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Romney being sabotaged? We will take the blame. *Updated*

It doesn't take a political genius to see that the RNC in Tampa was a self-destructive disaster for the Romney campaign. In a tight election the LAST thing you want to do is antagonize and alienate swing voters. Ron Paul Republicans and independents are practically the definition of "swing voters".

But what is going on now is even more bizarre. Iowa is considered a swing state. Even though my county is 80%+ Republican, the Obama campaign has actually opened up a campaign headquarters in our little town. And he has another one 15 miles away in our county seat.

As the GOP county chair, I expected to be inundated with phone calls, emails, yard signs, buttons, and pamphlets from the Romney campaign after the convention. Instead I have gotten nothing but junk mail asking for donations.

As a well known Ron Paul supporter I have been bending over backwards to show that I am a loyal Republican. And I have been taking heat for not holding a central committee meeting (I had planned on distributing yard signs at the meeting).

My wife has been calling and even driving an hour to the nearest Romney headquarters in Council Bluffs asking for yard signs. They keep telling her that they are out of signs and don't know when they will get another shipment.

Today I heard from another liberty Republican that his county is having the same problem. In fact, one of his central committee members is still waiting for a sign that she purchased online. Are you kidding me? Romney's campaign has had ten times the money that Ron Paul had and they can't even get yard signs out?

This goes beyond incompetence.

Here is my theory. The insiders had been hoping for another Bush-style, RINO presidential administration to further their agenda and take the blame when the big crash happens. But with the resurgence of true conservative/libertarians in the GOP, I think they have changed their mind. I think they are more concerned about taking US out than any advantages they might enjoy from having a "Republican" president.

They are going to blame us for Romney's defeat. The lame articles pleading with us to vote for Romney are just an excuse to make us the scapegoat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking anyone here to vote for Romney. It's bad enough that I have to. And I don't think it matters if you vote for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or just abstain from voting for president. That train has left the station.

But what DOES matter is winning as many hearts and minds in the Republican Party as we can; consolidating or improving our power within the GOP.

I think our enemies agree.
And I think they are setting Romney up to take one for the team.

What do you think?

======================= Update=====================
Just got this on my Facebook page from a liberty GOP state legislator--

If the Republican ticket loses in November, the rush by Mr. Ryan and other 2016 hopefuls to position themselves for the Iowa caucuses “is going to look like Best Buy the night after Thanksgiving,” said Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa. “I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him.”

Wow. Can you imagine the unleashed hell if I had said, "the stench of Romney"?

I sure can.

And I bet the insiders already have a list of "frontrunners" ready for the 2016 race.

Rubio, Christie, Santorum, Ryan, Huckabee, etc. are a few that come to mind.

The only thing I am sure of is that Senator Rand Paul isn't on that list.

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I think

that by running with Mittens. Paul Ryan has forfeited his chances of being the GOP nominee. Romney and Ryan are going to lose... bad. Of course, anything could happen.

Who Cares

Bless your heart for doing what you can to advance liberty but who cares who 'they' blame? In fact I would revel with glee if we Paulers we're blamed. Of the 2 wings of that bird of prey, I find the Republican side more loathsome because they play the part of free market advocates when, in reality they are a gang of murderous Fascists. That their puppet might get slammed by the other wing is of no real consequence anyway. Let the apparatchiks who screwed us for the past year wallow in misery blaming us. Works for me.

It's a terrible irony that we

It's a terrible irony that we can't vote against Obama's dishonesty because to vote for Romney would reward the dishonesty in one's own (former) party. I could never have predicted this scenario--by which Obama will, perforce, be re-elected. But there is no other choice. The only hope for restoring honesty in American politics depends on Romney and the GOP NOT being rewarded for their dishonesty.




The Right as a 5th Column for Socialism

Romney has always been the designated loser.

Its exactly what they did with McCain. Remember, Obama was originally a CIA operative, that fact no one denies. However, he has never resigned, so he is working for them, Remember, the CIA could not run Kennedy, and in fact, JFK fired the head of the CIA who works for MI6 as does Mossad.

That fact along with numerous other roadblocks Kennedy put up to thwart their globalizing plans, are what got him killed. The GOP picked both McCain and Romney due to their history of liberal politics that would alienate the base. That is why Ron Paul was strategically sidelined. He had no such history, thus he would have beat Obama. Now, like in 2008, the core of the party will probably sit out the elections altogether rather than vote for a liberal republican.

This is all intentionally planned and you just confirmed it with the info on how difficult it is to get any semblance of a normal really well fought campaign. What the neocon GOPers did not count on was the fact that many would rather deal with Romney than with Obama. And they did not count on the Ron Paul supporters sticking with Romney after what they blatantly did to Ron Paul


So, I am holding my nose and going to not only vote for Romney, but also work for his campaign.

"The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the lie - deliberate,
contrived, and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and
realistic." - John F. Kennedy

Don't be a fool

The outcome in a Romney vs Obama election is pre-determined, so don't sell your soul just to be "unpredictable" to the people that pre-determine it. All the media stories and "incompetent" GOP activities are being coordinated at the highest level and tricklng down to the local level, and they are just to make the pre-determined outcome somewhat believable. If we're going down, let us at least go down with our honor.

Whoooooooa there, Y'All.

The Liberty movement should in no way take the blame for Romney's loss! For goodness sake, it is NOT our fault that the GOP insisted on pushing through their "Candidate". Like someone below stated; we did everything in our power to elect an honest, conservative candidate. Remember, many , many of us who supported Dr. Paul were NOT Republicans anyway. They never could count on our votes but they sure as S T did not win any of us over to their side with their choice of candidate. It is not OUR fault that they did that. They made their bed and now they will lay in it. Period. They would LOVE for us to take the blame. It will give them ammunition when any of us are running for elected positions. No sir, the GOP can take the full blame for their own demise. That's the price they pay for being so out of touch with the electorate. Additionally, I really do believe that we should get behind Rand. He is like Daniel in the lions den.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

No, truly, you are wrong..... Romney is as much a victim of this

farce as Ron Paul was. Just go back and look at who they picked in 2008 for the GOP nominee? A man who has nothing but a liberal voting record in a conservative state, who has absolutely no grassroots base, and who had a history of a lack of integrity as evidenced in his time in Viet Nam prison camp, and the showing off with a jet on an aircraft carrier that killed his fellow pilots and navy personnel.... he should have been court martialed for that and its common knowledge, yet they picked him to be the designated winner, why? Why Romeny with a liberal voting record???

Because its the international bankers who are manipulating our elections and trying to control the presidency for Israel's agenda. This government has been run by a foreign power ever since Bush Jr. Just look at Romney's advisory committee on foreign policy just announced. Every single one of them are dual Israeli citizens and I believe one of them was the one who lost 2.7 Trillion dollars when he ran the pentagon.

This is way bigger than normal politics.... this is going for control of the globe and its only through Obama they can achieve that as we have seen time after time. Romney is not a puppet and not controlled by anyone, rather a consumate politician but a danger if they cannot control him like they can Obama.

I am beginning to see that we must work hard to make sure Romney gets elected. I was a delegate to my state convention last time for Ron Paul and voted for him this time around.... I was going to write in Ron Paul, but after reading this article and here in Colorado, they have held up the packets for door to door campaigning and I just found that out. They also imported a plant here from out of state that no one knows. So this is very deep and broad and they intend to undermine Romney just like they did Ron. THEY DO NOT WANT A REPUBLICAN THAT HAS BEEN A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN SINCE THEY ARE NOT CONTROLLABLE.


"The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the lie - deliberate,
contrived, and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and
realistic." - John F. Kennedy


Maybe Mitt will admit to the Documented Fraud he,and his Thugs were responsible for during this years Campaign...maybe not!Oh!how is the Billions of Dollars Ponzi Scheme coming along?
What did Mitt do with the Million + Tax Payer Dollars the bragged about taking from the Dept of Ed? I have no idea how an American could just ignore these Anti American acts of separation. from the very people he needs to get him elected.

Fed Up Vet

Okay. I respect your perspective. What good will it do to

get Romney elected if he is going to go down for whatever crimes he is being accused of regarding the ponzi scheme? Is that for real or is there a real chance that he and his son were involved in that? Is it possible that would actually make him controllable?

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Blamed, credited, it doesn't

Blamed, credited, it doesn't matter. Romney can get cancer and die for all I care. Whether it's Adolf Romney or Barack Stalin, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Quit caring and check out of all this crap. Brace yourself and your family for the inevitable collapse and once this ridiculous mistake of a nation breaks apart into smaller independent parts, choose where you wanna go from there. Until then, this election, nor the next or the next matter.

It's The Same Group

Yes. Romney is being sabotaged. It is by the same people that sabotaged Ron Paul. They are using a variation of the same tactics with the MSM and the biased poll reporting.

Those of us who have learned the truth from this campaign are the ones who should take the lead to awaken the rest of the country.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


Romney is being sabotaged............where in the hell have you been?
Are you so ignorant,or,corrupt that you are not aware of the Sabotaging Romney is responsible for?..you need to catch up to the Real Romney,Wife,and son`s.
OH! how are Romney`s investments in Child Labor going?.If you have any question on that one,all you have to do is watch the Video,along with the Video where Romney Bragg`s about scamming over a Million from the Dept of Ed,and how easy it is to get money when you have someone on the inside,say`s Romney......On Video.Get you head out of your U Know What.

Fed Up Vet

Hope Romney learns

I hope that the sabotage opens Romney's eyes and he repents and changes and becomes a genuinely better man.

I always wish that of people ^_^ Of our country is to heal, each individual person needs to repent of whatever wrongs they are guilty of and become better.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Agreed, Gene.

One of the best things that could come out of this campaign would be an awakening to the conspiracy that controls our government.

The Virtual Conspiracy

We Need to Begin the Spin Now!

We need to make sure that things are spun in our favor so they can't spin it against us. We didn't hand the election to Obama, they threw the election to Obama by constantly marginalizing us. We need to be consistent and loud in every blog post and what not. Republicans better know that they not only need us to win the presidency, but that they'll need to give us a lot of more than just rhetoric and platitudes to win.

Exactly right, Prescience!

That is a large part of why I bothered to right this post.

The Virtual Conspiracy

GOP 2.0 will be born from the Romney Loss

There is no doubt I will never vote for the disgrace and embarrassment that is Romney and Ryan. I firmly believe they are terrible human beings and will do everything in our power to crush the Liberty Movement if they were to win.

That being said, I can't vote for Obama either, while I don't believe he is as malicious as Romney, he is a proven liar, murderer and has passed laws (laws that Ryan and Romney support) that are undermining everything this country was built on.

This leaves us as a movement in an interesting predicament...

We are the future of this party and hopefully the nation. Every day more and more people hear our message and want to join our movement. The only obstacle in our way is the current GOP/Neocon/ Romney, Ryan establishment. The establishment will take a serious blow from this loss and will be at its weakest and ripe for a takeover. I will happily take the blame for a Romney loss as I think that will drive more attention to our movement.

I mean we know one of these two clowns is unfortunately going to win, that's just a fact. The way it looks, hopefully Romney loses as 4 years of Obama would be preferable to 8 years of Romney in every way. Many of us are currently registered Republican and most will remain GOP even if they don't vote for Romney. That's really how we win, we continue to take empty seats at the GOP and support Liberty Candidates all over the country. We continue to vote out every Neocon cancer from Power until they are just a bad memory.

We are the future of this party and the country. The next 4 years we need to work hard to continue the purge of the Neocon virus from the GOP and rebuild the party in our image.

GOP 2.0 - The upgrade is coming...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Right on!

Any statements about what the Republican party is or is not TODAY are irrelevant.

The crucial committee votes at the RNC split almost exactly along lines of liberty vs. establishment Republicans.
We don't need to educate the GOP leaders, we need to replace them.
The process has already begun.
When those percentages flip, the GOP will be reborn.

The Virtual Conspiracy


Oooops... "2.0" was the corrupt OS offered decades ago.
NO, Romney/Ryan are nothing more than the latest version of software (version 2,443,541,390.043) THAT IS HATED, BROKEN AND CRAWLING WITH MILLIONS OF VIRUSES THAT WILL DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER.

**spoiler alert**
Your "coming" "upgrade" will be THE SAME DAMN THING as the LAST "upgrade"... and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that and the upgrade before that.....

F the R's!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Romney/Ryan and the neocon establishment are version 1.3

The 2.0 represents the Liberty Movement taking over the party at the state and local level.

I agree with you that Romney, Ryan and the rest of the establishment GOP are already corrupted and full of viruses which is why they needed be replaced and upgraded to Liberty Movement reps.

I would never in my life vote for Romney, I am actually probably voting for Johnson this time around, I voted for Chuck Baldwin the last election.

The reality of the situation is that the GOP already has too large percentage of market share for us to make a legitimate run with a third party. I think a third party is desperately needed in this country and the lack of one has been one of the main contributors of the issues we face today. I look it at it like the mobile OS market. Right now we have two choices IOS or Android. Sure you can try windows OS but are Google and Apple even worried about that, no way. Our best chances lie in the fact that we already have bought into one of the parties at its weakest point, allowing us to take it over and mold it in our image.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

No, you DIDN'T vote chuck Baldwin.

You WON'T vote GJ. Based on your words and logic YOU ARE ESTABLISHMENT GOP CLOAKED AS "tea" or "Liberty" or WHATEVER the target of the day is. I've seen the BRAVO SIERRA enough over the past 8 years to know it like my own reflection. It's ALWAYS the same. Like a burned out tune from the 70's you could hum in your sleep...

Verse 1:
I am third party
Verse 2:
But don't vote third party
GOP, GOP, GOP, baby, GOP.

Verse 3:
I am Liberty
Verse 4:
But don't vote Liberty
GOP, GOP, GOP, baby, GOP.

Fuzzy guitar solo.

This time will be different...
This time will be different...

GOP, GOP, GOP, baby, GOP.

GOP, GOP, GOP, baby, GOP.

Fade out.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Lol are you crazy or just can't read?

When did I mention not to vote third party? I would never tell anyone to vote for Romney and I'm not saying that now. Establishment hack? LOL have you read any of my other posts?

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


TPTB got a sense of humor!
Make sure MiiTTen Loses, Then Blame the Fall of AMERICA on the Black Guy!;-)))) Later at the HARVARD Club... Scotch & Cuban Cigars!!! ALL AROUND my good fellow!

Yeah but we will put Rand on

Yeah but we will put Rand on that list and this time the people will welcome a Paul because another 4 of this sht is going to be rough.


No, Rand is a sellout Establishment puppet. He's already damaged goods.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Stop thinking of only

Stop thinking of only yourself. I'm sorry Rand hurt your feelings when he "endorsed" Mitt but we've got a country to save. So get over yourself.

who cares what they think?

I for one hope to god they blame us. In fact, the Liberty movement should get out there and start 'blaming" ourselves! We should be saying, "Hell yes we caused his defeat. And if you don't listen to us, say goodbye to the presidency for a long long time."

Rather than shrink from blame we should embrace it, encourage it even. It will be hard to argue we are simultaneously "irrelevant" and the cause of Romney's defeat. If they blame us, they brand us as RELEVANT. If they ignore us and blame Romney alone then we don't exist in the "popular" mind (i.e. in the 'minds' of the sleeping drones we call our fellow citizens).

So, bring on the blame.

Remember, the only things worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about. Sadly, RP can attest to this.

It's all in the spin.

If we are successfully painted as a subversive group that infiltrated the GOP to grab power for our own enrichment (like any other competing "special interest"), then taking credit is suicidal.

We actually DO share many of the same values as the rank and file Republican. That is what we need to be emphasizing.

Romney's defeat will come because the GOP abandoned their own principles when they accepted neoconservative leadership.

THAT is what they need to understand, not just that they made a strategic political blunder (which they DID) in selecting Romney over Ron Paul.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Absolutely - Stand Up and Take The Blame

We need to remind them that they are loosing because they did not listen to us and Dr. Paul