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Rule of law can rid the world of poverty

Rule of law can rid the world of poverty

By George Soros and Fazle Hasan Abed

Poverty is on the retreat. Despite the global economic downturn, the World Bank and UN reported this year that the number of people living in extreme poverty has dropped in every region of the world for the first time since record keeping began. Though progress on the UN’s Millennium Development Goals has been uneven, we should be heartened that we have already reached, three years before the target date of 2015, the first of these eight goals – that of halving the number of people still living on less than $1 a day. However, we risk allowing these gains to come undone if we fail to strengthen the rule of law in developing countries.

Without basic legal empowerment, the poor live an uncertain existence, in fear of deprivation, displacement and dispossession. A juvenile is wrongfully detained and loses time in school; village land is damaged by a mining company without compensation; an illiterate widow is denied the inheritance she is entitled to and is forced on to the streets with her children. By what means can individuals and communities protect their rights in daily life?

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I was about to say, who is

I was about to say, who is this idiot posting nonsense on DP?
Then I saw it was written by Soros.

Saying that poverty can be eradicated is like saying there will be no end to a box of cereal, it will always be full. Wait, that is kind of like the federal reserve, no end to the money supply!

Southern Agrarian

I understand you can't copy everything, but you conveniently

left out the next paragraph where Soros says people aren't free unless they are numbered like cattle with a "birth certificate."

What asinine nonsense!

Being "cataloged" is NOT LIBERTY!!!!!!!!

I am not free because some asshat in a some agency has a piece of paper with the details of where or when I was born and to whom.

I am free because I am alive.

Get it now George?

And what is it with people named "George?" No offense to all of you out there, but there seems to be a thread of elitism and dictatorial nature associated with that name. Even Geo. Washington was elitist.

King George was quite the little tin pot, as was George H.W. Bush and his nincompoop son, George W.

And this Orwellian gobbledegook is from "George" Soros?