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I'm tired of the depressing news

I just finished watching the video of how Ron Paul was cheated, then I go on Facebook and click on a link for a TRUE LIBERTY CANDIDATE's moneybomb only to see he raised a paltry $125. This man is an Airforce veteran, and a Maine delegate. He fought for "our liberties", and the RNC repaid him by shitting on him.

Here is the video that prompted me to friend him on Facebook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybFBsnMY9h4

Here is the moneybom result: http://www.johnloganjones.com/moneybomb

Here is where you click to donate to the next Justin Amash: https://johnloganjones2012.nationbuilder.com/donate

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I raised just shy of $1,000 during my moneybomb. My website just didn't register all the donations.

Fundraising has been very strong for my campaign. I've raised over $7,000 so far and the average race in Maine only spends $5,000.

The race is very winnable, as the district leans slightly Republican. I am up against an incumbent though, so I will need about $2,000-$3,000 more to carry out the mail campaign my campaign manager has planned.

Thanks for posting about my campaign! Any and all help is certainly appreciated.

Awesome, great to hear!

Awesome, great to hear!

have fun

Ron Paul would :-) That is what life is about. Hopefully you writing the above post cheered you up. Active things usually do.

On another note, I hope they raise the money they need, but my policy is to give only to those that will actually be on my ballot. I believe politicians should get their money from their own constituents. Yeah, I know that is not how things are done, but I believe it should be done that way. Why should I be determining who will represent people in other states? That just isn't ethical.

Don't be depressed

See the system for what it is. Accept the System for what it is. Don't dwell on negativity in worldwide events. When you fall into a depressed state because of negativity in the world, the Powers that be have won. Accept it for what it is and let it go. You only have the power to change yourself and those within your social circles. You are a sovereign individual. Don't be a victim to the news cycle.

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Lets make a good news forum

I will contribute once per week if you will too.




Get yourself outside and go hiking or get into team sports or plant a garden. Give yourself a break from all the crap on TV and all the hype on the web. Collect yourself and come back with new vigor imo.

Even disconnecting from the web for a week does a world of wonder. It is sad that only a small amount was raised but I think RP people need a break to recharge their batteries and clear their minds.


yes....Turn the TV off.

Do something you enjoy


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Yes, that is depressing news.

I'm really surprised that's all he raised.

Switching gears, if not related to that issue, here is a DP post that might make you smile. http://www.dailypaul.com/256465/ahmadinejad-embraces-the-jew...

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