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Time to cut out the middle-men. God will provide our freedom.

I do hope some of you take a "time-out" and realize that some of us have been fighting this fight much longer than you have. Some of us have realized that as long as we stay in the "beast" system... trying to make it work for us... we will remain slaves to the beast.

It is important to understand history, as well as see how history might parallel what we are facing today. Then realize if we make the same mistakes, we will get the same results. What I'm talking about is not history of the past hundred or two hundred years... I'm referring to world history and what creates the conditions of freedom and slavery. When it finally clicks for you... as it just recently clicked for me you will come to the conclusion that God promotes freedom and satan promotes slavery. This is the truth as near as I can nail it down. Now what will you do?

Mind you I have walked the path... and in some cases much longer than you if you only got into this "truth movement" in the last two election cycles. I urge you to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones. I come here occasionally to cast out my line and hopefully reel in a few people who are ready for this kind of information. Hopefully now after seeing the true extent of the fraud INHERENT in any "democracy" you are now willing to try a different way to achieve true freedom. I know I am.

Excerpts of a site I'm currently studying (I have of late been turning to God for answers... which led me to this):

Most people come into the freedom movement, learning a few things, and then thinking they can prepare a dynamite "revocation and rescission" letter stating: they have learned about the fraud of the system, and that they are giving notice of revoking all implied contracts like having a social security number; and send certified copies of the letter to one or more government agencies, and then expect to receive a letter back saying, "Ok, now that you've caught us, we admit it. We are dreadfully sorry for sinning exceedingly. We acknowledge and confirm that you are no longer subject to our tyrannical bureaucracy, please don't send us any more money, and we will leave you alone from now on. And please don't send this confirmation letter to any of your freedom-loving friends." The results are invariably very disappointing! You can pack your letter with all sorts of questions and demands to be shown the valid laws that give them the alleged authority to do the fraudulent things they are doing, knowing that there are none, and you supply every court-case cite in the book (from your endless hours of legal research) that clearly demonstrates why you are NOT subject to their fraudulent laws... but it still won't work!

Now onto a story from the bible which is not very far apart from what is happening today:

The beginning of our story takes place nearly 4,000 years ago. Through a unique sequence of events, as described in the Book of Genesis chapters 37 & 38-41, Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob/Israel became the governor/ruler of all of Egypt; second only to, and as appointed by, the pharaoh. When famine struck Egypt and the rest of the known world, including the land of Canaan where Jacob and his family dwelt, Joseph saved all his kin, as detailed in Genesis chapters 42-45, by bringing them from Canaan, feeding them for the remaining five years of the famine, and the pharaoh giving them land in the Goshen territory, which was the best land in all of Egypt (Gen. 47:5-11).

The Israelites in Egypt, initially under Joseph and in succeeding generations, prospered and multiplied immensely. They were a separate nation within the geo-political boundaries of another nation, but were not under man-made Egyptian law. Under God's Perfect "Royal Laws of Liberty", with Him as their only Ruler, each Israelite family was economically independent. They had their own land within Egypt, they grew their own crops, raised their own livestock (cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, and possibly fowl & other small game), and made their own clothes from their own wool, cotton, and animal skins, and did so in such abundance that they could share or sell their surplus goods. In short, God supplied more than all that they needed to sustain themselves. They knew their neighbors well and there was a strong sense of community. Except for the busy planting and harvesting seasons, they had plenty of free time to enjoy the blessings of living free, quiet lives and also the time to pass on their Godly knowledge and customs to their children (Deut. 6:7).

Without having a formalized system of written laws, for several generations the early Israelites were giving God's demonstration of how wonderful it was to live under His Laws, with Him as their only sovereign; living in joy, peace, freedom, self-reliance, and prosperity, and their number grew from the 75 that initially occupied Goshen, including Jacob/Israel, to around three million Israelites (Ex. 1:6-7). Then a pharaoh and his advisors came to power in Egypt, who didn't know (or didn't care to know) how God had used His servant Joseph to save Egypt, and were very fearful of being overrun by the Israelites, so they sought to bring them under Egyptian control. Instead of marvelling at their system of success and wanting to join them, the pharaoh plotted with his government advisors to take them and their property another way (Ex. 1:8-10). They couldn't attack the Israelites militarily because the Egyptians were far outnumbered, and the Israelites were a closely knit community, despite their vast numbers.

The Israelites would have to be tempted, seduced, and deceived, into volunteering into bondage - gradually and subtly - and then the pharaoh could "legally" (under men's laws) confiscate their wealth. The details of this process are sketchy at best, but it appears that Egypt underwent a huge program of "public works construction projects", of such a grand scale that created enough steady-paying jobs in the cities to offer/entice the flourishing and industrious Israelite population.

Whatever the specific "carrots on the sticks" were, the Israelites were lured into leaving the land to initially work in the Egyptian government/market system as "employees". Because they had volunteered into joining the Egyptian economic system, and were receiving "benefits" from it, they were then bound by Egyptian law and required to pay the 20% "increase tax" previously established for the Egyptians by Joseph (Gen. 47:23-26). After a couple of generations of living in the cities/flesh-pots of Egypt, the Israelites lost their knowledge and experience of agriculture and would have found it difficult to return to that simpler more healthy way of life. Once they became dependent on their Egyptian government jobs, the Israelites became economic slaves, and then later turned into out-and-out slaves.

PLEASE understand that Israel is not a place... it is a state of mind, body and spirit. We are being conditioned to hate "Israel" through the deplorable acts a CORPORATION (not a country) called "Israel" has been doing by way of it's agents... primarily Netan-yahoo among others.

I believe this is a DISTRACTION... to keep us from the truth.

Read on: http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm

For more information about what "Israel" means... I leave you in the capable hands of Bill Donahue.


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Just had an email conversation with a friend who is an evangelic


She doesn't want to hear anything about history concerning the Middle East, Palestine, and all that.

She stated that this is a spiritual war and not a physical one.

My last question was, "How can this be a spiritual war if the Jewish people are still wandering?"

She answered, "read the book". (meaning bible)

Now I feel that I "won" this conversation. So what does it have me thinking?

If they back Israel for the second coming of Jesus, then this must include the destruction of the Koran with the Muslims.

Can someone knowledgable help me out here?

Spiritual war?

gaylbaby's picture

Good parallels.

Also, from the mouth of Yeshua (Jesus):

"For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother." - Matt. 12:50

What did that mean to him? What was his Father's will? Is our idea of that the same as his?

Very nice

PLEASE understand that Israel is not a place... it is a state of mind, body and spirit.

I enjoy that metaphor. I appreciate a person who is willing to interpret things his own way and gain special insight from it. I can honestly say Ive never heard someone decribe scripture that way.

I agree

Israel is not a place, but there is something to be said about the origins of the name.

To get a prime for an in depth search... Watch This.

Start at: 9m:05s

~Good Night, And Good Luck~