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Let us stand upon the shoulders of giants...

Starting an intriguing new book entitled: The Pied Pipers of Babylon, by Verl K. Speers.

It's downloadable for free from the internet:

**If you decide to do nothing else in pursuance of this topic, then please, before you close this thread open the book pdf and at least read the short review. I'm sure it will spark your interest**

I am positively certain that this is an important study, and historically accurate description of the REAL cause of the american revolution, which concerns the imposition of admiralty law upon the colonists. Taxation without representation? Sure, but how?

Bonus- Included among the pages of this book are letters to/from our very own Ron Paul.

Note: I found this book reading through threads over at which is itself a valuable resource for obtaining knowledge. If you spend enough time over at their site you begin to decipher their language, internalize it, and understand the concepts they espouse. If you decide to visit their site, please read thoroughly over there before asking them erroneous questions.

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Wow this looks awesome. I'll

Wow this looks awesome. I'll look for a hard copy instead.

Southern Agrarian