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A pretty good analysis of Obama's Communist Party Endorsement, on a website not exactly always friendly to Ron Paul...


I don't mean to say all of them ... but at least some, at Occupy-WHATEVER, must have read it as "hopeful" news...

And yet others must have been ... ecstatic.

Anyway... here's an excerpt :

"[...]This is not the first time the CPUSA ( www.cpusa.org ) has officially supported Obama, of course. Alternative media voices have been trying to break through the MSM soundproofing on this matter for some time. (Examples here and here.) The wording of this year's endorsement is particularly full-throated, however, which in itself ought to be disturbing to anyone still on the fence about the nature of the man, his party, and his policies. And while the extreme race-baiting language used in the endorsement is more in keeping with the rhetorical tone of the Weather Underground or MSNBC than with that of "respectable" Democrat sources, is its point any different in principle from many things we hear from elected Democrats every day?
Nevertheless, we must not allow the extreme rhetoric in which the endorsement is couched to distract us from a more fundamental issue, which is this: the CPUSA endorses Barack Obama on the very same grounds -- even in the same words -- that Obama uses in defense of himself


In short, while communist propaganda is by definition a pack of lies, the CPUSA is refreshingly up-front about one thing: their primary and defining purpose is to achieve communism in the United States of America. In pursuit of that defining purpose, they have for years thrown their lot in with the Democratic Party, and they are now very strongly advocating for Barack Obama in particular.
The point here is not to accuse Obama of guilt by association. The endorsement of communists does not prove him a communist.
The interesting question, however, is this: why does the CPUSA, in speaking to its own members, urge them to support Obama by citing the very policies and decisions that Obama himself is most proud of?
The answer is as unavoidable as it is straightforward: the Communist Party regards Barack Obama's signature achievements and defining principles as consistent with, and conducive to, its own defining goal -- namely, the establishment of a socialist workers' state in America

Well, thanks for confirming my own intuition, Daren.

I had pretty much ... the exact same feeling !


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