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Know thy Enemy: Google's Eric Schmidt Speaking w/Ex CIA Director

This is an event that is being put on by the National Military Family Association in Virginia, on October 11th. Admission is $50. The Executive Chairman of Google will be speaking along with some current/former information bigwigs.

There will be a Q & A period - anyone care to represent the Liberty movement and the Internet Freedom Movement and ask these folks some hard questions?

"This year’s Luncheon highlights the Nation’s rapid adoption and reliance on technological advancements, and their deep impact – both positive and negative – on national security, wartime operations, and military family communications. A panel of experts will discuss the issue. A question and answer period will follow the panel discussion."


Mr. Eric Schmidt - former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google
General Michael Hayden (USAF Ret.) - former Director of the CIA
Mr. Vivek Kundra - former first Chief Information Officer of the United States
Mr. Jim Gibson - Director, Intellectual Property Institute, University of Richmond