intended to incite division, but Alanna and I had higher priorities - liberty.)
It was with EXTREME reluctance that I got involved again in 2012, fool me twice and all... But I still love liberty, and saw no better route, so I got involved again just in time to watch the campaign take one of our best volunteers, make her coordinator and then hamstring her with the title. She was left to give ho-hum speeches that never touched on anything "sensitive" and was unable to openly communicate with the grassroots. Meanwhile, the self-anointed grassroots leader continued his incompetent or malicious (I lean toward malicious) unorganizing of any grassroots efforts that did not lead to his personal political gain. Seriously, I have never seen anyone so good at taking tremendous energy and enthusiasm and making such a mess of it, and he pulled the same stunts he did in '08. POLITICS IS UTTERLY CORRUPT.
If you care about liberty, live it. One day you will likely be gunned down in cold blood for it, but at least you will live free, then die. I still want to believe that RP was not just part of a plan to get all liberty lovers to self identify - really about all I got out of politics was on a few more lists. But right down to the local committees and PCP positions, people get a taste of politics and they turn evil. Sorry, their desire to rule over others is evil, and it is time to stop pansy-a$$ing around that fact.
Self governance is what Jesus was talking about, that is why they made up a religion to marginalize his message.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Wow, there is some tremendous

Wow, there is some tremendous insight in your post. Dr. Paul taught us in C4L that half of our people would turn against the group and that has been my experience too. Very few people get into politics with the heart of a servant and very few of those are tough enough and mean enough to survive.

Politics is utterly corrupt but we fight or we submit to be ruled by the very people that play the game well.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

When you talk of C4L training,

was this some training where the folks who received it were personally invited or was this general training anyone could of attended?

C4L training

All this happened prior to the campaign of course and was geared toward preparing people to be effective liberty activists. C4L training is open to anyone that is interested, you don't have to be a member. Contact C4L for more info on training dates. I highly recomend the training.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

Top Secret. So of course unverifiable.


Free includes debt-free!

I am trying to find out, - what training.

The C4L basically disappeared in 2010 from my area. The last training I received was at the 09 Valley Forge C4L conference.

I am speculating that states where the main delegate strategy was performed, there was contact with C4L coordinators in those states during the campaign.

It it were the same in our area, there would have been some folks that probably wouldn't feel there was qualityy leadership in the C4L coordinator(s) due to the past years perfromance of the individuals.

This could be a moral hit right off that bat.

I backed out of the C4L as far as paid memebership due to the performance of the coordinators in my area. They represent the organization and if there is not a decent work ethic there, what is suppposed to inspire others to join in and believe.

I'm looking to solve so we can learn how to perform better. Those that aren't leaders need to believe in the leadership.

I also experienced opposition from the campaign in WA State

I am a 60 year old ex-neocon who googled Ron Paul last December. I became politically active and energized then. Wanting to help the campaign I located and contacted our county co-ordinator and got on board. Being retired, I had plenty of time to walk the streets, phone bank, and get people involved. I personally brought in 80 supporters to the county caucuses by hitting the streets.

Being a retired software engineer and IT savvy, I got involved with the voter database, and headed the coordination of getting precinct leaders hooked up with voter lists for their precincts and getting them engaged in contacting voters. Yet, once I started doing this I had fierce opposition from higher up in the state level. I was then denied all access to the database.

Here I was, a professional very adept at IT, energized and with plenty of time to do the work, actually showing great progress -- and they cut me off at the knees. Sabotage of grass-roots action is disgusting.

As a footnote: I have now learned how to get voter records from the county and state and maintain my own database which I can update. I also ran for PCO and won. This ain't over. I'm not giving up -- which is what the campaign as well as the local Republican establishment have tried their best to discourage me into doing.

We saw the same thing here

As soon as Dr. Paul announced I started working to get our district organized. I was also involved in 2008 and the only one in my area back then that was out canvassing and making phone calls. I took campaigning courses getting ready. We had our delegates already ready when the campaign finally got around to calling for delegates and signature gathering. The only distict in our state that did... Then all of a sudden people were being told to ignore the grassroots leaders and stop doing anything that we had planned to canvass and promote Dr. Paul, including meet-ups. Everything I'd worked on getting organized for months fell apart - nobody would help canvass because they were being told not to... Then there was a big push for everybody to be over in IA to help them and I had no help getting anything done in our own area.

Which state?

Please publish more details. A consistent picture is starting to emerge.

You're right

An official coordinator should be able to bring various groups together under a coordinated effort. This includes various Ron Paul supporters AS WELL AS the official party people. Taking a strident and angry tone with the county and state party officials will get you very little in return. Al Gerhart should have been focused on the big picture and part of that includes working well with others. You don't "demand" anything other than professionalism, and you can barely demand that. To call party officials, rant about them in long winded emails, and generally work to wreck the apple cart, isn't the way to win over, or take over, the 'establishment'. Regardless of what PArocks thinks, I believe this group worked hard to include Al Gerhart, and rather than having a spirit of humility, as Ron Paul himself often displays with both friends and foes, Al displayed a spirit of contention. I hope he can put his talents to a good use, but so far he's done more to cause bad feelings from what I can tell.

Please read the full account

Please read the full account and then comment.

Understand that another thing that Dr. Paul teaches in C4L is that none of us are normal. Normal people don't care about liberty enough to work to change things, the spend their time on their friends and family. Why that matters is that what a normal person thinks and what people like us thinks is usually quite different. Never judge a tactic without stepping outside your shoes and putting yourself in a normal person's shoes. Robo calls is a great example, they are tremendously effective at attacking a bad politician to straighten them out. I initially rejected them till I was proven wrong.

Another thing to understand is that Dr. Paul teaches confrontational politics. GOP officials are politicians too.

A short story on how this works. In 2010 a floor leader named Ken Miller screwed us over on some gold and silver bills, removing the sales tax when bought as an investment or for monetary purposes. And many other bills that were constitutional. So we went after him when he ran for State Treasurer with a campaign called go look it up, it still should be up online.

Fast forward two years later and the same Ken Miller is appointed co chair of the Romney campaign. I called a few legislators till I got his cell number but got to thinking that I could just catch him on opening day at the legislature a few days later. Sure enough I was talking to a couple of representatives and here comes Ken Miller, now our state treasurer. He leans against a door jamb as the person he wanted to speak to had visitors.

I walk up and say hi. The guy is looking for a window to dive out of but settles down and we talk. I asked about him being appointed as the Romney co chair and he goes.. well yeah, gosh don't know how much good it will do him. I say "Ken, don't you know this will rip the scab off what you and I had going back in 2010?

Wwwwhat doooo you mean Al?

Ken, if you stick your head up on this, I've got to take it off and we both know that.

Well, we don't have to be enemies Al.

I know Ken, it is all just good political fun.

Mr. Miller dissappeared after that, we didn't see hide nor hair of the boy for the rest of the campaign. He didn't want thousands of small signs springing up in his neighborhood and across the state.

Politics is ugly, it is brutal, it is a fight to see who rules who, ,that is how Dr. Paul teaches it.

Take the training. Use it or not but understand it.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

What a fabrication!

I want to thank the handful of people that read between the lines and picked up on what really happened in Oklahoma. I'm just going to take a few minutes to respond then I'll post a rebuttal on Sunday. Things are super busy these days, as an example here is how my day went:

Get email that Q and the other "grassroots" sided with the worst state chamber shill in the state, the McCarville Report blog, and opened up this can of worms once again.

Get to work and the postman brings a cease and desist letter from an attorney representing a reserve deputy that we outed a few weeks back in our weekly newsletter. Middle eastern guy, reserve deputy dentist playing cops on the weekend, massive increase in his personal wealth in just a few years, had a county owned vehicle sitting in his garage that had a license plate scanner and the most advanced communications equipment in the state other than the mobile command post truck which was receiving every FBI/Homeland security alert and update, recently indicted on a federal medicade fraud charge of 15 million bucks, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local sheriff to gain access to the sheriff dept. The sheriff that basically sold access to this guy for donations is a former international cheifs of police president, very pro gun control.

Spend an hour responding to an extremely high placed Republican elected official (maybe third or fourth from the top) phone call responding to a request for funding for a hard core constitutional senate candidate in Tulsa. Lined up two conservative state senators to mentor the guy before and after the election if he manages to win.

Interviewed with the main paper in the state on the dentist/reserve deputy/access to FBI/Homeland security updates. Provided the reporter the court documents proving that the dentist lied about a previous felony arrest and about being under federal indictment for medicade fraud. And I built cabinets and made a living or part of one.

Now, how is it that I can rub noses with state senators and ask political opponents for campaign funds for conservative candidats. It is because Dr. Paul taught me how to do politics through C4L and that included confrontational politics. Go ahead and squeal that it is his staff teaching that and I'll remind you who hired them and pays the bills. Bottom line is that the politicians are scared XXXXless of what we do and do their best to stay out of the line of fire. We killed Obama Care Health Exchanges here in Okahoma after a two year fight and three people were given credit for the kill by the House author of the bill: me, Darren Gantz, and Dave Bell. Bell is the senate candidate I was raising money for today.

Now, this link that Steve Dickson is bandying about where they turn over control. What he isn't saying is that they formed that group the night I met with them upon my appointment. They did this specifically to compete with the National campaign but they folded it a month later when they realized I had all the toys. I was in the room when they formed it, but the way things work is that National staff can have zero control or cooperation with grassroots groups that have made independent expenditures so I couldn't approve or disapprove of what they set up. I was there to introduce myself and to get them on board the campaign. Instead they decided to compete with the national campaign.

Also unmentioned was the nearly unrelenting pressure a few dozen of the 2008 volunteers put on the campaign including threats of a FEC investigation if Dr. Paul appointed me, the theft of the sign in sheets at the rally when Dr. Paul made his first and most likely last visit to Oklahoma which I arranged even after I was told it was impossible, a blackmail attempt by one of the "leaders" to obtain Dr. Paul's email list, a complete campaign to ignore the National campaign's efforts to run a real campaign including calling voters to identify the undecided and delivering literature, they even worked with the state GOP chairman to try to get me fired! The same GOP chairman that later screwed the RP campaign over at the convention.

Unmentioned was the Oklahoma County convention where after a four or five hour credentials process while the entire convention waited while they did their best to throw out 45 RP delegates, getting it down to 13 Republicans they tossed out. Neither Q or Steve Dickson told you who it was that walked down the isle calling point of order, accepted the microphone when it was offered (out of shock mainly) and outed the outright criminal disenfranchisement of our dozen delegates (one was a Santorum guy we found out later). Dickson told a wild tale about his part in that but the reality was that he interfered and screwed it up big time, calling for a motion while his state coordinator had the floor and was telling the story of the thirteen Republicans that had their Republican voter ID held high over their heads nor did he mention that his motion allowed ALL Republicans in the room to become delegates at the Oklahoma County GOP Convention despite knowing that we had dozens and dozens of visitors from other counties that would have tipped the scales against us.

And those Republican women that they insist I was mean to? They were GOP officals disenfranchising Ron Paul delegates, I didn't threaten them, I promised them that we would make exammples out of them.

Bottom line is this. A few dozen 2008 volunteers refused to take the C4L training to prepare for this election. They had no voters list, most couldn't open an excel spreadsheet to save their life, they refused to follow the FEC requirements that Dr. Paul HAD to comply with to avoid an FEC complaint, and fought everything the National campaign tried to do from day one. Over 40 county coordinators were recruited and they knocked them off one by one by threats of blackballing. They refused to put on a campaign, depending on the "delegate strategy" to win delegates without realizing how this would poison the Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney supporters against Ron Paul's campaign. Had they called voters we might have won a delegate and had a leg to stand on.

Now, Q herself and why she is so hell bent on destruction. I had to remove Q and her husband from the district delegate list after a Google search brought up some serious problems with a cult they apparently founded and run. Google "Darwin Fish a true church" and get ready for a serious shock. I had googled Q herself but nothing out of the ordinary showed up but when her husband put in an application for district delegate and we did the vetting... I got to thinking and looked in my wallet and there was a card that Darwin had given me the one and only time I met him at the RP rally. I was so pressured running that show that I didn't even look at it and just stuck it in my wallet. I'll post a scan of the card on Sunday but it lists "satanic churches" as being Assemby of God, Baptists, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormans, Fundamentalists, Non-Demoninationalist churches, etc. "Satanic pastors" included Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon, Jack Hayford, James Dodson, John and Charles Wesley, John MacArthur, Rick Warren, etc.

Worse, Q and her husband Darwin supposedly picket other churches during their services, at least according to reports that are out there, which I wouldn't believe myself if I didn't have Darwin's card which flat out tells you that if you don't believe like they want you to then you are going to hell.

Now I ask the harshest critics out there that have believed Q's story, did I dare endorse such a person as a national delegate in Ron Paul's name? Was my job not first and foremost to protect Dr. Paul from harm?

Finally, along with the campaign came a very thick set of rules and guidelines to keep the campaign from being embarrased. It was not for me to question the rules, I took the job on the condition that I follow the rules. If you watch my training talk at the Ron Paul rally in Oklahoma City I explained the need for all of us to put aside our free spirits and make a libertarian army to march beside Dr. Paul to victory, to join together so that someday we would be left alone. If the rules explicity stated to avoid contact with outside groups that had made or were making independent expenditures to avoid FEC problems then that is what we did in Oklahoma. All the 2008 volunteers were offered positions, most of the county coordinator jobs were slow to fill and very, very, few of the 2008 volunteers helped, most outright refused when I asked them to serve.

Now, in the end these jokers did their petition, Dr. Paul ordered an investigation. Not a single point they made was found to be valid as most of what they were complaining about was what I was ordered to do or was expected to do. When the news got out that I was cleared, these same people started complaining again and harrasing the National campaign staff then trying to drive a wedge between National staff and Dr. Paul. At that point Oklahoma had become a distraction to the campaign and I offered to shut the campaign down at the end of April.

Why was I chosen in the first place? Because I was the C4L leader for the state and had been working my butt off on liberty issues, the staff knew me, I had the reputation of someone that even my critics admit that had to be listened to, everyone that I suggested for the leadership slot in the state was rejected for various reasons, I had a current voter list, extensive contacts in politics, and the GOP was and still is scared xxxxless of me after using Dr. Paul's training over a couple of years. Put it this way, I send out a weekly newsletter at 10 pm to midnight on Sunday night, the worst possible time to send out a newsletter. Between 20 and 30% of the House and Senate, state GOP officials, most of the state agency heads, a governor's staffer, and usually the attorney general has read the newsletter before midnight. By 10 am Monday morning nearly all of the House and Senate have read that newsletter to find out who we outed or what we have been given.

The GOP's worst fear was that Al and the Ron Paul volunteers would make common cause against them. It worked at the Oklahoma County Convention, that video went viral, or the parts where Steve Dickson cut me out of it did. The almost the entire version is out there if you look. Dr. Paul even came to Oklahoma after I made the request, not because it was a good political decision because Oklahoma is not a swing state. Dr. Paul came to support what I was trying to do here in Oklahoma, bring his training to his volunteers, and make a difference after the election was long over. Q and her buddies threw all that away when they worked with the GOP establishment and GOP shills like Mike McCarville all because THEY wanted to be the ones in control. Me, I never believed anyone can control anything or anyone, I was content just to follow Dr. Paul's rules and do the best I could to win him votes.

Get ready for a show on Sunday if Q and her buddies don't get me thrown off the website.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back

Ron Paul's campaign was brilliant.

My only regret is not getting with the program in 07/08. Best political experience of my life! THANK YOU for being part of a team that took me off the streets and into a committee seat where I can continue to materialize Ron Paul's message to "Restore the Republic" for years to come!