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The Problems Oklahoma Dealt with from the Ron Paul Campaign State Coordinator

Oklahoma has been through a lot this election year. We had problems at our state convention, as many people know. But, it wasn’t just the “establishment” Republicans who we had problems with.

We also had problems with the Ron Paul National Campaign. We haven’t come out and said much about this, but I feel there is no reason to keep this under the radar anymore. This hasn’t been exactly a secret, but some of the details have not been out for all to see. We didn’t want this to cause the Campaign or us any problems back when this was all going down, but right now, I feel it would be beneficial to come out and say some more. I don’t want anyone to think the Ron Paul movement has some kind of tie or support to the person who caused us so much grief.

Back in January of this year, Al Gerhart (with the Sooner Tea Party), was appointed as the Oklahoma State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. This was a volunteer position. The end of January, I signed up as a volunteer for the campaign to be the Cherokee County Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Coordinator.

Because I was new to being very politically active, I met Al for the first time at the Ron Paul rally in Oklahoma City the end of February. What I encountered when I met Al was unique. But, it was just the beginning.

Being so new to being really active in the Party, I did not know the Ron Paul grassroots leadership who had been around since 2008, like Brady Wright, Lukus Collins, etc. I was slowly introduced to them via someone in my county, Shannon Grimes (who was also grassroots and had been around since 2008). But, this was a slow process over a month or two. When I signed up to be a county coordinator, I was told to not have contact with the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul. This made things rather difficult. I was torn between trying to coordinate both groups, yet not have contact with the one side.

We had great success in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. But, it had nothing to do with the campaign. I sent emails out to the identified RP supporters in our county and we had a great turn out at our County Convention. That night we came away with just over 50% of the delegates from my County. And it was all by God’s hand.

Anyways, what I attempted to do at first was have another friend be the contact point for the grassroots. But, this quickly showed it was not going to work. I tried to have this work as we were leading up to our District Convention. But, this is when I started to realize things were really fishy with the state coordinator that we had.

A few days before Oklahoma’s Congressional District 2 Convention, Al Gerhart sent an email out with instructions for everyone as to how to vote. The quote that got me was this,

“No doubt there are some grassroots candidates running for the same National Delegate slots but on Saturday you have a choice. Do you support Dr. Paul or do you support unofficial candidates that are unknown to the Ron Paul National Campaign.”

When he put the grassroots supporters up against Ron Paul, as if not voting for these “pre-approved delegates” was voting AGAINST Ron Paul, that was one of the first times I said, “I’m not doing what he says.” We were all in this for the same reason – to WIN delegates for Dr. Paul.

The supposed “vetting” process the delegates went through from the national campaign was simply Al Gerhart’s opinion of who he liked and who he didn’t like. I would later find out that this was not done by a committee of people (as the grassroots did leading up to the state convention to choose our delegate slate).

This email (which was very long), caused some people to not attend the District 2 Convention. People did not want to be directed by Al Gerhart or told they were doing wrong by not following his orders. This cost us delegates. The Convention in District 2 was run fairly and we lost the delegate vote by JUST TWO VOTES. Mr. Gerhart cost us a potential win in District 2. It should be noted that 3 of the 5 District Conventions in Oklahoma had a complete sweep for Ron Paul. They were all run fairly and they were all organized and coordinated by the grassroots. The one other district which we did not win was not run fairly and had a challenge at the state convention.

After the District 2 Convention, I decided to get more involved with the grassroots and forget about the fact that I was not supposed to have any tie with them as an “official volunteer campaign coordinator.” This was the best decision I made!

What I ended up doing, even though I had signed a non-disclosure agreement to be a county coordinator, was forward emails that were sent to the county coordinators to a select few of our grassroots leaders. I was watching emails come in to the county coordinators that laid out detailed plans of how to thwart and disrupt the planning and coordination of the grassroots. No, I am not kidding when I say this. I have a massive amount of emails to prove this.

I would receive emails that would tell the time, date & location of where a grassroots strategy meeting would be taking place. And Mr. Gerhart would specifically tell the county coordinators to go there, see what they are saying and try to change their plan. He would tell the county coordinators to try to tell the grassroots to work with the National campaign. Ha! What he didn’t realize is that WE (as in the grassroots) were more than willing to work with the campaign (and tried to more than once), but Mr. Gerhart was the one opposed to that. I know this sounds outrageous, and it is, but it’s what Oklahoma went through with the national campaign.

We could not take this any longer, so we sent an official request to the national campaign signed by 27 grassroots leaders in the Ron Paul/liberty movement in Oklahoma (I was one of the signatures) asking for the immediate termination of Mr. Gerhart. There were many more who would’ve signed this, but due to time constraints we had to send it with “just” 27 signatures. This was sent the beginning of April.

We made it very clear in this letter that there was nothing that Al was doing that we wanted to be a part of. We told them we didn’t have time for his distractions and wanted him gone right away. We gave examples of the problems he caused us, as well as the problems he caused the liberty movement in Oklahoma by acting inappropriately towards GOP Party leadership. This was not a light issue. We made our case very strongly and clearly. We requested a response from the Campaign within a few days.

Mr. Gerhart came back saying that the National Campaign had dismissed what we had brought forward and that he was in the clear. But, interestingly enough, he stepped down from the Campaign position just about a week or two after the letter was sent with not much of an explanation.

We were very glad to see this, because we did not want him around or trying to coordinate anything as we worked up to Oklahoma’s State Convention.

Of course, having the county coordinator position I had, I received a couple emails from Al regarding my signature on the letter. He wanted explanation before he “fired” me from the position. By that point in the game, I was well “entrenched” with the grassroots coordination and felt a response to Al would only hurt us more. So, I did not respond and ultimately things got quiet because he quickly “resigned.”

At the state committee meeting before Oklahoma’s state convention, he did more to put a bad light on Ron Paul supporters by making a big (unnecessary) scene there. There is question among the Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma if Mr. Gerhart was even a Ron Paul supporter because of his ridiculous actions and statements. When I witnessed this at the state committee meeting, I was even more thankful that we had requested his removal, because I did not want him thinking he had some kind of role in our coordination and work at the state convention level.

Regardless, Mr. Gerhart did a lot of damage to us in Oklahoma, because many people in the “establishment” thought he represented us. He was the farthest thing from representing the liberty movement and Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma.

I want this message to be sent to the OK GOP: The Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma do not condone or support anything Al Gerhart does or stands for.

I also feel that Mr. Gerhart caused us a lot of hurt with regards to the National Campaign’s view of Oklahoma. It felt like we were the “red headed step child” after the state convention. We had so many issues at our state convention, yet the Campaign continually refused to help. Yes, we did reach out to them on more than one occasion (and by more than one of us) and never heard a response. Even when we were dealing with our contest to the RNC.

When I confronted John Tate about the Campaign’s lack of support for Oklahoma, it was obvious Mr. Gerhart had hurt us. John Tate acted as if Oklahoma wanted nothing to do with the campaign. If he talked to Mr. Gerhart, that is what you might get because he twisted so much.

But, if you would have talked to the grassroots, we would have accepted the Campaign’s help (and working with the grassroots) with open arms. We had leaders who would’ve stepped up to the plate – and were ready to long before Mr. Gerhart took the position.

Oklahoma continued to be shunned by the Campaign all through Tampa, but I don’t feel the need to go into all of that right now. I’ll just say it felt like being stabbed in the back – and I told John Tate that when I talked to him at 1:30am at the Marriot the week before the Convention.

Overall we learned a lot through this experience. And I hope the same mistakes won’t be repeated again. It wasn’t easy. But, what has been easy for Oklahoma this election cycle?

-Qadoshyah Fish

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They are about as secret

Yes, they are about as secret and corrupt as can get. I do remember our previous conversations, while the page you shared, the bottom link was new to me, and man, I think it's interesting that they changed the by-laws after Bush was installed, kept them, there are allot of issues I would have.. but then, my being from CA, things are different out here and where I live.

It claims there are 400 members, and you have town committees, and deputies, so it would be hard to know who us running what, and who is getting paid what.. Talk about losing their way. I'd have to say, this is a group that needs to be nationally exposed.. It appears on the front page an insider is calling it corrupt outright.

When we discussed this before I believe I found a list of who was named, had their pictures, and there was one open seat. but these guys are picking deputies to do their work..

I wonder who the Ron Paul campaign leader was for your area, as that would be a very interesting person to interveiw.

Thank you for the education and food for thought. I will be thinking about this.. it remins me of our Bay Area Council.. and I'm thinking maybe the Bay Area concil was formed to be like your committee because CA is so big, there was no way to achieve the level of hidden activity.. and No I guess there would be no reason for a loyalty oath since people are getting paid and then appointing someone else to repreent them. It's definately all about control and power, not that my committee is not, but we even advertise when and where are meetings are, everyone is welcome.. I belive that is the case most places.

Ron didn't campaign in NYS, per se.

There was no campaign office. He did come to Cornell University though, we had around 4,500 show up.

His strategy was strictly in states where the people had a voice. An excellent strategy done well.

There was some issues. I believe the campaign made some mistakes. And people do have questions.

So,... that is what is still coming out in this thread.

An excellent strategy

I think he did have an excellent strategy and I think he went up against some of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world, so I give him, Benton, Tate, the campaign a lot of credit, because he broke through where for decades, others have tried and FAILED.

We all make mistakes. It's not just the mistakes, but it's the unforseen problems, for example in 08 when Kent Snyder, the man who talked Ron Paul into running, died. And in fighting on the state levels, which we had here.. so for me, the only ones who I could trust were the campaign and those who didn't deviate in any way, which those who did not join the GOP, waited for RP to fail had the biggest issue.

When you say "people have questions".. there are those who have questions because they want to understand, and there are those who have questions that are not sincere questions, but set ups because they were never for the strategy of the camapign, but want to glean what they can to find and create things.. for example this thread.. if you read the articles Doc posted to me, I think Al did a great job. The Neocons who co-opted the tea party, which he called RINOs have an issue with him for getting Ron Paul delegates placed over them. What's the problem? If you didn't like Al, and refused to do things his way, which had to be the campaign's way, because he was sucessful, why would anyone side with the Neocons against him?

It is this kind of thing I have questions about.

I have questions because I worked very hard as a politcal activist for decades and I got plenty of write up in newspapers, magazines and even National Resource Defense Council has a story about my taking on several huge corporations and winning a case against them in Southern California Regional Water Control Board (a very powerful group) in "The Amazing Los Angeles Environment" (now a text book http://www.csun.edu/~cahn/471e.html Though I won, I felt like I lost.. though I shouldn't feel that way.. it took years to accomplish, and I learned a lot, but still, my prize does not reflect my goal at the time. The gift the campaign gave me is something I treasure. I worked hard for it, and I'm happy it's working out for me, and the best part is that I am learning a lot.. so I have questions for those who complain and question the compaign. How was I able to succeed and they were not? In your case.. I can honestly say, I think I would have been besides myself.. but I don't know, had I lived in the area, maybe I would have had a better idea.. but that the amount of corruption and secrecy is something I expect from a Grange, not a Republican Political Party.. and this happened when Clinton was Senator.. and the Neocons were Democrats.. and talk about a good fight. It seems to me, until NYS is free, we won't be.

Again, THANK YOU for educating me. It's going to be with me a long time.

that's your problem

you don't understand that your loyalty should be to those that elected you.

Oh yeah, i forgot, you occupy a seat that no one else wanted, so you were appointed by the establishment.

therefore, you are now an establishment shill ready to lick boots all the way to the top. appointments don't need the approval of the people...let them eat cake.

JUST BECAUSE... you are

JUST BECAUSE... you are elected to a seat with the Republican party does not mean you have to vote for a socialist anti liberty douche bag candidate they nominated. Most of the stuff you are fonting here is pure bullshit. I understand what you are saying but your method of having blind devotion is wrong. As a committee person you should purging the assholes in the republican party. Not voting for them.

ignorance is bliss

and granger must be the happiest person on the daily paul.

once again, i implore you to look up the meaning of grassroots.

then maybee you can make ignorant remarks about something else.

She is a neocon shill.

Pay no mind. She just wants another free sub.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

C_T_CZ's picture

Rough comment, too!

I respectfully suggest Granger is a committed Ron Paul supporter through and through. She actually joined the GOP and became a member of a central committee, and took Ron Paul's suggestions to heart in order to try to change the GOP from the inside.

We all differ in our tactics to help the Liberty Movement, and some may feel passionately about one tactic versus another, and sometimes the paths diverge away from what we consider to be optimum.

However I'd never put Granger into the same basket as neocons like Hannity or Rove - that's plain silly :) She and I differ in the emphasis we assign to different tactics for the Liberty Movement, but certainly we're on the same team!

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

Grainger works for Romney

now. I would consider that anathema to the liberty movement. It's not exactly changing the party from the inside.

She doesn't act like she is

She doesn't act like she is on the same team. She is quite rude and arrogant. And to tell the grassroots to get lost is obscene!

Like they say

The farther up the flagpole the monkey goes, the more of it's ass you see.


never heard that.


I have tried to meet in the middle. I have shown her how grassroots is just as essential as being on committee. I have given her the benefit of the doubt many times and made light of her comments and accusations.

I have had it with her cutting down me and others, and now QFish. It is not fair, NOR is it productive.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Granger turned into

the establishment. tyranny is unbecoming

Sad thing is that here in

Sad thing is that here in this instance she is bashing those of us in OK who are taking that same path to influencing the party.

C_T_CZ's picture

I understand....

Yeah I understand. I just hate to see infighting, when we have much bigger fish to fry.

Mad respect to you and the other r3VOLutionaries out there in OK!

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

Granger's comments are..

downright laughable, because they are so far from the truth and reality. I'm not even going to bother responding to it all.

Thank you to those who have shown the support. We will continue fighting the good fight in Oklahoma - IN THIS PARTY!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

Truth is funny

How funny that you're siding with Neocons/tea party RINO's in OK GOP to make your case against someone who they oppose because he got Ron Paul delegates seated over them, only makes you look jealous, envious, petty and backstabbing traitor to OK Ron Paul delegates and Ron Paul's camapign.

typical establishment shill response

accuse the rightous of being the scumbag that you are.

everything granger has written in the post i am responding to is exactly what granger is, but she accuses someone else to be.

typical establishment shill response.

Granger, you know not of what

Granger, you know not of what you speak with such conviction.

You speaking in that manner while in ignorance is non-productive.

Gerhardt got Ron Paul NO delegates in OK and probably cost us delegates.

We are not siding with the unprincipled (neocon/teaparty RINOs) here in OK. We are holding them accountable and replacing them.

I'm asking

I'm not getting answers but insults and excuses.

The articles you showed me tells another story. I don't know Al, or you, or Q, or any of you, so I do not have a personal ax to grind. I'm sure I could complain about the campaign here in CA, but I don't see what GOOD that does besides vent frustration, which I don't have because I did what I could to the best of my ability, and the only thing I did not get was Ron Paul winning the nomination.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks Q!

My experience with Al and the grassroots was almost identical to what you described. It was not a hard choice for me to see who to work with. One was a vibrant group of enthusiastic people full of leaders and with open arms, the other was one guy who was bent on control and used personal attacks and lies to try to convince me to stay away from the grassroots.

I'm sad that this could not have been communicated more effectively to the campaign prior to Tampa.

Qadoshyah, thank you for sharing.

We had similar problems here with a district coordinator (CD3).

With all that you, I and others have learned, I hope that we now know who our allies are and can work effectively for 2016.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You're a Democrat

You were never able to get with the campaign based on your Democratic Party registration.

You're a pathological liar.

You're a pathological liar.

Wrong again.

I am registered Republican. I am not the only one who had complaints with the district coordinator. Ron Paul Republicans dating back to 2008 made the same complaints.

I (we) took the ball and ran with it. That is why the precincts that I coordinated had huge success getting RP delegates to win. The rest of the CD far north of where I reside did not fare well. Interestingly, the precincts that overwhelmingly lost are where the so-called district coordinator resides. That is a fact.

I do not know why you are so belligerent. I have sent you proof of the accomplishments that were made.

You are a neocon.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Neocons were Democrats like you

Wouldn't want to hurt your Democrat friends telling them the truth about you. Isn't that what you told me? You're a fraud.

Thanks for putting a picture together.

Hope you folks build on what you have started. You are way more ahead than a state like mine.

We most certainly will...

build on what we have started and continue on working within the Republican Party.

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

I guess the campaign

was worse than romney's?