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Still No Answer from Dr. Paul...

About a week ago I went through all the proper channels and was told by a representative of Dr. Paul that she would get back to me with two specific answers or non-answers to the following two relevant questions:

1) Dr. Paul, did you agree with your campaign staff's decision to stand down from 'Romney's threat of a media a-bomb to destroy the name of Ron Paul' (Paraphrase of Doug Wead's description)or did you agree with Doug Wead who wanted Romney to "bring it on" with the conviction that such a media smear campaign would dramatically help you, Dr. Paul, and dramatically hurt Romney?

2) Are you considering a run for Governor of Texas?

In my opinion, anyone should be able to get a simple answer from Dr. Paul regarding these two important questions. Dr. Paul's answers could be as simple as Yes or No for either or both questions.

The context of my questions are that I'm a former campaign staffer and very active in the grassroots in every way on a daily basis for a significant amount of time since the spring/summer of 2007. I've met and coordinated with Dr. Paul on numerous occasions, introducing him several times, emceeing several events for him, etc.

I believe it is quite reasonable to receive simple answers to these two questions, even if the answers are Yes or No.

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