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"An Inconvenient Tooth"

"An Inconvenient Tooth, a documentary by Guy Wagner about fluoride, premiered at City Hall in Portland, Oregon on September 6, 2012, the same day a public hearing was held before the five-member City Council about whether or not the city should fluoridate its water supplies."

As reported by The New York Times:

"Mayor Sam Adams, who backs the fluoridation plan and has one of five votes on the Council, comes firmly down on the side that says Portland must address dental care for everyone if its progressive goals and self-image are valid.

'It's about health equity, it's about social justice,' he said in an interview. 'Fluoride is a means to an end,' he added. 'I hope that folks, whether they agree with me or not, understand that my intentions are to help those Portlanders that have no voice in this process.'


Full Documentary:



"New Zealand has actually made great strides in the fight against water fluoridation. Last year, articles were published in Organic New Zealand, and Grey Power, a magazine for seniors. Dr. Connett also gave a series of talks to various councils. The talks included the video presentation of Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, which features 15 different scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride."


Continued at Mercola.com

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Bump for PDX


Best title ever....


Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Flood Them With Our Demands

The best thing we can do is flood them with demands to stop this.

Here is a link to all of the contact information you need in regards to who is voting on this decision:


I believe Mayor Sam Adams and Nick Fish are in support of poisoning the water!
Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman looked to NOT to be in support of it.


I've written to all of them and told them to leave fluoride out of the water - it is NOT a question of health, but a matter of personal choice and liberty; it is not the job of the government to decide what we eat or drink or do to our bodies, it is our individual choice. No amount of scientific studies can dismiss liberty.

Flood these public servants with very stern messages telling them to stop with the plans to fluoridate the water. We got them at the start of this, it worked before, it will work again.

It already passed

They voted on the 12th of this month, and it past. So contacting them would be ineffective. The next step is collecting signatures to bring this to a vote.



That is definitely the next step.
However, contacting them and giving them a piece of your mind on how they voted is not ineffective. Probably better to say collecting signatures to bring it to vote is more effective.
I'm still planning on writing to them periodically and telling them a thing or two.

What a crock!

"my intentions are to help those Portlanders that have no voice in this process" -Says the guy trying to prevent us Portlanders from having any voice in this process.
Four times before they've tried to force Flouride on us and four times we have voted NO, and he wants to ignore that historical fact and ram this BS through with a closed door city council vote in the last days of his office before he and other council members step down. Oh and they want 5 million dollars for a special flouride water treatment plant. The people need to vote on this not some bought and paid for political hacks!!!

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

Help get "Audit the Fed" Through the Senate


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

People often comment on Portland

having a creative buzz and energy that seems lacking elsewhere -

(as an ex-Portlander) I can't but wonder if the heretofore lack of
flouridation doesn't account for at least some of that.

Anyhow, good job fighting this , Portlanders!

We aren't going down without a fight in Portland!

As soon as city counsel passed the measure a referendum was filed. We have until October 11th (14 days left) to gather the nearly 20,000 valid signatures needed to bring this to a public vote.

More info can be found here: http://www.cleanwaterportland.org/intro/

Why didn't my last comment show up...

...on Recent Comments?

This requires a humongus BUMP!

Finally, a guy from the scientific establishment, who obviously has no axe to grind, speaks out for truth.

My city did the same thing

My city did the same thing last year. I hate it, especially since we shower in it so we can't get away from it even though we drink purified water.

It is really a sick thing and I can't believe these numbskulls keep buying into the same old made up facts. It just goes to show how gullible people are...even highly competent and supposedly scientific-thinking people believe in this pseudo-science. Why don't they just but all essential vitamins, elements, amino acids, and whatever else into our water according to their reasoning. In fact, why not just put prozac in the water...everyone is on it anyhow and it would just save people the hassle of going to the doctor, getting prescriptions, and remembering to take it every day.

Shower filters

I don't have fluoride in my water so you are going to have to do your own research. I do know I've seen them for around $60 in good health food stores.


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Common sense

The thing that doesn't exist in portland city government. I live in beaverton (suburb of portland) The water here is also fluoridated. It was just a matter of time before portland would make this happen. This city has been making a lot of poor decisions based on bad science and bad financial planning.

reedr3v's picture

Thanks Stillwater; we're often on the same

wavelength. I just logged in to post this very same documentary; it has such important information.
And it's great to see the heroic anti-fluoride activists working so diligently to educate the populace and reverse the bureaucracies' terrible cover up, incompetence, and clear un-trustworthiness.

I guess we both

get Dr. Mercola's emails every day. :) I had to create a bookmark folder in my browser just to keep track of my favorite articles otherwise I get information overload.

I see the politicians in Portland are using the term "social justice". You know they're up to no good when you hear that.

reedr3v's picture

The last lines of the documentary: " How do you

counter a lie? You keep telling the truth until you die."

bump to inform


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


For the clever title.

Made me laugh, will investigate further.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.