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The Problems Oklahoma Dealt with from the Ron Paul Campaign State Coordinator

Oklahoma has been through a lot this election year. We had problems at our state convention, as many people know. But, it wasn’t just the “establishment” Republicans who we had problems with.

We also had problems with the Ron Paul National Campaign. We haven’t come out and said much about this, but I feel there is no reason to keep this under the radar anymore. This hasn’t been exactly a secret, but some of the details have not been out for all to see. We didn’t want this to cause the Campaign or us any problems back when this was all going down, but right now, I feel it would be beneficial to come out and say some more. I don’t want anyone to think the Ron Paul movement has some kind of tie or support to the person who caused us so much grief.

Back in January of this year, Al Gerhart (with the Sooner Tea Party), was appointed as the Oklahoma State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. This was a volunteer position. The end of January, I signed up as a volunteer for the campaign to be the Cherokee County Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Coordinator.

Because I was new to being very politically active, I met Al for the first time at the Ron Paul rally in Oklahoma City the end of February. What I encountered when I met Al was unique. But, it was just the beginning.

Being so new to being really active in the Party, I did not know the Ron Paul grassroots leadership who had been around since 2008, like Brady Wright, Lukus Collins, etc. I was slowly introduced to them via someone in my county, Shannon Grimes (who was also grassroots and had been around since 2008). But, this was a slow process over a month or two. When I signed up to be a county coordinator, I was told to not have contact with the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul. This made things rather difficult. I was torn between trying to coordinate both groups, yet not have contact with the one side.

We had great success in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. But, it had nothing to do with the campaign. I sent emails out to the identified RP supporters in our county and we had a great turn out at our County Convention. That night we came away with just over 50% of the delegates from my County. And it was all by God’s hand.

Anyways, what I attempted to do at first was have another friend be the contact point for the grassroots. But, this quickly showed it was not going to work. I tried to have this work as we were leading up to our District Convention. But, this is when I started to realize things were really fishy with the state coordinator that we had.

A few days before Oklahoma’s Congressional District 2 Convention, Al Gerhart sent an email out with instructions for everyone as to how to vote. The quote that got me was this,

“No doubt there are some grassroots candidates running for the same National Delegate slots but on Saturday you have a choice. Do you support Dr. Paul or do you support unofficial candidates that are unknown to the Ron Paul National Campaign.”

When he put the grassroots supporters up against Ron Paul, as if not voting for these “pre-approved delegates” was voting AGAINST Ron Paul, that was one of the first times I said, “I’m not doing what he says.” We were all in this for the same reason – to WIN delegates for Dr. Paul.

The supposed “vetting” process the delegates went through from the national campaign was simply Al Gerhart’s opinion of who he liked and who he didn’t like. I would later find out that this was not done by a committee of people (as the grassroots did leading up to the state convention to choose our delegate slate).

This email (which was very long), caused some people to not attend the District 2 Convention. People did not want to be directed by Al Gerhart or told they were doing wrong by not following his orders. This cost us delegates. The Convention in District 2 was run fairly and we lost the delegate vote by JUST TWO VOTES. Mr. Gerhart cost us a potential win in District 2. It should be noted that 3 of the 5 District Conventions in Oklahoma had a complete sweep for Ron Paul. They were all run fairly and they were all organized and coordinated by the grassroots. The one other district which we did not win was not run fairly and had a challenge at the state convention.

After the District 2 Convention, I decided to get more involved with the grassroots and forget about the fact that I was not supposed to have any tie with them as an “official volunteer campaign coordinator.” This was the best decision I made!

What I ended up doing, even though I had signed a non-disclosure agreement to be a county coordinator, was forward emails that were sent to the county coordinators to a select few of our grassroots leaders. I was watching emails come in to the county coordinators that laid out detailed plans of how to thwart and disrupt the planning and coordination of the grassroots. No, I am not kidding when I say this. I have a massive amount of emails to prove this.

I would receive emails that would tell the time, date & location of where a grassroots strategy meeting would be taking place. And Mr. Gerhart would specifically tell the county coordinators to go there, see what they are saying and try to change their plan. He would tell the county coordinators to try to tell the grassroots to work with the National campaign. Ha! What he didn’t realize is that WE (as in the grassroots) were more than willing to work with the campaign (and tried to more than once), but Mr. Gerhart was the one opposed to that. I know this sounds outrageous, and it is, but it’s what Oklahoma went through with the national campaign.

We could not take this any longer, so we sent an official request to the national campaign signed by 27 grassroots leaders in the Ron Paul/liberty movement in Oklahoma (I was one of the signatures) asking for the immediate termination of Mr. Gerhart. There were many more who would’ve signed this, but due to time constraints we had to send it with “just” 27 signatures. This was sent the beginning of April.

We made it very clear in this letter that there was nothing that Al was doing that we wanted to be a part of. We told them we didn’t have time for his distractions and wanted him gone right away. We gave examples of the problems he caused us, as well as the problems he caused the liberty movement in Oklahoma by acting inappropriately towards GOP Party leadership. This was not a light issue. We made our case very strongly and clearly. We requested a response from the Campaign within a few days.

Mr. Gerhart came back saying that the National Campaign had dismissed what we had brought forward and that he was in the clear. But, interestingly enough, he stepped down from the Campaign position just about a week or two after the letter was sent with not much of an explanation.

We were very glad to see this, because we did not want him around or trying to coordinate anything as we worked up to Oklahoma’s State Convention.

Of course, having the county coordinator position I had, I received a couple emails from Al regarding my signature on the letter. He wanted explanation before he “fired” me from the position. By that point in the game, I was well “entrenched” with the grassroots coordination and felt a response to Al would only hurt us more. So, I did not respond and ultimately things got quiet because he quickly “resigned.”

At the state committee meeting before Oklahoma’s state convention, he did more to put a bad light on Ron Paul supporters by making a big (unnecessary) scene there. There is question among the Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma if Mr. Gerhart was even a Ron Paul supporter because of his ridiculous actions and statements. When I witnessed this at the state committee meeting, I was even more thankful that we had requested his removal, because I did not want him thinking he had some kind of role in our coordination and work at the state convention level.

Regardless, Mr. Gerhart did a lot of damage to us in Oklahoma, because many people in the “establishment” thought he represented us. He was the farthest thing from representing the liberty movement and Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma.

I want this message to be sent to the OK GOP: The Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma do not condone or support anything Al Gerhart does or stands for.

I also feel that Mr. Gerhart caused us a lot of hurt with regards to the National Campaign’s view of Oklahoma. It felt like we were the “red headed step child” after the state convention. We had so many issues at our state convention, yet the Campaign continually refused to help. Yes, we did reach out to them on more than one occasion (and by more than one of us) and never heard a response. Even when we were dealing with our contest to the RNC.

When I confronted John Tate about the Campaign’s lack of support for Oklahoma, it was obvious Mr. Gerhart had hurt us. John Tate acted as if Oklahoma wanted nothing to do with the campaign. If he talked to Mr. Gerhart, that is what you might get because he twisted so much.

But, if you would have talked to the grassroots, we would have accepted the Campaign’s help (and working with the grassroots) with open arms. We had leaders who would’ve stepped up to the plate – and were ready to long before Mr. Gerhart took the position.

Oklahoma continued to be shunned by the Campaign all through Tampa, but I don’t feel the need to go into all of that right now. I’ll just say it felt like being stabbed in the back – and I told John Tate that when I talked to him at 1:30am at the Marriot the week before the Convention.

Overall we learned a lot through this experience. And I hope the same mistakes won’t be repeated again. It wasn’t easy. But, what has been easy for Oklahoma this election cycle?

-Qadoshyah Fish

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Low personal participation, therefore a group,

is a good way to bring a newbie aboard. Sign waves are great for that as an introduction. They learn to participate and get some bonding going.

Most people do not want to go one on one with people such as canvassing. Much more, join the GOP right off the bat.

Teaching is about dropping your level to the students and then lead them up the ladder one rung at a time.

How many people have you brought in from the streets, you know the grassroots folks ? ...

I'm not even going to try to bring in anyone from the streets

As a committee member, you know what a huge learning curve this is, Roberts Rules of Order, RNC, State and county platform, by-laws, the Constitution, who's who doing what, ballot inniatives, resolutions, also as a committee person you most likely are being asked to chair sub committees and get on other boards, plus you should be having the opportunity for seminars on campaigning, net working, learning your county districts, the other counties, who works with who.. we just had major redistricting here. I think it's incredible you have the time and energy to not only know all this, but to be able to teach others and get them vetted committee seats. How many have you gotten?

I'm working a different stratigy, and it is with people who have had political experience, have compatible political issues, and after the election, I will let you know how many of those who say they are interested join me.. because I'm not asking them to join now and have to vote Romney. I'm voting Romney, I'm not asking or telling anyone else to. I think I will be very successful actually.. but it will have to be after the election.

It's tough to get people.

That is why when someone shows interest, unfortunately, you have to lead them by the hand a little bit at the start.

People have to want to become involved in the political process. As some of my previous posts stated, that you have read, folks don't want to. And as I said, states and counties are different just about everywhere. You are fortunate. I am not.

Ok, you are working a different strategy. That is good. Do what you think is going to work for your locality.

As previously stated, the states that have made big progress, such as Oklahoma, is where the best chances for growth come from, as far as being involved in the party.

I made a heavy post last week or so concerning RP folks don't want to join the party. I have accepted that. So, I have to adjust my local strategy to try and generate some interest. I have to adapt to what I accept as overwhelming odds not in my favor.

On the DP, I may now and then put out a couple sentences about working the party.

Your comment is a nice read.

you'll be successfull alright

at boot licking to the top.

actually grovelers only get so far. they'll quickly learn what an ignoramus you are and stop your ascencion before you get too far.

Granger. Quit acting like the

Granger. Quit acting like the grassroots is not needed. Ron Paul never told us to stop campaigning for him...you nincompoop!

Yes, we all know you are on the committee. And yes, we alllll know you took an oath to vote Romney. Good for you. I applaud that. A lot of people have done the same. Get over yourself.

I used to respect you but now I think you are just dishing for some attention. Just stop.

LOL, Granger, did you read

LOL, Granger, did you read what Qadoshyah wrote? Have you read of the other work she, I , and MANY other have done and are continuing to do in our state?

You speak rashly on this matter looking the fool. I say that to be mean. The rebuke is well intended.

Not only are we the grassroots, we ARE the Republican party here. We are doing the work, putting in the time, making the calls, knocking the doors, etc...

We ARE continuing to organize and grow the Republican party. We are moving into leadership positions.

We are doing all these things while maintaining our principles. A thing which would not have been done with people like Al Gerhardt taking a leading role. If you haven't met him or seen his shenanigans count yourself blessed.

Here in this instance you rail against things you know not about. Take a deep breath.



I'm not seeing it. I'd like to see it and understand it.

First, I have no issue with the campaign this election because I did what the campaign asked. In 07 I had issues and refused to do what the campaign asked. I was torn. I really didn't want to become a Republican. But this time, I did. The campaign has been very good to me.

Romney won the election, so any door knocking, phone calling is for Romney, which I don't have to do.. I will call for Dan Roberts a Ron Paul RepubliCAN, and I call other Republicans. But I'm not calling for Romney.

Are you telling me you are making phone calls for Romney?

What's going on????

Are you guys on central committees? Were you elected??? Were you appointed??? I'm very interested, because I'm very interested in what issues you are facing and sharing what issues our REPUBLICAN Committees are facing in CA.

Are you telling me that you are making phone calls for Ron Paul? Who are you knocking on doors for? Please educate me. What's going on besides Ron Paul OK state campaign bashing?

Just stop

Please stop, you are embarrassing yourself.

Worry about yourself



Who said I was worried about you? lol I'm not, I don't worry about you or myself. You mean nothing to me. I just feel embarrassed for you, that is all. :)

Don't bother


Why are you calling at all?

Dan Roberts? Why call for him? That is grassroots stuff. Tell him he doesn't need any of that nonsense. You are a big time committee person. Just annoint him and go eat dinner. Phone calling is sooooo grassrootsish. RepubliCAN?? Hell that sounds like some stupid slogan a bunch of grassroots assholes would get printed on signs. You are enlightened and above all that now. There is no need for grassroots activity anymore so stop doing it. sheesh

My committee is paying for it, that's why

You can call it grasroots stuff, but my committee is organixzing the phone bank, the headwuarters, the booths where we present the Republicans that will be on pour ballots. I'm very happy to call for Dan Roberts and happy my committee is ok with me doing that.

My committee is also having a moneybomb for candidates.

Maybe some grassroots will donate?

if i paid you to jump off a bridge

would you do it?

i'm sure we could get a moneybomb going. we'll pay by the foot, though.

for every foot over 50 that you jump from, we will pay more and more.

we'll even memorialize you as a committee member so everyone can know how awsome you were.

Thank you for the calmer

Thank you for the calmer tone.

Regarding the National Campaign, for the most part we here in OK don't have a problem with the National Campaign. Just as for many over time questions have arisen but such is not our focus. That focus is promoting liberty by being involved in local politics.

I am glad that the National Campaign has been good to you. As I understand it many others such as Iowa have also had very good relationships with them as well.

Our problem here in OK is that the mediary (Al Gerhardt) chosen really did not help. The grassroots here largely continuing from the previous election cycle tried for months to get help and guidance. Even after the State Coordinator was named that help and guidance simply was not forthcoming.

Finally we had to start pushing forward with work that had been badly stalled by waiting.

Then months later, mostly around District and State Convention times the State Coordinator DID start making his presence felt.

He literally threatened other Republicans in our state with the grassroots. He was a bull in a china closet and showed himself by word and by action to be antithetical to the principles Dr. Paul spent his career promoting.

In the end to try and salvage what we could of our relationship with others in the GOP the grassroots took the issue to the National Campaign. Like you we hope to work within the party to continue promoting our liberty principles. The damage and hostility caused by Al Gerhardt was felt very strongly at the district and state conventions. That damage is still being felt and it will take time to heal those wounds.

On what we are doing now. We are staying involved. We have and will continue to take on leadership roles in the party at precinct, county, and the state level. So yes, that will entail also committee positions. Some now, more over time.

On phone calling for Romney... hehe, no. No we are not. We are actually working in the party to promote and hold it accountable to its espoused beliefs. So, we are working for our party as general volunteers putting in time at election headquarters and working for candidates down ticket that we can vote for in good conscience.

Ron Paul is a great example of principle. I have great respect for him. What we are doing is way bigger than him.

Here in OK we were, are, and will continue to be the campaign.

I know there was not too many specifics but I hope that helps. If not feel free to message or post back here.


I'm still not understanding

Was anyone asked to join the GOP and become a delegate on OK by the state coordinator?

It was my experience, that the dividing line with the campaign was either you joined the GOP and worked to become a credentialed delegate, meaning you connected with your GOP committee to be vetted and get a seat if you could, or you were dropped from contact by the campaign if you did not do that. Was that the case in OK?

How did he threaten other Republicans in OK with grassroots? Here in CA, grassroots caused more problems for Ron Paul Republicans on committees because we were always be accused of what they did. If there were illegal signs up. We were blamed. The grassroots rallies at our convention did not help us one bit, but set us back as the convention goers, were LIVID that they could not attend the seminars, or even vote, sleep, drive park, because grassroots was marching, shouting, sign waving... (and at the time I admit, I was laughing when they were scorning me about what happened) but I have paid a price in they blame and take it out on me because they know I'm for Ron Paul. Even last saturday I had a committee member say, "A very good friend of mine told me that you are going around town telling people you are a proud Libertarian." I was fortunate the Chiar did a background check on me, including a voting history, and told the members that I had been investigated and was eligable for my seat. I have been audited three times this year.

Next to Jesus Christ, I think Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are both very hard to "live up to". So to expect anyone to be "Ron Paul" is not fair. We all have to be ourselves, and people being people, not everyone is going to like "you". That's just the way it goes. So, if this is an attitude issue, I don't understand. He is a Republican, dealing with some pretty powerful people, and working to do what the National campaign needed him to do in OK. And if it was like CA, which I belive it was.. his job was to find those who joined the GOP, get them to go to their committees and become credentialed delegates.. he would have selected county or district leaders, had conference calls, passed down phone lists from those who volunteered on the national campaign, and worked as many county committees and the state convention getting committee memebrs to hear Ron paul's message, passing out what signs he could get, while trying to fundraise and find Ron Paul committee members who were seeking offices. He had no business with the grassroots.

Here in CA the campaign made no business with grassroots.

I'm not understanding how he upset the Republican party in OK. Here in my area, the coordnators for Ron Paul's campaign were esteemed in the GOP, which Romney's campaign was based, so they really had it rough making it clear to the CAGOP that grassroots was NOT them and they were not responsible for what grassroots did that upset the CAGOP across the state. Grassroots set us back. They did not help, they did what they wanted when they wanted, how and where they wanted, Ron Paul, the RP GOP campaign, and credentialied delegates be damned. They were the ones who made it hard for us to be taken seriously. Now that the RNC is over, those of us still on committees are earning respect by working together, forming aliences with the constitutionalists, religious right, fiscal conservatives, Oath keepers, Tea Partiers and Palin Earthquakers, who all like our "restore the Republic message.

Grassroots have abandoned the GOP and us, are doing their own thing having sign waves to audit the fed. So we are on our own, and I'm not complaining. Like you, we are able to focus on the candidates we like, and things are settling down as we get to work on voting up/down the RNC, CAGOP and county inniatives and resolutions for the November ballot. The closest I come to being Ron Paul is voting NO to unconstituional issues.

Can you explain the hostility he caused in and with the GOP in OK?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Was anyone asked to join or

Was anyone asked to join or become a delegate by the state coordinator? Not to my knowledge. In fact by the time he started getting involved at all here in OK the precinct and county conventions were already done.

As in, if we grassroots activists had not self motivated and organized none of us would have been able to be delegates and thus part of the process.

Before I continue I think I need to make a clarification as it seems your use of grassroots may be a bit different than my own. By your definition of Grassroots I do not think we qualify as grassroots. We have joined, or had been Republicans, and we were from the start engaged in the party process. Grassroots are those activists out there doing the work, showing up, being involved.

They are the people that were up past 5am the night before the Rules vote in Tampa delivering information to all the delegate hotels so that they would be informed. They are the members of the party, the lifeblood, that is now working to hold the party to its espoused beliefs.

The grassroots you speak of seems more to be non-GOP RP supporters. Those I guess certainly are political activists and I guess grassroots in some fashion. But when most of us speak of grassroots I think we are speaking of those of us actually engaging in the party process.

I think a good deal of the resistance I am seeing to some of your posts is the denigrating of grassroots when you may be thinking of something other than what most your readers are thinking.

I'm also not sure but the way you speak of the Committee and vetting there in CA it sounds as if the process may be a bit different there than it is here in OK.

Here is is precinct convention which qualifies comers as delegates to county convention. Then county convention where Delegates are elected for District and State conventions. Here, we do not have a vetting process until you reach the State level looking to become a National Delegate.

All this work among the grassroots here was done in the absence of direction from the state coordinator and the national campaign. If we had not been self motivated we would have made up much less of the State delegate body than we did. I am serious when I say we had no help.

With Al Gerhardt it was not just an attitude issue. There was certainly that, but he was a bully that did not practice the principles of our movement. Standing on principle certainly is enough to cause problems, especially when standing up to those in power. We deal with that all the time. But by doing it firmly but politely things remain civil and we can build bridges. That was not how Al worked.

It sounds like you had a MUCH different experience in CA. I am glad of it.

I was going to write more but I'm out of time. I'll check back tomorrow.

A bunch of articles here if you are willing to dig through them, especially that first link.


Gerhart was admittedly NOT a Ron Paul supporter . . .

. . . as late as December, 2011. At his first meeting in the Tulsa area, he told the small group of indigenous leaders that this campaign was NOT about getting Ron Paul the nomination in 2012, but about Rand Paul in 2016. As you can imagine, that set off the volunteers immediately.

I used to think he provided a useful service in much of the muck-raking info he provided. Then he attacked me in print, and I realized much of what he prints is slander and a twisting of the truth. Now I realize he is a LIAR, at the very least. The ends justify the means for this guy.

It is telling that over the course of his four months of building a parallel, competing organization against the grassroots, almost every county coordinator he picked came over to the grassroots. As you have seen in his previous self-serving post, he skillfully weaves his own tale. It just doesn't match reality.

In conversations with top national campaign staff, they have no regrets, and no apologies, for foisting this guy on us. And they seem to have only disdain for the actual bottoms up grassroots people.


Grassroots here in CA are not volunteer Republicans. Grassroots in CA, protest, rally, sign wave, petition for issues such as anti-war, medical marijauna, ending the fed, OWS, and come from a variety of parties, or no party.

It seems to me reading the articles about Al is that the Neocon/Tea party RINOS have an issue with him because he unseated them and had Ron Paul delegates seated in their place at the RNC, and that he was an Indy that became a Ron Paul Republican and FOUGHT them and won?

The articles were posted today, a month after the Ron Paul campaign ended and weeks after Al's boss Jesse Benton moved on the work with McConnell.. so why would Al still have a paid job?

Why is anyone defending the Neocon/Tea Party RINOs against a guy that won delegates for Ron Paul?????

"It seems to me reading the

"It seems to me reading the articles about Al is that the Neocon/Tea party RINOS have an issue with him because he unseated them and had Ron Paul delegates seated in their place at the RNC, and that he was an Indy that became a Ron Paul Republican and FOUGHT them and won?"

Al did not win anything for Ron Paul other than ire. He did not help us one iota in getting delegates.

Al, in his ongoing Sooner Teaparty stuff likes to claim a lot of victories but in most cases (all I'm familiar with) such claims of his personal responsibility does not meet with reality.

That is not to say with his Sooner Teaparty Al has not called out some politicians that have needed it. I will give him some credit there. He does on occasion expose issues. But that is also an issue aside from the problems with him as part of the Liberty Movement and specifically our State Coordinator.

I think you may not have gotten to the articles that discussed the problems Al caused for RP folks in the state.


We repeatedly had to tell people that Gerhart does NOT represent

. . Ron Paul or the liberty movement. Even though he had APPOINTED HIMSELF State Coordinator, he does not in any way exude the spirit of love and liberty that informs most every liberty lover I know.

We were continually having to defend Ron Paul and our movement because people in the GOP thought Gerhart was the epitome of Dr. Paul or the movement. We spent as much energy cleaning up the messes caused by Gerhart as we did advancing Ron Paul in the state.

Gerhart represented himself in an initial meeting as being like a "quartermaster," whose job it is to bring in support and supplies for the grassroots army. The reality was that he saw himself as a Napoleonic figure whose motto was "my way or the highway."

The really interesting thing is that a C4L paid consultant from Oklahoma was directly over him, and knew all the previous indigenous leadership from 2008. He also knew of the extreme reservations among the grassroots of Gerhart's appointment and the subsequent problems caused. Yet, he left him in place.

man...you are the most

ignorant person in the DP.

yeah you...the granger = ignoramus

as a previous poster questioned...why don't you just stop? you are a total embarassment to real Ron Paul republicans!

DocLiberty, I just wanted to

DocLiberty, I just wanted to say that I appreciate people like you. I want to make sure people realize that I have no problem with people in our movement getting involved in local politics. It isn't the path I've chosen, but I don't think we should all being doing the same thing, so I am delighted to see people try to spread the libertarian message in whatever way they deem best. I only feel the need to clarify this because I have recently been exposing the constant lies coming from Granger. I don't want that to come off as a criticism of good people like you.

I can not speak to the issue

I can not speak to the issue you raise regarding Granger as I am ignorant on the matter.

On concerns that you may be taken as being critical of those working within the Republican party, No worries. I know plenty that have chosen other avenues to work as well. I think that the diversity of action is more of a strength for us than a weakness.

I will say this(though I truly do not know if you need it said), Continue in calm, truthful, and peaceable language even in challenging those with whom you disagree even if they do not do the same.



i once trusted you

I trust Ron Paul

and his campaign, no one from grassroots, ever!

So, are you from another

So, are you from another world or something? Without the grassroots, Ron Paul would have gone no where. Without grassroots support, you are left with the same thing as any other establishment candidate has, big donors, lobbyists, and centralized command and control which is the hallmark of one of the things Ron Paul stood against.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

CA is another world

Doc just pointed out that grassroots are Republican volunteers. Here in CA, we do not call Republican volunteers grassroots. So I owe everyone a huge apology, I did not know everyone who calls themselves grassroots is a Republican volunteer.

Grassroots in CA come from any party to protest, rally, signwave issues such as anti-war, medical marijuana, ending teh fed, OWS.

Please accept my apology. I have great appreciation and respect for ALL Republican volunteers. Thank you for being a Republican volunteer.

and no respect for other people

how sad.

it boggles my mind

how ignorant your comments are.