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German Government Considers Loosening Gun Control Laws to Curb Violent Crime

By JG Vibes
September 26, 2012

As gun control hysteria is stirring up in the United States thanks to recent media scare campaigns, more and more people in areas of Europe, specifically Germany are demanding that the gun control laws in their area be scaled back tremendously.

As it stands right now gun laws in Germany require owners to prove need, expertise and stability in order to get government permission to use and keep firearms.

These requirements make it very difficult for the average person to defend themselves, creating an entire population of people who are unnecessarily vulnerable to outside attack.

In recent years the Russian Mob has opened up shop in different parts of Eastern Europe and have been pillaging on a mass scale because they know that most of their victims will be unarmed. This situation has resulted in a massive crime wave that has most average people fearing for their lives and their property.

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